Disney Removes Magical Express Bus from Toy Set

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Walt Disney World has recently eliminated a slew of services and perks that used to be free to guests, like Disney’s Magical Express bus transportation to and from the resort. Now, even the toy bus sets sold at Walt Disney World are being downsized. Disney Bus Toy Set — $14.99 This bus set previously included … Read more

Guests Still Receiving Disney’s Magical Express Emails With Broken Link

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Disney’s Magical Express has officially ended service to and from the Orlando International Airport. The buses are now being converted to Mears Connect, a non-complimentary replacement service, although the transition hasn’t been too smooth. Guests with upcoming resort stays at Walt Disney World are still receiving emails that advertise Disney’s Magical Express. The “Here’s How” … Read more

Mears Connect Raises Price of Express Service to $250


Mears Connect has replaced Disney’s Magical Express with service between Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Only the day after Disney’s Magical Express completely ended, Mears Connect has raised the price of their express service. Express service — previously known as premium service — promises little to no wait time and was … Read more

PHOTOS: Disney’s Magical Express Buses Now Being Quickly Converted To Mears Connect


Except for a few return trips through January 10, Disney’s Magical Express is officially no more. Mears Connect is now replacing the airport shuttle service. We saw a Mears Connect bus on Walt Disney World property today and it appeared to be a reworked Magical Express bus. It uses the same blue and white coloring … Read more

PHOTOS: Mears Connect Signs Go Up in Orlando International Airport, Replacing Disney’s Magical Express


Mears has shared photos of Mears Connect signs going up in Orlando International Airport (MCO). Mears Connect will replace Disney’s Magical Express, which is coming to an end this month. Mears Connect will be located where Disney’s Magical Express was on level 1 of Terminal B. It will begin service on January 1, 2022. Mears … Read more

Disney’s Magical Express Will Make Return Trips to MCO Through January 10

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With Disney’s Magical Express service officially discontinued as of January 1, guests will have to find a new way to travel between Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Walt Disney World Resort in the new year. However, MCO clarified today that while departing trips from the airport to the resort are ending, Disney’s Magical Express will … Read more

Reservations Now Available for Mears Connect at Orlando International Airport, Replacing Magical Express Service


As was announced earlier this year, Mears Connect will begin offering bus transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World area hotels on January 1, 2022, after Disney’s Magical Express retires. Reservations are now open at MearsConnect.com. There are two service options: Standard and Premium. The Standard level of service is … Read more