REVIEW: Brozone Berry and Poppy-licious Pink Ice Cream From Trolls Treats in DreamWorks Land

Two hands holding colorful ice cream cones with Trolls cartoon character designs. One cone has blue ice cream with green sprinkles and a blue character, the other has pink ice cream with pink sprinkles and a pink character.

If you want something cool and sweet during your DreamWorks Land visit, check out Trolls Treats. Trolls Treats The snack stand resembles a giant yellow boombox. It serves ice cream as well as sodas. The two ice cream flavors are Brozone Berry and Poppy-licious Pink. Universal labels them as vegetarian — like most ice creams. Poppy-licious … Read more

PHOTOS: Conducting King Harold’s Swamp Symphony in Shrek’s Swamp at DreamWorks Land

A stone statue of a character stands proudly in DreamWorks Land, surrounded by an arrangement of colorful frog statues on a wood-textured platform. Green foliage and plants adorn the background and foreground, bringing the scene to life.

One of the many interactive areas of the new DreamWorks Land in Universal Studios Florida is King Harold’s Swamp Symphony. King Harold’s Swamp Symphony King Harold’s Swamp Symphony is a musical interactive element in the Shrek section of DreamWorks Land. There, guests can stomp on lily pads that trigger ribbits from the frogs in front … Read more

PHOTOS: Inside Interactive ‘Puss in Boots’-Themed Mama Luna Feline Fiesta at DreamWorks Land

An indoor space with colorful tiled artwork on the walls depicting various scenes, reminiscent of a Mama Luna Feline Fiesta, and several pedestal tables with decorative items arranged on a tiled floor.

Check out the interactive elements of Mama Luna Feline Fiesta at DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida. Mama Luna Feline Fiesta Mama Luna Feline Fiesta is an interactive screen-based area themed to “Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish.” The covered location is designed to look like Mama Luna’s retirement home for cats. Inside are … Read more

REVIEW: New Shrekzel, Swamp Dogs, Waffle Sandwiches, and More at DreamWorks Land in Universal Studios Florida

A spread of snacks on a bench: a Mickey-shaped pretzel with green dip, a bacon-wrapped sausage, and two pieces of waffles, near a garden area.

DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida has “Shrek”-inspired food available at Swamp Snacks. The menu includes the “Shrekzel,” “Far Far a Waffle” sandwiches, “Swamp Dogs,” ice pops, and more. Swamp Snacks Swamp Snacks is located near the entrance of DreamWorks Land. In addition to themed snacks, it serves bottled water, Powerade, Monster Energy, 20 oz. … Read more

PHOTOS: ‘Trolls’ Poppy’s Playground in DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida

Children and adults enjoy activities under a large, pink mushroom structure at "Poppy's Playground" in DreamWorks Land. A warning sign is visible on the right, and strollers are parked in the foreground.

Explore Poppy’s Playground, a new “Trolls”-inspired play area at DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida. Poppy’s Playground Poppy’s Playground is a small play area with a decent amount of shade, thanks to the massive mushroom towering over the area. It is ideal for smaller children, as it is made up of small bouncing and climbing … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: ‘Po Live’ in Kung Fu Training Camp at New DreamWorks Land

The stage is set with a large screen displaying an animated panda holding a bowl, with the text "Learn Kung Fu Today!" and "Train with Po!" on the sides. Red lanterns hang from above, giving it the perfect ambiance of a kung fu training camp.

We toured the all-new Kung Fu Training Camp and saw “Po Live!” at DreamWorks Land in Universal Studios Florida. Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp, themed to the “Kung Fu Panda” film series, is a play area designed to look like Panda Village. Signage outside warns that guests may get wet, … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: New DreamWorks Imagination Celebration Show at Universal Studios Florida

Performers in colorful costumes are dancing on a stage under bright lights. The backdrop displays a fantasy forest scene.

DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida features a new show, DreamWorks Imagination Celebration. DreamWorks Imagination Celebration The show is in the theater that previously housed DreamWorks Destination. Before that, it was home to “A Day in the Park with Barney.” The entrance has been redecorated with “DreamWorks Imagination Celebration” signage. There are pink swirls on … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Trolls Trollercoaster at DreamWorks Land Full Ride Through

A thrilling trollercoaster ride with people on it is seen in a theme park with vibrant green fencing and safety signs. A large fan is mounted on a pole to the left. Blue sky and trees are in the background.

We took a ride on the new Trolls Trollercoaster at DreamWorks Land in Universal Studios Florida. Trolls Trollercoaster The family coaster themed to the “Trolls” movie franchise takes guests on a ride on the Caterbus to escape evil spiders. Trolls Trollercoaster is a retheme of Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster, which was part of Woody Woodpecker’s … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Shrek & Donkey Meet and Greet at DreamWorks Land in Universal Studios Florida

Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey in front of Shrek's cottage, a rustic wooden house among tree roots.

Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona have a new permanent meet and greet location in DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida. We got to visit Shrek’s Swamp Meet during a preview of the new land. Shrek’s Swamp Meet Shrek’s Swamp Meet is located at the front of DreamWorks Land. It’s a recreation of his cottage in the … Read more

Take a Full Tour of the New DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida

Collage of four images: DreamWorks Land and E.T. attractions sign, character standees of Princess Fiona and Shrek, colorful themed playground, and a martial arts training area marked by a wooden arch.

DreamWorks Land is the newest addition to Universal Studios Florida, taking over what was formerly Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone. The new land offers Shrek, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda experiences. Take a full tour of DreamWorks Land with us! DreamWorks Land DreamWorks Land is located next to E.T. Adventure and Animal Actors on Location. E.T. Adventure … Read more

PHOTOS: Restrooms Get Repainted, Loses KidZone Theming at Universal Studios Florida

UOR USF KidZone DreamWorks Land Restrooms Repainted 2

There are a lot of changes happening around Universal Studios Florida to prepare for the opening of DreamWorks Land. Among the major changes to the area, a few minor updates have happened lately, including the restrooms getting repainted. KidZone Restrooms Painted The restroom located between the exit of the E.T. Adventure and SpongeBob StorePants has … Read more

FIRST LOOK Inside DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida

Two colorful troll dolls with exaggerated hair and wide smiles stand joyfully atop a pink surface in an outdoor setting with trees and structures in the background.

Universal Orlando Resort and USA Today shared a first look inside DreamWorks Land, which opens next month at Universal Studios Florida. DreamWorks Land The video is hosted by Universal Creative Director Dean. One of the venues he shows off is Shrek’s Swamp Meet, where guests will meet Shrek, Princess Fiona, and Donkey. The meet-and-greet space … Read more

UOAP Previews Announced for DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida

dreamworks land concept art 000000

Universal Orlando Annual Passholders will get to preview DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida before it opens to all guests next month. On May 21, Passholders will be able to sign up for previews between May 24 and May 27. Passholders will be able to RSVP for themselves and up to eight other Passholders. More … Read more

DreamWorks Land Previews Starting This Month at Universal Studios Florida

Dreamworks themed sign featuring shrek, donkey, and kung fu panda characters under a moon silhouette, with the text "welcome to our land" and "join awesomeness.

Get ready to play with all of your DreamWorks friends, because previews for the new land are starting this month at Universal Orlando Resort. DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida will officially open on June 14, 2024, but Team Member previews will begin this weekend. DreamWorks Land Previews The Universal Orlando Resort website has confirmed … Read more

New E.T. Adventure Signage Coming Soon to Universal Studios Florida

UOR USF ET Adventure Signage Coming Soon Universal Studios Florida 8

The E.T Adventure is currently closed for a brief refurbishment and it appears the attraction will be getting new signage at the entrance. New E.T. Adventure Signage Coming Soon Next to DreamWorks Land, a new entrance arch with space for signage has gone up, presumably for the E.T. Adventure. The current entrance to the attraction … Read more

BREAKING: Universal Orlando Announces New Mega Movie Parade, Cinesational Lagoon Show, New Hogwarts Projection Show, DreamWorks Land Opening Date

Collage of four entertainment event logos: Universal Orlando mega movie parade, DreamWorks Land sign, a Hogwarts with Projection Show, and cinesational - a symphonic spectacular.

Universal Orlando Resort has announced their new summer offerings including the opening date for DreamWorks Land, the Universal Mega Movie Parade, a new Hogwarts projection show, and the new lagoon show. We are thrilled to debut an array of never-before-seen experiences for the entire family to enjoy from day to night. These new experiences – … Read more