NEW ‘Cinderella’ Jaq and Gus Park Pals Scurry Into Disneyland Resort

Jonathan D

NEW ‘Cinderella’ Jaq and Gus Park Pals Scurry Into Disneyland Resort

Cinderella’s mice friends, Jaq and Gus, have scurried on into the Disneyland Resort, taking on the form of Disney Park Pals! The Disney Park Pals duo is also available at Walt Disney World.

jaq gus park pals dl 8827

Disney Park Pals are clippable figurines that double as both a nice accessory for wearing around Disneyland or as a collector’s display. Each Park Pal includes a stand for displaying. We found the Jaq and Gus Disney Park Pals inside World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District.

Gus Park Pal – $11.99

gus park pals dl 8825

Park Pal figures are silicone-based and designed to be easily attached to lanyards, straps, or other accessories. Cinderella’s Gus wears his signature yellow shirt and green cap.

gus park pals dl 8821

Known for his excessive eating, this Gus Park Pal has his arms held out, looking ready for a tasty morsel of cheese. “Oh, Cinderelly!”

gus park pals dl 8830

Octavius, or Gus-Gus as he is known in the 1950 classic “Cinderella”, is full of smiles in his Park Pals depiction, but this mouse has no problem sticking up for Cinderelly when the moment calls.

gus park pals dl 8822
gus park pals dl 8823

Jaq Park Pal – $11.99

jaq park pals dl 8672

The more slender and slightly taller Jaq is in his red shirt, orange coat, and red hat. The packaging makes it look like he’s holding onto a giant key.

jaq park pals dl 8670

Jaq is the leader of Cinderella’s mouse friends and is always ready to help the Disney princess, but his best pal is, of course, Gus-Gus. Jaq rescues Gus in the very first scene of the Disney classic film, making them the perfect pair of Disney Park Pals to “rescue” together.

jaq park pals dl 8671

Disney Park Pals

Park Pals launched at Walt Disney World with the Orange Bird figure. More classic characters were slowly released at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, and shopDisney. Other characters available include Sulley from “Monsters, Inc.”, Jack Skellington, Mr. Toad, the three Hitchhiking Ghosts from The Haunted Mansion, Mickey Mouse, Pascal from “Tangled,” the Cheshire Cat, Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse, Figment, Simba, Stitch, and Br’er Rabbit (for now).

In 2020, Disney released the first Park Pals Collectabuilds. Each Collectabuilds mystery box contains one of twelve collectible character figures. These differ from the regular Park Pals because they aren’t designed to hang off their tower stand, but you will spot some of the same characters.

The “build” part of a Collectabuild is that each box also comes with a surprise attraction vehicle. In fact, the box itself can be folded into one of these vehicles. Series 1 includes a Monorail cabin, Disney Train, Kilimanjaro Safari Truck, Peter Pan’s Flight pirate ship, and Space Mountain rocket ship.

Disney Park Pals Collectabuilds series 2 had a different round of characters and vehicles, although they were mostly the same shapes with different colors and designs.

Watch Our Unboxing of Series 1 Disney Park Pals Collectabuilds:

Will you be picking up Jaq or Gus on your next visit to Disneyland? Let us know what you think of these Cinderella mice being reimagined as Disney Park Pals in the comments below!

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