New 2023 Shrink Art Kit and Pen at Walt Disney World

Even more 2023 merchandise has arrived at Walt Disney World. Today, we found a new shrink art kit and flag pen in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

2023 Shrink Art Kit – $19.99

2023 wdw merchandise 0247

This art kit includes 14 colored pencils and four shrink art sheets.

2023 wdw merchandise 0248

Each art sheet features multiple pop-out images.

2023 wdw merchandise 0249
2023 wdw merchandise 0250

The packaging includes instructions for the shrink art. You’ll need an oven or hair dryer to warm the art and shrink it after coloring.

2023 wdw merchandise 0251

There are also pictures of the sheets, which feature Mickey, Minnie, and their friends, as well as pennants and treats.

2023 Flag Pen – $9.99

2023 wdw merchandise 0295

Speaking of pennants, there’s a silicone one on top of this pen.

2023 wdw merchandise 0296

The flag is orange and yellow with “2023” in black next to a Mickey head.

2023 wdw merchandise 0297
2023 wdw merchandise 0298
2023 wdw merchandise 0299

The pen is blue with an all-over pattern of Mickey and friends, as well as their names and “2023.”

Will you be getting crafty in 2023 with these items? Let us know in the comments, and check out more 2023 merchandise:

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