Breaking Down The Final “Beauty And The Beast” Trailer

When the first “Beauty And The Beast” trailer was released, we compared the original animated movie to the scenes shown in the live action trailer, and for the most part they were spot on. With the final trailer of the film being released this week, and with a lot of new scenes added to this trailer, we decided... Continue Reading

Princess and Prince Character Breakfast Coming to Trattoria Al Forno

Trattoria Al Forno at Disney’s Boardwalk will begin a character breakfast service this Spring. “A delicious breakfast awaits you at Trattoria al Forno, as you get ready to set out for a day of endless magic at Walt Disney World Resort. It’s a hearty “bon voyage” celebration, featuring popular characters from favorite Disney stories like... Continue Reading

February 1st – This Day in Disney History

Disney has a very rich and unique history, all starting in 1923 and continuing an incredible legacy to this day. Now, let’s take a trip back in time and enjoy a short glimpse of what happened today in Disney history. On February 1, 2014, Disney’s animated film Frozen was the big winner at the Annie... Continue Reading

California Food and Wine Festival Special Event Registration Now Open

Starting today, reservations for select seminars and events for the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival can be made by guests. The dates for the festival are March 10th through April 16th, 2017. There are many different options for this event, including: The popular “In the Kitchen with…” series debuts for the 2017 Disney... Continue Reading

Disney Announces Opening Night Events at Theaters for “Beauty And The Beast”

DISNEY SCHEDULES OPENING NIGHT EVENTS NATIONWIDE FOR FANS OF “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST” THURSDAY, MARCH 16  Events Include Screening of the Highly-Anticipated Live-Action Film, Special Behind-the-Scenes Content and Music Video for “Beauty and the Beast” Performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is scheduling special opening night events for “Beauty... Continue Reading

Disney Files Patent for Theme Park Rides Controlled by Guest Emotions

Disney has filed a patent for a ride system that can alter the guest’s experience based on their emotions. “Sensing and Managing Vehicle Behavior Based on Occupant Awareness” looks at a way to read riders’ emotions or pre-determined interests to create personalized ride experiences. For example, the patent states that via a camera on the... Continue Reading

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