Filth & Grime on Monorail Green Latest in Walt Disney World Cleanliness Issues

Earlier this week, we posted about the dirty boats of “it’s a small world”, PeopleMover cars, and Toy Story Land, highlighting how cleaning has become a major maintenance issue at Walt Disney World. Today, we noted the sad state of the interior of Monorail Green.

monorail green dirty 2987

The carpeting on the walls gets dirty easily as guest shoes hit it.

monorail green dirty 2988

There were white spots on the carpet of the car we rode.

monorail green dirty 2989
monorail green dirty 2990

It wasn’t just the carpet though. The plastic casing around the doors was also smudged with black spots.

monorail green dirty 2991
monorail green dirty 2992

And there was significant dirt on the back wall of the Monorail car, close to where guest heads would be when sitting on the bench.

As Walt Disney World seems to have ended its transition period out of the COVID-19 pandemic and returned to normal operations, we will be resuming our Maintenance Reports in January 2023, which we put on hiatus while the resort focused on the pandemic.

How do you feel about seeing so much uncleanliness around Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Filth & Grime on Monorail Green Latest in Walt Disney World Cleanliness Issues”

  1. What has become of Show Quality Services? (yes thats old school Disney)

    What is pictured is unacceptable for “show” on stage.

    Monorail Green needs to be taken out of service, and cleanliness detailed, then and only then should it go backmon stage…same.goes for all the monorails

  2. Must be a slow WDW news day. I wonder if the author has ever taken any form of public transportation, ever. This looks brand new compared with other forms of transportation I’ve been on, lmao.

    • So, Tokyo Disney has a monorail. Do you know what I’ve never seen on it? Dirt and grime. Disney’s standard isn’t your hometown public transit system. It’s supposed to be a removal from reality, and for decades it was clean to that degree. I’m sorry you never got to see that.

  3. I am glad WDWNT continues to report on the cleanliness issue across WDW property. This needs to be reported on and addressed.

  4. I try not to dwell on high use/high traffic areas because at no point during the day can they take something out of use to clean it without everyone freaking out. I did notice a ton of dirt/mold on Its a Small World as the boat leaves the last “goodbye” room about to go under the bridge I never seen so much dirt in my life.


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