PHOTOS: World Discovery Liquid Layer Splash Pad Reopens With New Color Scheme at EPCOT

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PHOTOS: World Discovery Liquid Layer Splash Pad Reopens With New Color Scheme at EPCOT

The World Discovery liquid layer splash pad in EPCOT has reopened after a three-week refurbishment. Like many offerings in EPCOT, it has received a new color scheme to better match the park’s reimagined design.

World Discovery Splash Pad

world discovery

The splash pad is now painted in different shades of blue.

epcot splash pad reopens 5398

The short pillars around the splash pad are solid red, the main color of World Discovery.

epcot splash pad reopens 5428

During construction, we saw that all of the circular tiles over the fountains had been painted blue or replaced.

epcot splash pad reopens 5429

Lights shine from beneath some fountain grates.

epcot splash pad reopens 5430

The pillars around the splash pad used to be purple, and the liquid layer itself was several different colors in an angular design.

epcot splash pad reopens 5431

The new design has wavy lines more reminiscent of water.

epcot splash pad reopens 5432
epcot splash pad reopens 5433

Below is what the splash pad looked like before the latest refurbishment.


The nearby World Discovery snack cart reopened with an updated paint scheme a few weeks ago.

The main color of World Discovery is red, while World Celebration is blue and World Nature is green. The three neighborhoods used to be the single Future World.

Relaxing Sounds of Nature Journey of Water Inspired by Moana Disney Video 6

The years-long reimagining of EPCOT is finally drawing to a close after many delays. Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” officially opened on October 16, the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company. The center of World Celebration will be completed in December. The neighborhood will include CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza, Dreamers Point with a new Walt Disney statue, and gardens. CommuniCore Hall will include the new permanent Mickey & Friends meet and greet space, an art gallery, a demo kitchen, and more.

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