REVIEW: B.B. Wolf’s New Carolina BBQ Hotdog at Disney Springs

The Big Bad Wolf seems to have found a new way to cook up his long time nemeses with the new Carolina BBQ Hot Dog at the B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Company at Disney Springs. This version of the eatery’s all-beef hot dog is topped with Carolina Gold Barbecue, its sauce a mustard type popular in South Carolina and based in Bavarian tradition, along with a mustard vinaigrette coleslaw.

Packed with flavor, this hot dog is quite the mouthful. While the flavors all interact well, sometimes it’s difficult to get it all in a single bite. With the slaw and BBQ both rather solid in structure, neither slips into the cracks between bun and sausage, meaning you generally eat the toppings and then the dog in separate bites. That said, those who are not fans of mustard can relax in knowing that neither the BBQ or coleslaw are heavy with a bold mustard flavor – this isn’t some ballpark frank swimming in yellow goo. The overall palette is more subtle in nature, which works well for what is already a large undertaking. 

At $7.99, one must ask if the flavors added for the extra dollar more than the regular dog are worth it. They certainly are, adding not only great taste, but enough extra meat and toppings that this could almost work as a light lunch for two.


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