REVIEW: Behold the New Indiana Jones Piñata and Marion’s Medallion Chocolate Pop at The Ganachery in Disney Springs

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REVIEW: Behold the New Indiana Jones Piñata and Marion’s Medallion Chocolate Pop at The Ganachery in Disney Springs

An Indiana Jones Piñata with candy boulders and ganache treats has been unveiled at The Ganachery in Disney Springs, just in time for the release of Harrison Ford’s final Indy outing — “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” For those in the mood for something a little smaller, Marion’s Medallion from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is also now available in chocolate pop form.

Indiana Jones Piñata – $35

indy ganachery

Chocolate Piñata with Candy Rocks filled with Crunchy Caramel Gnache Treats.

indy ganachery 2

This work of art is located at The Ganachery, in The Landing area of Disney Springs, across from Paradiso 37, Taste of the Americas.

indy ganachery 3

Our first instinct was to be disappointed that the infamous boulder wasn’t used as the main part of this creation, but the Indiana Jones look is well executed and very detailed.

indy ganachery 4

Warning: this will melt. The Ganachery is kind enough to package it with an ice pack. If you plan to take this home, The Ganachery should be your last stop on the way to your car. Due to a brief but thorough photo session, ours had melted enough that smashing it with the provided mallet (which is Ganachery branded) became more like squishing it.

indy ganachery 5

The exterior of the piñata is the rich, delicious chocolate you would expect from The Ganachery, though ours had melted somewhat due to the hot Florida sun. And those chocolate rocks surrounding the piñata? Delicious. One member of our party ate the confectionery snake, and declared it one of the sweetest snakes they had ever eaten. 

indy ganachery 6

Inside, we were rewarded with the boulders we wanted, though these are made out of caramel and crispy candy pearls. They are fairly large, but can be eaten in a single mouthful. They are crispy and quite delicious. 

indy ganachery 7

Overall, this is an excellent offering to celebrate Dr. Jones!

Marion’s Medallion Chocolate Pop – $7.50

indiana jones ganachery 4

Solid Dark Chocolate Pop with Crisp Raspberries and Milk Chocolate Crisp Pearls.

indiana jones ganachery 5

This Marion’s Medallion Chocolate Pop is also at The Ganachery, and for fans of the original Indiana Jones film, you may already know this medallion is actually the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra, indispensable in helping Indy locate the Ark of the Covenant.

indiana jones ganachery

The dark chocolate and milk chocolate pearls are predictably great, as we have come to expect from The Ganachery. The raspberry pearls give an extremely tart flavor that eventually wrests control of the flavor profile to the point of being a bit overpowering. Still, a delicious and photo-worthy option, provided you are able to remove the somewhat difficult plastic cover.

indiana jones ganachery 2

We are grateful that the only things melting here are chocolates, not faces.

Indiana Jones in the Spotlight Across Disney Parks

So much has been happening across the universe of Disney to promote this film’s release.

den of destiny indy905

The Den of Destiny opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, featuring iconic movie props, specialty cocktails we had a chance to review, CIA profiles, and an appearance of the Anubis head from the former Great Movie Ride. Tons of new merchandise related to the franchise has also been popping up all over Walt Disney World.


Over at the Disneyland Resort, some special effects were restored to the Indiana Jones Adventure, and a limited time appearance for Indy himself has been announced.

‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’

Dial of Destiny clip

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18, and officially has its wide release today, June 30.

The MPAA rates this new film as PG-13. According to their classification, the rating is due to “sequences of violence and action, language and smoking.” While this classification itself doesn’t add much to what can be expected in the fifth and final film, it is an interesting reminder that the second film of the franchise, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” was a main catalyst (alongside “Gremlins”) that led the MPAA to create a PG-13 classification in the first place.

“Dial of Destiny” will take place in 1969, amid the peak of the space race. Dr. Jones will encounter his old enemy (the Nazis) again, through Voller — a villain inspired by real-life Nazi Wernher von Braun, who became a NASA engineer.

The teaser trailer and artwork for the film debuted in December. A second teaser for “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” premiered during Super Bowl LVII.

Dial of Destiny Map LS 1

Harrison Ford, now 80 years old, stated this will be the last “Indiana Jones” movie he takes part in.

It’s full of adventure, full of laughs, full of real emotion. And it’s complex and it’s sneaky. The shooting of it was tough and long and arduous. But I’m very happy with the film that we have.

It’s rumored that an Indiana Jones TV series could be in development for Disney+. It remains unclear if the story of this series would be a prequel to the films, set somewhere inside the franchise narrative, or follow a totally new character. If this series is developed, it would not be the first TV show about Indiana Jones. In 1992-1993, “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” aired on ABC. Harrison Ford made a cameo appearance in one episode.

Are you seeing “Dial of Destiny” this weekend? Have you already seen it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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