Three people in colorful character costumes stand in a row; left to right: a lemur with a crown, a girl with cat ears, and an orange cat with a hat and boots. The backdrop showcases the whimsical DreamWorks Character Zone against a cloudy sky.

Puss In Boots, King Julien, & More Meeting Guests at New DreamWorks Character Zone

Toni Ferrigno

A number of DreamWorks characters will meet guests at DreamWorks Character Zone in DreamWorks Land.

DreamWorks Character Zone


A person in a Gabby's Dollhouse costume poses in front of a colorful set with a couch, plants, and a backdrop depicting a night sky at DreamWorks Character Zone.

DreamWorks Character Zone will have a rotating lineup of DreamWorks characters meeting guests throughout the day. While DreamWorks Land will officially open on June 14 at Universal Studios Florida, we met some of the characters during previews leading up to the grand opening. Gabby from the series “Gabby’s Dollhouse,” has her own setup in the area.

Puss in Boots

A person in a Puss in Boots costume stands on pavement with a cloudy sky backdrop, dressed in an orange fur suit with a black hat, belt, and boots at DreamWorks Character Zone.

Other characters meet just next to Gabby, with a background reminiscent of the artwork from the DreamWorks logo. Here, we met Puss in Boots from the “Shrek” and “Puss in Boots,” film series.

King Julien

A person in a King Julien costume with a crown poses for a photo in front of a backdrop with clouds. They are standing on a concrete floor, and there are colorful structures and plants around at DreamWorks Character Zone.

King Julien from the “Madagascar” franchise also meets and greets guests here. For more on the new DreamWorks Land, check out our full tour, video of the DreamWorks Imagination Celebration show, and review of foods in the land.

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