Classic Disney Animation References Return to Storybook Circus Luggage in Magic Kingdom

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Storybook Circus luggage and barrels

Classic Disney Animation References Return to Storybook Circus Luggage in Magic Kingdom

References to various Disney classics have returned to the luggage props around the Fantasyland train station in Storybook Circus. These references have been gone for several years but have returned with an apparent refurbishment of the props.

Disney References in Storybook Circus

Storybook Circus brick wall

Stacks of luggage are against the walls on the north side of the train station/bathrooms facing Pete’s Silly Sideshow. The posters and mural on this brick wall have not changed.

Storybook Circus luggage cart

The first stack of luggage is on this cart, next to the stroller parking. There are two references on two pieces of luggage.

Red's Dream suitcase

The red case with gold trim has a reference to “Red’s Dream,” Pixar’s second computer-animated short following “Luxo Jr.” “Red’s Dream,” released in 1987, features a unicycle dreaming of joining the circus.

Red's Amazing Juggling Unicycles logo

The white design on the suitcase is a logo for a fictional unicycle manufacturing company. “Red’s ‘Amazing Juggling’ Unicycles” is printed across a wheel. The pedals of a unicycle appear to be juggling three balls. Around the logo are “Circus grade & performance ready” and “Manufactured by Eben’s Bikes.” Eben’s Bikes is the name of the bike shop where Red lives in “Red’s Dream.”

Storybook Circus hatboxes

Another stamp is on one of the nearby hatboxes.

Ten Schillings and Sixpence hatbox

This black and brown label reads, “Ten Schillings and Sixpence, LTD.” A picture of a top hat is at the top of the label. The bottom reads, “Hats for all occasions… Birthdays, unbirthdays, and all days between.” This is a reference to the Mad Hatter of “Alice in Wonderland,” whose hat features a 10/6 label for ten shillings and sixpence.

Walt Disney World RR Receiving bay

Down the stairs, more stacks of luggage are by a set of doors marked “Walt Disney World R.R. Receiving.”

Storybook Circus luggage stacks

There are two references on suitcases to the right of the door.

Stack of luggage in Storybook Circus

The second suitcase in this stack reads “The Big Bad Wolf Balloonologist Extraordinaire.” This is, of course, a reference to Disney’s 1934 “The Big Bad Wolf” short, part of the “Silly Symphony” series.

wdw mk storybook circus train station decor 3012

The Wolf is a balloonologist because, as the case states, “He’ll huff & he’ll puff… & create the animal of your choice!”

The Big Bad Wolf luggage quote

The lettering of the latter quote is white in a yellow ribbon below the luggage’s latch. The Big Bad Wolf’s name is in yellow above.

Hyacinth Hippo luggage

Below The Big Bad Wolf’s case is luggage belonging to Hyacinth Hippo from the “Dance of the Hours” section of “Fantasia.”

Hyacinth Hippo luggage close up

A quote beneath Hyacinth Hippo’s name reads, “The most exquisite aerial sensation of the Big Top.” The lettering is yellow.

Storybook Circus train station props

Beyond some blue and red barrels is the last reference to Disney animation. A purple suitcase with blue trim sits atop a wood crate.

Storybook Circus luggage and barrels

The barrel next to the crate reads “Peanuts.”

Melody Time luggage

The purple suitcase has a logo for “Melody Time Brand Brass Horns” and the tagline “Always in Toon.” “Melody Time” is a 1948 Disney anthology film. The music stanza behind the film’s name is reminiscent of the “Silly Symphony” logo. And “toon” is intentionally spelled like “cartoon” instead of “tune.”

Storybook Circus luggage

The luggage in this stack is the most obviously repainted with gold detailing around the green and red cases.

Storybook Circus carpetbag and luggage

A purse on top of the stack is painted with red flowers and green leaves. It’s reminiscent of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag but isn’t identical.

Dumbo Storybook Circus Scentsy poster

Meanwhile, a Dumbo poster in the Walt Disney World Railroad queue has been updated to include “Presented by Scentsy” at the bottom. Scentsy is the new sponsor of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Branding for the company was added to the attraction last year.

"Presented by Scentsy" on poster

Scentsy will also sponsor the upcoming “Smellephants on Parade” experience featuring elephant figures inspired by the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence. The experience will be a “family-friendly ‘search and sniff’ adventure.” A permit for set installation was recently filed.

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