New ‘Wild About Disney’ Minnie Ear Headband and Animal Print Apparel at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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New ‘Wild About Disney’ Minnie Ear Headband and Animal Print Apparel at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A new collection of animal print Mickey and Minnie merchandise is available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We found these items at Discovery Trading Company.

Loungefly Snakeskin Minnie Ear Headband – $44.99

snake skin merch dak 7649

The ear headband is made of black pleather.

snake skin merch dak 7650

There’s a splotchy dotted pattern debossed on the ears with Mickey heads mixed in.

snake skin merch dak 7651
snake skin merch dak 7652

The bow has a pink, white, and black diamond snakeskin pattern.

snake skin merch dak 7653
snake skin merch dak 7654

A Disney and Loungefly plaque is on one side of the headband.

snake skin merch dak 7655
snake skin merch dak 7656

Snakeskin Crocs Slides – $34.99

snake skin merch dak 7626

These slides by Crocs have a green and black animal print exterior with a gray interior.

snake skin merch dak 7627
snake skin merch dak 7628

The tops feature striped Mickey heads.

snake skin merch dak 7629

Snakeskin Bucket Hat – $39.99

snake skin merch dak 7631

The bucket hat has a similar green and black leopard-like pattern, with a light brown brim.

snake skin merch dak 7633

One spotted Mickey head is on the brim.

snake skin merch dak 7632
snake skin merch dak 7634

Snakeskin Hoodie Shirt – $44.99

snake skin merch dak 7636

This short-sleeved shirt is light brown with a Mickey head in the center.

snake skin merch dak 7638

The Mickey head is a splotchy green with black spots.

snake skin merch dak 7639

The same pattern runs in stripes on the tops of the sleeves.

Snakeskin Hooded Sweatshirt – $49.99

snake skin merch dak 7641

The same pattern is all over this sweatshirt’s sleeves.

snake skin merch dak 7642

The torso is black with a solid green Mickey head on the left breast. It’s a pullover with a drawstring hood.

snake skin merch dak 7644

Snakeskin Tank Top – $39.99

snake skin merch dak 7658

This tank top’s pattern is on the inside, so it’s just seeping through the fabric on the outside.

snake skin merch dak 7659

It’s white with black spots and “Wild” across the center. The “i” is Minnie’s silhouette.

Snakeskin T-shirt – $39.99

snake skin merch dak 7662

This top is green with pink fabric lining the neck.

snake skin merch dak 7663

There’s a stripe of dark splotches diagonal across the center. A Minnie head is on the chest with a pink bow and spotted pattern.

Snakeskin Youth Shirt – $31.99

snake skin merch dak 7710

This youth shirt is light green and features Minnie’s full silhouette across the chest.

snake skin merch dak 7717

Minnie is dark gray and patterned with black splotches and mouse heads with pink bows.

Snakeskin Youth Dress – $39.99

snake skin merch dak 7716

The dress is mostly pink, with a gray patterned ruffle along the bottom and spaghetti straps.

snake skin merch dak 7713

A black Minnie head is on the chest with gold splotches and a patterned bow.

snake skin merch dak 7715

This collection matches the “Wild About Disney” Spirit Jersey released earlier this month and Minnie Mouse Loungefly backpack released in May.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom News

Two baby cotton-top tamarins were recently born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and can now be seen on stage in their enclosure near Creature Comforts.

Disney has worked tirelessly since Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in 1998 to assist in global animal conservation, particularly of endangered species. In addition to the tamarins, Walt Disney World has had several successful animal births recently including Walter the red river hog at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Penny the yellow-backed duiker calf.

Unfortunately, Dugan the adult white rhino recently passed away. He’s survived by each of his mates as well as three offspring — RangerMylo, and Logan.

For Pride Month, a “Love” photo op and Pride Mousse Dome are available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Merry Menagerie will be returning to Disney’s Animal Kingdom this holiday season.

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