Harveys Figment Crossbody Bag Arrives at Creations Shop at EPCOT

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Figment fans were excited when Harveys released a preview of the Harveys Figment Crossbody Bag as part of the EPCOT 40th Anniversary Collection. However, Figment Crossbody Bag release was delayed due to Hurricane Ian, but we are happy to say the bag is now available for sale at Creations Shop at EPCOT.

Harveys Figment Crossbody Bag – $98.00

Harveys Figment crossbody bag

The crossbody bag features the head of Figment in a plush purple fabric with Harveys signature seat belt strap.

Figment Epcot 40 harvey bag side view

The plush purple fabric is found all over the bag with a purple zipper behind Figment’s horns.

Figment Epcot 40 harvey bag strap 2

The adjustable recyclable seat belt strap features all the EPCOT Pavilion Symbols with black hardware.

Figment Epcot 40 harvey bag strap

The EPCOT Pavilion Symbols repeat along the strap with “EPCOT 40” dividing the pattern. Silver metal clips, on either side of the bag, secure the strap to the bag.

Figment Epcot 40 harvey bag inside

Inside the Harveys Figment Crossbody Bag is lined in dark purple with tie-dyed “EPCOT 40” and Figment silhouettes throughout.

Figment Epcot 40 harvey bag inside close up
Figment Epcot 40 harvey bag tag 2

Even the tag is beautifully done with “EPCOT 40” in blue and red and a geometric designed Figment in EPCOT’s new signature colors.

Are you a fan of Figment? Let us know in the comments below if you’re adding this amazing bag to your collection!

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5 thoughts on “Harveys Figment Crossbody Bag Arrives at Creations Shop at EPCOT”

  1. 100% absolutely not! I love all things Figment but that is just a cheap Plush with a zipper and a strap. Not worth more than about $20.

  2. Goodness that is an expensive bag… Not a lot of room in it either, not to mention you couldn’t really wear it outside of the parks like you can with other bags like D&B or Loungefly. That’s a no from me. I adore Figment but this crosses the line for me, unfortunately.

    • Why couldn’t you wear it at home when out an about? What’s stopping you?

      I’ll be buying it, I’m 37 and trust it will be a standard go to purse along with my dragon backpack purse from the renfaire, the Halloween purses from loungefly, my hatbox ghost head bag. Purses are fun, buy them and enjoy them. Who cares what some random Karen thinks when she sees you in line at target.

  3. I love figment, but this is absolutely not worth the asking price. I would be reticent to pay more than $25 for this.

  4. I have seen the other comments. I adore Figment and the imagination attraction. I love that purple little creature! Unfortunately I have to say, that’s a big fat no for me! I was (un)invited to a wedding in WDW in 2004. I had seen a picture of their wedding cake(on social media) their cake(s) were of Figment. I thought it was adorable! Like I have said, I love Figment, but, not for that price! I use Posh Mark to sell and buy my bags. I don’t even have anything to wear with Figment’s carry all. I am sorry Figment. It’s nothing personal.

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