PHOTOS: How to Buy SECRET Limited Release Star Wars Pins Aboard Galactic Starcruiser

We’ve discovered another Resistance secret on Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World. Astute guests can purchase exclusive, covert Resistance pins from a hidden compartment in the Chandrila Collection gift shop on the Halcyon.

swgs secret halcyon pins 7750

The compartment is visible on the front of this display case at the center of the store, beneath the jewelry and exclusive lightsaber. Guests need to ask a Cast Member about it to gain access — but be careful; they may not open it if there’s too much First Order activity around.

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Cast Members open the compartment with a special key. Inside were three limited-release Halcyon pins featuring the Resistance logo.

Halcyon Spinner Resistance Pin – $17.99

Halcyon Spinner Secret Resistance Pin

This pin has two black circles, the larger one featuring an orange silhouette of the Halcyon along with the ship’s name. The smaller circle shows the Chandrila Star Line logo.

swgs secret halcyon pins 7755 edited

The small circle then spins to reveal the Resistance logo.

Halcyon Resistance Slider Pin – $15.99

swgs secret halcyon pins 7758

This pin at first appears to be a simple silver pin featuring the Halcon silhouette, along with “Halcyon” and “Chandrila Star Line.”

swgs secret halcyon pins 7759

But the top slides up to reveal an orange section with the Resistance logo emblazoned in silver.

Halcyon Resistance Flip Pin – $15.99

swgs secret halcyon pins 7761

Finally, this pin we also found available for purchase in the exit store, but we believe this was a mistake. The front has the Halcyon, along with the ship name and star line name.

swgs secret halcyon pins 7765

This piece flips over against its silver back.

swgs secret halcyon pins 6617

The other side features the Resistance logo in bright orange.

Are you hoping to snag one of these pins on your Halcyon cruise and show your subtle support for the Resistance? Let us know what you think in the comments! Check out our complete guide to Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser for more information about the unique resort.

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  1. The flip over pin breaks easily. I purchasers 2 not realizing one was partly broken and now I am stuck.

    No way to exchange it.


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