PHOTOS: Glass Installed at CommuniCore Hall as World Celebration Construction Continues at EPCOT

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PHOTOS: Glass Installed at CommuniCore Hall as World Celebration Construction Continues at EPCOT

Glass has been installed at the base of one of the sections of the under-construction CommuniCore Hall at EPCOT. The new multi-use structure will open this December alongside CommuniCore Plaza and the general World Celebration neighborhood.

Glass Installed as CommuniCore Hall Construction Continues

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Glass stretching from the ground to roughly halfway up the structure’s facade has been installed on a section of the building directly across from Communicore Plaza’s light-up spires. These spires featuring Spaceship Earth-like triangular detailing were installed in June, with surrounding trees and foliage added in September.

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Using a previously released World Celebration map as reference, it looks as though this portion of the building will situated near the back of CommuniCore Hall, adjacent to CommuniCore Plaza. This particular section of the structure has been largely absent from previously released concept art, and thus, it’s difficult to tell if these glass panels will serve as windows surrounding a point of entry/exit or as general decor.

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Looking through the glass and its nearby open areas, we can see ladders and other construction materials, indicating that work on the interior of CommuniCore Hall is still very much ongoing, just as it is on the exterior and in the general World Celebration neighborhood.

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CommuniCore Hall and the nearby CommuniCore Plaza are named after the former CommuniCore pavilion, which was an opening day offering at EPCOT Center in 1982. Upon opening, CommuniCore Hall will serve as a multi-purpose structure that contains a demo kitchen, mixology bar, gallery space, and a permanent Mickey and Friends meet and greet area. Mickey and Minnie are currently meeting guests at EPCOT inside the Imagination! Pavilion.

The building will also contain a large mural that features several references to current and former EPCOT attractions.

Per previously released concept art, the section of CommuniCore Hall that will ultimately house the Mickey and Friends meet and greet will be adorned with Spaceship Earth-inspired paneling on its facade. We noted that such paneling was being installed on a portion of the building earlier this month; some additional paneling has been installed in recent days.

CommuniCore Construction 10222023
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Aerial work platforms are still visible throughout CommuniCore Plaza, again indicating that construction is ongoing. Upon completion, CommuniCore Plaza will evoke a park-like feel and contain a concert stage. Both CommuniCore Hall and Plaza will contain offerings relating to EPCOT’s seasonal festivals as they occur throughout the year.

World Celebration


World Celebration will be the final neighborhood to open at EPCOT following the park’s multi-year reimagining. The large overhaul saw the addition of several new attractions to the park, including Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in the France Pavilion at World Showcase in 2021, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in World Discovery in 2022, and Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana in World Nature earlier this month.

World Celebration, upon opening later this year, will contain CommuniCore Hall, CommuniCore Plaza, and Dreamers Point. The Walt the Dreamer statue will also be located in the neighborhood on a set of steps behind Spaceship Earth; the statue seemingly arrived at EPCOT earlier this month, and Walt Disney World Resort started selling depictions of the statue as merchandise in mid-September.

Are you excited about the impending opening of CommuniCore Hall and the larger World Celebration neighborhood? Let us know in the comments.

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