VIDEO: Autopia Car Derails at Disneyland

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VIDEO: Autopia Car Derails at Disneyland

Instagram user la_guerita4u shared a video from her recent trip to Disneyland Park showing an Autopia car that ended up off the ride’s track.

Autopia Car Accident


The video was posted a week ago and Guerita took the video the week before that, sometime around December 17. Watch the video by clicking here.

autopia car off track dl dec 2023

Guerita took the video from the car behind the red one that went off track. The red car looks like it has backed up onto the road next to the track, running into the nearby planter. Guests in the video appear uninjured and are waiting for Cast Members to help.

Autopia cars do not have a reverse function, so a guest driving can’t make it do so unless the engine fails and the car goes backward down a hill. A car could potentially be knocked off track by another car hitting it with significant force. Autopia is not a bumper car attraction and hitting other cars is against the rules, although can happen by accident.

Guerita said in a comment that Cast Members told them the red car’s engine stopped. She said that her daughter was driving their car and they did not run into the red car but “we saw him just coming on reverse before he got out of the rail and I had to tell her ‘stop you’re gonna crash into him'”.

The problem seems to have been resolved since the accident as there have been no further reports of Autopia issues and the ride is functioning as of the time of publication. The car that had an issue may have simply been removed for maintenance.

Autopia History

Disneyland Autopia at night, Tomorrowland Terrace and Star Wars Launch Bay

Autopia was an opening day attraction in 1955 at Disneyland in California. A version of it called the Grand Prix Raceway opened with Magic Kingdom in 1971 and has since been renamed Tomorrowland Speedway.

dlp autopia presented by avis concept rendering

Autopia was also an opening day ride at Disneyland Paris in 1992. This version of the ride was the only one to have a storyline, although that has since been dropped, and it has unique 1920s retro-futuristic theming. Avis began sponsoring the Disneyland Paris version of Autopia this month and new billboards were installed.

Autopia opened at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2006 but closed 10 years later to make way for the Avengers Quinjet Experience. The ride was called Grand Circuit Raceway at Tokyo Disneyland, where it was also an opening day attraction in 1983, but it closed in 2017.

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