UPDATE: DVC Member Family Involved in Fantasyland Brawl Upset with Florida State Prosecutors for Not Pressing Criminal Charges, Blames Disney Security

Back in July, we reported on a two-family brawl in front of Mickey’s PhilharMagic which went viral and garnered national media attention. We learned more about the Fantasyland brawl incident in August thanks to police reports, now one of the families has reached out to WDWNT to provide more details.

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With only a few days remaining until the time limit expires, Florida State Prosecutors are declining to press charges against the Richardson family for initiating the brawl, in spite of the video evidence presented, according to Vicqas Aikal, member of the family who was assaulted.

“It is a shame that the state attorney doesn’t want to pursue any charges despite overwhelming video evidence, presented to them by the victim representation attorney, and despite Elijah Richardson having lied about his identity to police. Disney police does not want anyone to know the details because they want all this to go away.”

Vicqas Aikal

Aikal notes that his 11 year-old sister had a bruise on her arm from one of the adult Richardsons striking her, and that one of the Richardsons attempted to steal his brother’s phone, which required a lengthy debate with Walt Disney World security before they finally retrieved it. At that point, two of the Richardsons, as well as Aikal, were arrested on battery charges, as reported in August.

After charges were pressed, the rest of Aikal’s family were forced to leave their room at Disney’s Riviera Resort in the middle of the night, with Disney security allegedly hovering over them as they packed their rooms. The Aikals are Disney Vacation Club members.

Aikal’s frustration with the legal system is growing, stating “To let the Richardson family walk away from all this without any criminal repercussions would be a farce to our legal system and a slap in the face to… my family.”

The July fight shocked Disney-goers and those online as well who witnessed a hair-pulling, punch-throwing fight break out between two families who had been waiting in line together at the Magic Kingdom. Both families were issued trespasses for Walt Disney World property following the incident. The two feuding families had been in line next to each other at Mickey’s PhilharMagic when one person from the Aikal family went back to retrieve a cell phone that had been left at a scooter. According to the report, the Aikal family member allegedly stepped on the foot or pushed someone from the Richardson family, which kicked off angry exchanges of words before turning physical at the ride’s exit.

WDWNT also later learned that an actor who portrayed a supporting character in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” was among the Richardson family whom began the physical assault. Elijah Richardson gave police a different name when being interviewed by police, as alluded to by Aikal.

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8 thoughts on “UPDATE: DVC Member Family Involved in Fantasyland Brawl Upset with Florida State Prosecutors for Not Pressing Criminal Charges, Blames Disney Security”

  1. With the lack of lawlessness, you would think that they were at Disneyland. No consequences, this will continue. While Disney is selling specialty liquor drinks for $15. And by the way, there are people in this world that wake up angry. I’ve been cussed out in a Walmart parking lot for crossing the street in marked pedestrian lanes.

  2. The Richardson family willing to fight strangers over nothing- can’t imagine what that 6yr old (whose birthday they were celebrating with their shirts) has to go through.

  3. This kind of behavior is so saddening and it’s been happening in the Disney parks for sometime. We all know it’s a place to enjoy and have fun with family and other guests. I’ve been visiting the parks since I was 8 years old starting in 1971 . These kind of incidents really are disturbing I will be honest in saying it angers me that people of this day and time just can not behave!!!

  4. It is an absolute shame that the family staying on Disney property were kicked out in the middle of the night while the Richardson family can go back to their off property hotel. Seems more like a nightmare for the Aikal’s than a Disney wish come true. There goes the magical memories.


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