First Details About Star Wars: Unlimited Organized Play Announced

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First Details About Star Wars: Unlimited Organized Play Announced

Fantasy Flight Games shared new information about Star Wars: Unlimited organized play and future plans for the game at Internationale Spieltage SPIEL in Essen, Germany this weekend.

Star Wars: Unlimited Organized Play

Golden Dice Podcast posted images on X of Fantasy Flight Games’ (FFG) slides about Star Wars: Unlimited.

FFG is planning for a weekly play “league” of 16 weeks. For all sets except the first, Store Showdown will begin 1 month after release. For the first set, it will begin 2 months after release, to give players more time to get cards and learn their strategies. The Store Showdown is intended to be the first step of competitive play within the Casual Organized Play structure.

The first set (Spark of the Rebellion) will be available on March 8, 2024. Pre-releases are expected on March 1. The Set 1 Store Showdown is then scheduled for May 2024.

Here is the “Path to the Galactic Championship”:

  • Planetary Qualifier: store level event, begins the journey to the Galactic Championship
  • Regional/Sector Qualifiers: destination events run by official partners (likely at conventions)
  • Galactic Championship: competitive season finale where a Galactic Champion will be crowned, run by FFG

FFG also reiterated that the first year of Star Wars: Unlimited is about foundation building and keeping it simple. They said it’s “Easier to add content later than do too much too fast and get it wrong.”

FFG considers the game “evergreen” and has a 5-year plan in place “that builds out additional product types and target audience considerations.” Initial designs have begun on set 7, which is planned for year 3, implying there will be three sets a year going forward. Concepts have also begun through set 9. Star Wars: Unlimited has the largest dedicated staff in FFG’s 28-year history.

FFG will be hosting a Competitive Organized Play Preview, potentially with more information, on YouTube on October 25, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

Learn more about Star Wars: Unlimited:

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