PHOTOS: Aerial View of Dreamers Point, CommuniCore Hall & Plaza Construction in World Celebration at EPCOT

Shannen Ace

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PHOTOS: Aerial View of Dreamers Point, CommuniCore Hall & Plaza Construction in World Celebration at EPCOT

Shannen Ace

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PHOTOS: Aerial View of Dreamers Point, CommuniCore Hall & Plaza Construction in World Celebration at EPCOT

Twitter user @bioreconstruct has provided an aerial view of World Celebration construction in the center of EPCOT. The ongoing construction projects include Journey of Water (technically part of World Nature), CommuniCore Hall and Plaza, Dreamers Point, and the gardens and pathways between.

World Celebration Construction

world celebration construction may 2023 1

In the view above, Creations Shop and Connections Eatery & Café are the large white building on the right. CommuniCore Hall is the smaller building on the left, with an L-shaped set of awnings reaching out from it to border CommuniCore Plaza.


For comparison, here is a concept rendering of World Celebration from Disney.

world celebration construction may 2023 2

The dense square of trees beyond CommuniCore Hall is Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana.”

world celebration construction may 2023 3

But more trees have popped up in the center of the World Celebration courtyard. We already noted some of the trees planted in a row at the edge of the construction site.

world celebration construction may 2023 4

Now a small group of trees sits in front of Connections Café. Diagonal rows seem to carve a path toward Dreamers Point, which will feature a new Walt the Dreamer statue.

world celebration construction may 2023 6

A circle of pavement is in the center of the courtyard, possibly where the large planter in concept art will be. The shape of Dreamers Point is coming together right behind Spaceship Earth.


This is what Dreamers Point will approximately look like from the ground.

world celebration construction may 2023 7

Several circular elements are in a grid next to CommuniCore Hall, surrounded by temporary orange-red fencing.

world celebration construction may 2023 12

Bio suggests these circles could be the future site of palm trees.

world celebration construction may 2023 8

In the above photo, bio has added a yellow arrow pointing at a stage in CommuniCore Plaza. The stage is covered by one of the long awnings.

epcot world celebration construction 2295

In our photos from the Monorail, we can glimpse the circular platform beneath the awning. There are also short concrete walls in this area, likely for planters.

epcot world celebration construction 2296

Flat pavement leads towards the stage, potentially for standing or future seating in front of the stage.

world celebration construction may 2023 11

In another photo, bio’s arrow points towards a section of walkway alongside one of the World Nature ponds. The walkway is blocked by walls of green scrims, but looks clean so could reopen soon. It leads to a small building at the back of CommuniCore Hall, which houses the World Nature restrooms that have been closed for over a year.

epcot world celebration construction 2297

Here’s a look at the same area from the Monorail. The restrooms are the finished building to the left, while scaffolding in the center covers a wall of CommuniCore Hall.

epcot world celebration construction 2298

A layer of tan-yellow sheathing is over the base of the CommuniCore Hall structure.

CommuniCore Hall concept art

But concept art promises a façade covered in triangular pieces reminiscent of Spaceship Earth’s exterior.

world celebration construction may 2023 9

Between CommuniCore Hall and Journey of Water, three oblong concrete planters show the future locations of more gardens.

On the other side of Journey of Water, a walkway has already opened, leading guests almost to the future site of Dreamers Point before hitting construction walls and being forced to turn. Journey of Water itself is scheduled to open this fall but looks like it’s almost completed.

Concept art for Journey of Water Inspired by Moana walkthrough attraction in EPCOT

Here is concept art of Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” from a similar angle.

epcot world celebration construction 2299

We haven’t seen much construction activity from the Monorail recently.

epcot world celebration construction 2300
epcot world celebration construction 2023 1

In this view, 1 marks the location of Te Fiti at the center of Journey of Water. Number 2 marks concrete forms under construction not far from the water station that operates the water-based walkthrough attraction.

epcot world celebration construction 2303

Here is another look at those concrete forms from the Monorail. Two large pieces of concrete create a V in the dirt between the wall forms.

world celebration construction may 2023 10

The center of World Celebration is set to house several gardens with rotating displays inspired by different EPCOT festivals. Rounded concrete walls indicate the shapes of some of these gardens.

CommuniCore concept art

Concept art shows light-up pylons around the center circle of the courtyard.

EPCOT gardens concept art 2

Concept art shows examples of potential displays and where they might sit.

EPCOT gardens concept art

They also show the return of light-up pavement to EPCOT.

world celebration construction may 2023 5

Several trees have also been planted in the construction area outside Guest Relations — on the far right in the photo above. The interior of EPCOT Guest Relations was refurbished early last year, but an empty lot has remained surrounded by construction walls right outside.

EPCOT Reimagining

EPCOT has been full of construction projects for the last several years, as part of a reimagining of the park. Future World was renamed and split into three neighborhoods: World Discovery, World Celebration, and World Nature. World Showcase remains the same.

World Celebration is where most construction has been ongoing, with the center of EPCOT almost completely demolished. MouseGear became Creations Shop, and Club Cool moved next to the store. Electric Umbrella and Pin Central closed. The Electric Umbrella space became home to Connections Eatery and Connections Café, the new Starbucks location for the park. The Camera Center became Pin Traders.

CommuniCore Hall concept art

But much of World Celebration is still surrounded by construction walls as CommuniCore Hall and Plaza are under construction.

communicore plaza and hall concept art

The building replaces the originally planned festival center and is named for the opening-day EPCOT attraction that later became Innoventions. A Mickey & Friends character meet and greet will be inside CommuniCore Hall, which will otherwise act as a flex space for various events.

World Celebration will also be home to Dreamers Point featuring a new Walt Disney statue, as well as several gardens.


In World Nature, Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” is nearing completion. The new walkthrough attraction and CommuniCore Hall are expected to open this fall.

Cool Wash in World Discovery has become Refreshment Station and may reopen soon.

The previously announced Play! Pavilion and Mary Poppins attraction have been canceled or indefinitely delayed.

Check out our most recent EPCOT construction update.

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