‘Encanto’ Spirit Jersey, Bucket Hat, Bruno T-Shirt, and More at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

‘Encanto’ Spirit Jersey, Bucket Hat, Bruno T-Shirt, and More at Walt Disney World

New “Encanto” merchandise has arrived at Walt Disney World, in time for guests to plan their outfits for the upcoming Mirabel meet and greet. We found the “Encanto” Spirit Jersey, Bruno T-shirt, apron, bowl, and photo frame in World of Disney at Disney Springs. The matching “Encanto” bucket hat was in Curtain Call Collectibles at Magic Kingdom, and the rest was in Once Upon A Time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“Encanto” Spirit Jersey – $79.99

"Encanto" Spirit Jersey

The Spirit Jersey is white, with a colorful mural of Mirabel and her family across the bottom.

"Encanto" Spirit Jersey

On the front is Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, and Camilo gathered among tropical leaves, flowers, and giant butterflies.

encanto spirit jersey 1965

Pico, Antonio’s toucan friend, is on the left breast against a green palm leaf.

encanto spirit jersey 1967

On the back are the words “Time to Shine” in puffy white letters, also set against colorful plants and butterflies.

encanto spirit jersey 1968

Uncle Bruno and Antonio—with Pico and the jaguar Parce—are on the bottom, surrounded by flowers and a couple friendly rats.

encanto spirit jersey 1969

Dolores is on the left sleeve, listening carefully to all the goings-on in Encanto. She’s set against a yellow circle with flowers around it.

encanto spirit jersey 1970

Two more of Bruno’s rat friends are on the right sleeve.

Bruno Tee – $34.99

encanto bruno tee 1978

This green tee features a rectangular image on the front.

encanto bruno tee 1979

Bruno is pictured looking shy among giant leaves, wearing his purple tunic and green poncho. One rat is perched on his head and another is on a nearby leaf.

encanto bruno tee 1981

A hooded Bruno Spirit Jersey was previously released.

“Encanto” Apron – $34.99

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1131

Channel Mirabel’s mother, Julieta, as you cook in this teal green apron.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1132

The apron features Mirabel, Isabela, and Luisa.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1133

It has a dark blue pocket decorated with red, blue, and yellow flowers. More flowers, leaves, and butterflies line the bottom.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1134

The straps are dark blue.

“Encanto” Bowl – $

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1135

The black bowl features Casita — the Madrigal family home — on one side.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1136

Flowers wrap around the rest of the bow.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1137

The image of Casita and the flowers repeat.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1138
encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1139

It’s a stoneware bowl and is both dishwasher and microwave-safe.

Isabela Photo Frame – $29.99

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1141

This acrylic photo frame has a border of flowers, some layered for a 3-D effect, with Isabela pictured in the bottom right corner, wearing a pink dress.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1142

The frame holds a 4″ x 6″ photo.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 1143

The back is blue.

“Encanto” Bucket Hat – $34.99

encanto bucket hat 0801

The panels of the bucket hat alternate between blue and black, with blue stitching.

encanto bucket hat 0802

Isabela is pictured on a blue panel, next to a black panel of pink flowers.

encanto bucket hat 0803
encanto bucket hat 0804

Luisa is pictured on the next blue panel.

encanto bucket hat 0805

A butterfly is perched on her fist.

encanto bucket hat 0806

The fourth panel features a pink flower and a yellow flower.

“Encanto” Youth Hoodie – $39.99

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2626

This zip-up hoodie features Bruno, Camilo, and Antonio. It has pockets on the front.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2627

It’s blue with an all-over pattern of the characters, plus yellow and green plants.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2628
encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2629

The inside is white.

Mirabel Youth Shirt – $31.99

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2632

This white shirt is inspired by the shirt worn by Mirabel. The scalloped sleeves and hem are lined with bright teal thread.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2633

The square neck features pink leaves with teal and pink flowers and teal butterflies.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2634

Mirabel herself is pictured in the bottom corner, with a butterfly on her finger.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2635

“Encanto” Sweatshirt – $64.99

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2638

The pullover sweatshirt is white, with all of the young members of the Madrigal family on the chest: Luisa, Dolores, Isabela, Camilo, Mirabel, and Antonio.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2639

A few flowers and leaves adorn the image, along with embroidered butterflies.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2640

“La familia es todo” (family is everything) is on the back in teal cursive.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2641

Flowers are next to the top of the phrase, while Casita is pictured at the bottom, a butterfly flying over it.

encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2642
encanto merch sep 2023 wdw 2643

The hood has drawstrings with yellow ends.

Encanto at Walt Disney World

Mirabel meet and greet

Mirabel will soon meet guests at Fairytale Garden in Magic Kingdom, where Merida met guests for the final time in July. The space is now being transformed into Casita from “Encanto” before Mirabel begins meeting guests on September 15.

On the same day, Bruno will join the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade in Magic Kingdom. The cavalcade debuted in February 2022 and Mirabel joined it later that summer. It’s possible Bruno will be taking Mirabel’s place now that she has a meet and greet, or will just join her on the float.

The Mirabel meet and greet was recently added to the Walt Disney World website with a picture from Mirabel’s 2021 Disney California Adventure appearance, implying the theming of Fairytale Garden will be similar.

Mirabel has previously appeared for meet and greets during runDisney events. She will be featured on the 2023 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon medal.

One of this year’s EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival merchandise collections is inspired by “Encanto.”

At D23 Expo last year, Disney announced a blue sky project for potential lands inspired by “Encanto,” “Coco,” and Disney Villains that would be added to Magic Kingdom past Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

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