Disney CEO Bob Iger & Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro to Discuss Future of Park Pass Reservation System

Chuck Mirarchi

Disney CEO Bob Iger & Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro to Discuss Future of Park Pass Reservation System

Today, during a Town Hall with Cast Members, Disney CEO Bob Iger discussed a wide-ranging number of topics including the planned hiring freeze and the speculation that Apple would possibly buy The Walt Disney Company. He was also asked about the future of the Disney Park Reservation system.

Iger said that he would be discussing it with Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. He went on to say that he has not used the reservation system since its inception when the parks reopened in 2020 but has heard good things and bad things about it.

In an interview back in the summer of 2020, D’Amaro told Roger Dow that the park reservation system “is working exceptionally well for us.” He went on to say, “And this technology, it doesn’t only help up during a time of a pandemic, but I also think it actually leads to a better cast and guest experience. And so these things are helping us now, but I think they are here to stay.”

Many guests do not like the park reservation system and have been very vocal about it. It’s unclear if Iger will completely eliminate it or make modifications to it and the park hopping policy, or leave it as-is.

What do you think should be done with the park reservations system? Let us know in the comments below.

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25 thoughts on “Disney CEO Bob Iger & Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro to Discuss Future of Park Pass Reservation System”

  1. Totally,disIke park reservation system. DVC since 93, WDW since 76. Annual passholder 20+ years. I’m a morning person. I like to take the first bus that comes. Go to park, have coffee/breakfast. Shop, etc. go back to resort, have lunch and go to 0ark late afternoon with hubby.

  2. I say take it off .there a lot of people’s trying to get inside the parks .with that system you are loosing too many money and guest

  3. Dump the reservation crap. People plan vacations around their work schedules. Now you have to try to coordinate with that with a reservation. That may not be available, at all during the only week you can go.

  4. Park reservation system needs to go. Passsholders who have purchased a pass with no block outs now have block out dates that is unacceptable as the prices have certainly not gone down. We can no longer go to the parks on a whim it must be planned in advance. If Universal Studios can operate successfully without a reservation system then I certainly think that Disney should be able to.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more! I love having an Annual Pass but not anymore and am seriously considering not renewing it. The increased cost with less benefits such as added block out dates, needing park passes and no park hopping till 2pm took alot of the Magic away for me. Being able to come and go as I wanted made being a Passholder worth it but no longer. Really hope they trash the whole pass system along with the 2pm park hopping restriction. Then I might rethink cancelling my AP.

  5. I seem to be the minority here but the reservation system has made visiting the parks less of an ordeal. Before COVID some days Disneyland would get so crowded that it was almost impossible to walk through New Orleans Square or Fantasyland. Forget about the wait times. I haven’t experienced anything near that type of congestion since the reservation system.

  6. Park reservation system is ok. Genie+ and the constant add-ins are terrible! Disney has always been expensive, but now it just feels like a money grab. Disney is no longer accessible to every family. Only wealthy ones.

  7. One of the main reason i am an annual passholder is if i want to come over after work to see the fireworks at the last moment i cannot anymore due to the reservation system. Also at the last minute i cant come to the park with the reservation system.

  8. I think annual passholders shouldn’t have to make a reservation. But keep it for other ticket holders to control capacity.

  9. I like the reservation system. I’m an annual passholder about 30 mins from WDW and have had few problems with it. If a reservation isn’t available I’m okay with that. The park would be so crowded it wouldn’t be enjoyable anyway. And I’d rather know in advance rather than get there and park is full. I would like park hopper to change. Many times I’d like to hop but don’t want to wait until 2, so go home.

    On a business side, it has to make scheduling cast so much more effective. Knowing what’s ahead for a day is essential to ensuring you have coverage where needed and can pull back when not. Speaking from 40 years of event planning experience!

    • Only locals want it gone so they stop in whenever they want that’s not feasible for anyone flying in with a hotel reservation

  10. Reservations do not work for people Coming from out of country. We spend all of our time at Disneyland and Park hop. Reservations and restrictions on park hopping need to go away.

  11. Dump the system! We can no longer just come to the park when we want!
    And watch the price increases!!!!

  12. I hate the reservation system. We bought DVC at boardwalk specifically because hubby and I could decide on a whim not to head to a park some days but the kids would be close enough to get to two parks and not have to hang around the resort with mom and dad. Now that’s not possible. Vacations are for taking it easy not planning every detail and then having to walk around the parks with our heads in our phones ignoring each other due to all the other additions. Please go back to pre Covid operations. Disney was our happy place, not so much any more. It’s now just stressful.

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