Color Coding Added to New EPCOT Parking Lot Signage Frames

Additional pieces painted green or blue have been added to the frames for signage recently erected in the EPCOT parking lot.

epcot parking sign frames 8284

The three-sided frames are on black poles next to the tram lane. Walt Disney World didn’t follow through on their promise for trams to return to all four parks in 2022, but these new frames indicate they could return to EPCOT sooner rather than later.

epcot parking sign frames 8285

On this side of the parking lot, the new pieces added around the frames are painted green. These are next to the Discover lot.

epcot parking sign frames 8286

There are no frames next to the Journey lot, while the frames by Imagine and Wonder have blue accents.

epcot parking sign frames 8287

The colors match the color coding now used inside EPCOT for the different neighborhoods: World Nature (green), World Discovery (red), World Celebration (blue), and World Showcase (yellow).

epcot parking sign frames 8289

The lots don’t necessarily correspond to the neighborhoods, but the colors match all the new signage installed in and around EPCOT.

epcot parking sign frames 8290

In December 2021, it was announced that parking lot trams would return to all Walt Disney World theme parks in 2022. At that time, the service had been absent for 19 months. That promise was quietly revoked in November 2022.

After 644 days, the trams returned to the Transportation and Ticket Center on December 19, 2021. Disney’s Animal Kingdom followed on May 27, 2022.

Two years and nine months later, neither EPCOT nor Disney’s Hollywood Studios are providing complimentary parking lot trams. It’s been more than a year since Disney promised their return. The new signs in the EPCOT parking lot could be tram-related or just label each lot and point towards the park.

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  1. Because we are live in the walle society and cant walk the few feet to the entrance the tram at epcot is useless and shouldnt come back unlike the other parks where walking is a hike or in mk case nowhere near close to the park and i already had my steps for the day epcot is nothing. Even at hershey we do not run rthe trams unless our extended parking is open your expected to walk to 2 ft it is from the parking lot.


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