PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios & EPCOT 10/1/2022(Mickey Mouse Mummy Cookie, Pumpkin Lunch Box Tart, EPCOT 40th Anniversary Beacons of Magic, & More)

Pumpkin is in the air! It’s the first day of October, and that means new and returning Halloween treats have materialized around Walt Disney World Resort. Today, we are beginning our morning at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Follow along as we put our tastebuds to test, trying out all the new tasty treats.

The Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios
dhs pumpkin mousse 2022 1246 scaled

Our first pumpkin flavored treat of the day is from The Trolley Car Cafe. This is the Pumpkin Mousse, and it sure does take a very “bloggable” picture. The pumpkin cheesecake mousse wasn’t great, but it sits atop of an apple cider cake that was absolutely delicious. You can read our full review here.

dhs pumpkin mousse 2022 1251 scaled

We walked over to ABC Commissary for the new Black Widow Tart, and the returning Spiced Caramel Apple drink.

black widow tart 2022 1329 scaled

The Black Widow Tart was picture perfect, but tasted terrible. None of the flavors fit together.

spiced caramel apple drink 2022 1311 scaled

Spice Caramel Apple brought us back to our college days with a little apple juice and Fireball Whiskey. This drink is $15 and comes with a Mickey candy glow cube.

spiced caramel apple drink 2022 1321 scaled

Let’s head over to Toy Story Land for a stop by Woody’s Lunch Box.

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pumpkin lunch box tart 1285 scaled

The Pumpkin Lunch Box Tart is a perfect pairing to a pumpkin flavored coffee. We would love to grab one of these every time we visit the park.

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After three snacks, we’re taking a shopping break. Plenty of Halloween Loungefly backpacks are in stock at Sunset Couture Club. Ok, back to our previously scheduled programming, Halloween snacks.

mickey mummy cookie 1377 scaled

Two cookies can be found down Sunset Boulevard. We started with the Mickey Mummy Cookie at Rosie’s All-American Cafe. If you love mint, run(or walk with a purpose), to grab this cookie. You’ll love it.

pumpkin patch cookie 1391 scaled

Next door at Catalina Eddie’s, we tried the Pumpkin Patch Cookie. While this cookie was dry, we would choose to get this one over the Mickey Mummy Cookie.

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A quick ride break.

graveyard cupcake 2022 1423 scaled
graveyard cupcake 2022 1439 scaled

We walked our way over to Backlot Express to grab the returning Gravestone Cupcake. Another “bloggable” treat, but this one fell flat. The ratio of cake to icing was way off. It’s a mountain of cookies n’ cream buttercream.

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Thank you for the salute, Green Army Drum Corps. Let’s head to Pizzerizzo for our last treat.

halloween candy cookie pizza 1457 scaled

Rizzo has really cooked up a treat for us. The Halloween Candy Cookie Pizza was interesting. Once again, we found this treat to have to many different flavors that did not flow together.

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We’re feeling a sugar crash coming on. It’s nap time!

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We’re rejunivated and ready to celebrate EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary! Spaceship Earth lights up in a Beacon of Magic. This beacon was full of nostalgia. We were able to hear “We Go On” at EPCOT once again. You can watch our full video here.

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Thanks for joining us today, and we’ll see ya real soon.

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