Florida Man Spits on 13-Year-Old Girl While In Line for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A 13-year-old Orlando girl reported being spit on inside the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance queue in the latest dust-up between guests at Walt Disney World.

The situation unfolded July 31 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s report released this month.

Alanna, 13, and her father, Julio, 53, were behind the rest of their party in the ride line. The sheriff’s report doesn’t say how they got split up or how far back they were, but Alanna and Julio were “walking past other guests in the queue for the Rise of the Resistance ride in an attempt to meet back up with the rest of their group when they got into a verbal argument with a male” named Sebastian. Sebastian, 42, of Gainesville, “was upset that the two were attempting to cut ahead of him in line when they had been waiting for a long time,” the sheriff’s report said. “Sebastian then allowed Alanna and Julio to pass but proceeded to spit a mouthful of water onto the side of Alanna’s face. She then informed her dad she was spit on and Julio began to verbally argue with Sebastian until they were separated by Disney management,” the report went on to say.

Alanna and Julio did not want to press criminal charges for battery, but they wanted to speak with a sheriff’s deputy to document the incident. Sebastian admitted to law enforcement he spit a mouthful of water which hit the child in the face.

“Sebastian said that he knows it was a stupid thing to do but he was upset in the moment and made a bad decision,” the sheriff’s report said.

The spitting incident ended Sebastian’s day at Disney World. “Sebastian was issued a trespass warning from Disney Management and left property in his personal vehicle,” the sheriff’s report said.

July stood out for a particularly tense time between guests. A few days earlier on July 20, two families fought each other over a very similar situation at the Magic Kingdom. The dramatic fight was captured on video and went viral, getting national news coverage. WDWNT reported a rising Disney and Marvel actor, Elijah Richardson, appeared to be involved in the fight and the person believed to be his mother was one of three people arrested although criminal charges were later dropped.

7 thoughts on “Florida Man Spits on 13-Year-Old Girl While In Line for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. I don’t think people should be let back in the line if they leave unless there’s a three year old who needed to use the bathroom or something. Seriously, people. Go to the bathroom first, then get in line with your entire party at the same time. Adults and teens should not be allowed to do this.

  2. Oh no Sebastian! You done messed up my crabby guest!
    I know that:
    Under the sea
    Under the sea
    Darling it’s better
    Down where it’s wetter
    but you can’t spit water on Disney guests and make them wetter!!😜

  3. Almost all these incidents happen when a party is separated and then tries to reunite by cutting the line. Just stay together with your party, wait until all can stay in line. Everyone needs to be more patient as well.

  4. I’m glad Sebastian was trespassed. I know Walt Disney World vacations can be stressful, but this crosses the line.

    When I worked at Disneyland, someone leaving the line to go to the restroom or retrieve items/drop off items and then rejoining their family in line was allowed. And like the earlier incident you mentioned, there just seems to be a lack of understanding of others’ situations. People turn to acts of aggression rather than to have reasonable conversations.

    It’s not a Disney thing. It’s an American thing. We’ve forgotten how to try to understand each other.

    • Thing is, you never know if these people are telling the truth or not. “Oh we’re going back to meet our friends!” Then they go and you don’t sey them stop until they’re out of sight.
      I’m sure some people just go past everyone using that as an excuse, when in reality, they just don’t wanna wait in line like everyone else.
      There is a french theme park that does something that I love. When people go past other guests in line, even to go back with their party, the employees see them on security cameras, let them wait with their party, and when said guests get to the loading area of the ride, they get sent back to the beginning of the line. Disney should do the same, this shouldn’t be tolerated, I don’t care if you’re going back to your party, just wait like everybody, you’re not special.

  5. Florida being Florida, once again.
    If a hurricane washed that state out to sea, America would only benefit.
    Take DeSantis, Trump and all their deplorable followers to Davey Jones.

  6. Spitting water on someone is obviously over the line. But why couldn’t the party that the little girl and father were trying to catch up to, not simply have waited on the rest of their party? If we are going to chastise the man for not letting them pass and obviously the reprehensible act of spitting on them, if the other party had simply waited then no harm and no foul occurs.


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