Blue and Green BD-X Droids

BD-X Roaming Droids Return to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge For Daily Appearances

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As Disney announced on Thursday, the roaming BD-X droids playtested last year are now making daily appearances in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland for Season of the Force.

BD-X Roaming Droids

BD-X Roaming Droids and Cast Members

When we saw the BD-X droids on Friday morning, there were only two of them. During the playtest, there were three droids: green, blue, and orange. It may be that all three will appear but on a rotating basis.

Blue and green BD-X Roaming Droids

The droids now have names inspired by their colors. The green droid is Gret and the blue droid is Besh.

Blue and Green BD-X Droids

The droids look and move the same as they did the last time we saw them.

Blue and Green BD-X Droids

There are plenty of Cast Members walking around with them. One Cast Member with a headset tells guests about the droids, which are in training and easily frightened. The droids are learning about humans for the first time.

Blue and Green BD-X Droids

The most famous BD droid to “Star Wars” fans is BD-1, Cal Kestis’ droid in the “Star Wars Jedi” video game series. BD droids have made other minor appearances, including working for Peli Motto in “The Book of Boba Fett.”

See the droids in action below:


The BD-X Roaming Droids have officially arrived to Star Wars Galaxy’s edge at Disneyland! ✨ They can be found roaming around Black Spire Outpost daily throughout the Season of the Force celebration from April 5 to June 2. Will you be celebrating the Season of the Force next time you are at Disneyland? #seasonoftheforce #galaxysedge #galaxysedgedisneyland #bdxdroids #droid #starwars

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Watch our video of all three droids from last year:

The roaming droids are scheduled to make daily appearances in Black Spire Outpost during Season of the Force from April 5 through June 2. Sabine Wren is making her Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge debut for the “Star Wars” celebration.

Disney promised roaming, interactive droids way back when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was first announced. Despite some early tests, roaming droids have never been a consistent offering. Disney originally cited concerns about crowding and later indicated they had no hard plans for permanent roaming droids.

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