NEW Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom ‘Discovery Series’ Starbucks Mugs

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NEW Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom ‘Discovery Series’ Starbucks Mugs

Two more “Discovery Series” Starbucks mugs have arrived at Walt Disney World. On Saturday, we showed you the new Magic Kingdom and EPCOT mugs and we previously shared the Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure mugs. Now new “Discovery Series” mugs — which feature iconography from each park — are available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Hollywood Studios Starbucks Mug – $24.99

A pair of Disney's Hollywood Studios "Discovery Series" Starbucks mugs in their boxes

The Disney’s Hollywood Studios mug is available in Celebrity 5&10, just a few steps down from the park’s Starbucks location, The Trolley Car Café. Each mug comes in a box with a lid, perfect for giving as a gift or displaying at home. The mugs are ceramic, 14 fl. oz or 414 mL, and safe for dishwashers and microwaves. 

The Starbucks "Discovery Series" box

The boxes read “Starbucks Discovery Series” and “Disney Collection.” Above the latter words are the silhouettes of a carousel horse, Mickey balloon, Jiminy Cricket, sorcerer hat, Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, and Pluto among stars. The “Discovery Series” is similar to Starbucks’ “Been There” series.

One side of Disney's Hollywood Studios Starbucks mug

The Disney’s Hollywood Studios mug is white with a teal, orange, and red color scheme. Starting near the handle, the design features two palm trees, the Miss Piggy fountain, and Mickey and Minnie in their red car from Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. A Ronto Wrap from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is pictured near the bottom.

One side of Hollywood Studios Starbucks mug

Gertie, the teal dinosaur of Echo Lake, stretches across the mug with the awning for Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream on her side. Above Gertie is a little green alien from the “Toy Story” series, although he’s teal and blue to match the rest of the mug’s design. Beside the alien is Crossroads of the World, a kiosk at the entrance of the park featuring a tall tower topped with Mickey Mouse on a spinning globe.

In front of Gertie is an orange bucket full of popcorn and the iconic Pixar ball. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the largest images on mug, being the park’s main icon. It’s depicted as mostly orange and yellow with teal and red accents.

"Disney's Hollywood Studios" on Starbucks mug

Sorcerer Mickey is pictured blasting magic over “Disney’s Hollywood Studios” in teal lettering. Behind the park name is a yellow circle. Below it is a Stormtrooper and BB unit droid next to the Millennium Falcon and Batuu mountains of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The giant Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster guitar curves over the yellow circle, with red music notes coming out of its strings. Chuuby, the orange bird from Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, is flying over the guitar. And in the bottom corner are Belle and the Beast in their ballroom outfits.

Blue interior of Starbucks mug

The inside of the mug is light teal blue. All of the mugs are white on the outside but have different interior colors and design colorways.

Animal Kingdom Starbucks Mug – $24.99

Two Disney's Animal Kingdom "Discovery Series" Starbucks mugs in boxes

We found the Disney’s Animal Kingdom mug in Riverside Depot. It has a color scheme of green, orange, and yellow with light blue accents. All of the mugs also have the Starbucks wordmark printed near the handle.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Starbucks mug

On one side of the mug, a flamingo stands on one leg overlooking a Kali River Rapids float. Water splashes around the float. An orange Carnotaurus from DINOSAUR looks like he’s about to grab a burrito while an asteroid descends behind him. A yellow and orange banshee, a.k.a. ikran, flies through green floating mountains of Pandora.

Side of Disney's Animal Kingdom Starbucks mug

Kevin from “Up” is pictured next to Expedition Everest. Pawprints are along the bottom of the mountain and a butterfly is pictured flying over it. There’s also a hidden Mickey on the mountain.

Animal Kingdom Starbucks mug

The Disney’s Animal Kingdom wordmark is set against a muted yellow circle. A Kilimanjaro Safaris truck drives beneath the park name. The plant above the park name is the Goblin Thistle from Pandora. It’s also known as the Grinch Tree.

Tree of Life on Animal Kingdom Starbucks mug

Nemo and Marlin are pictured along with Dory. And to the far right is the Tree of Life in shades of green with blue clouds around its branches. Animals gathered around the tree are an orange giraffe, green zebra, and small orange ants.

It’s worth noting that the ants are not specifically the characters from “A Bug’s Life” and the Tree of Life show “It’s Tough to be a Bug,” although that’s what they likely represent. Disney announced at Destination D23 last September that they were planning to replace “It’s Tough to be a Bug” with a “Zootopia” show.

Light green interior of Starbucks mug

The inside of the mug is, appropriately, green.

Which “Discovery Series” Starbucks mug is your favorite? Will you be collecting all of them? Let us know in the comments.

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