BREAKING: Disneyland Resort Rolls Out Monumental Ticket Price Increases Ahead of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opening

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We knew it was coming at some point this year, but Disneyland Resort has floored us with one of (if not the) largest ticket price increase in their nearly 64 year history. While one-day tickets costs have jumped by over 10 percent, some annual passes are up a whopping 23 percent in price. Here’s the breakdown…

Single and multi-day tickets:

Ticket Type Original New
1 Day – VALUE $97 $104
1 Day with Park Hopper – VALUE $147 $154
1 Day – REGULAR $117 $129
1 Day with Park Hopper – REGULAR $167 $179
1 Day – PEAK $135 $149
1 Day with Park Hopper – PEAK $185 $199
2 Day $210 $225
2 Day with Park Hopper $260 $280
3 Day $280 $300
3 Day with Park Hopper $330 $355
4 Day $305 $325
4 Day with Park Hopper $355 $380
5 Day $320 $340
5 Day with Park Hopper $370 $395

The addition of the MaxPass service was also raised from $10 a day to $15 a day. For annual passholders, it will now cost an additional $25 a year to add it to their ticket (if it doesn’t include it) at a total of $100.

Annual passes:

Pass Type Original New
Select $369 $399
Deluxe $729 $799
Signature $999 $1149
Signature Plus $1149 $1399
Premier $1579 $1949

The Disney Premier Passport which offers access to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort theme parks is all the way up to $1949 plus tax. The tax puts the ticket price over $2000, a new high in Disney ticket prices.

These changes come less than a year after the last major price increase and only months after Disney introduced a new park-specific blockout calendar for tickets. Disney also released a discounted ticket offer this week as well.

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      • Not original commentor, but as far as those that specialise in Disney theme parks as >75% of their content, less than 5 (integer, not percent).

      • I won’t be taking my kids there,their plan is to gobble everything up,just like they bought marvel,star wars rights,they want the monopoly and I’m not gonna help,they own enough

          • I used to love to go to disney, but now you spend most of your day waiting in lines to get on a ride, sometimes over 2 hrs. Certainly no bargain for me. They arent able to accomodate the numbers of people coming into the park. You spend the entire day there and maybe get on 5 or 6 rides if your lucky. I wont be back either.

      • I don’t think it’s a huge population, but with the increased prices… it will be hard for many to continue to go with families. Tons of YouTube and bloggers were at the initial MNSSH when I was there in August and I assume for free. Just started following a former CM and she is going back to WDW due to her earnings from YouTube.
        They should have gotten rid of max pass for AP holders to really curb things.

    • The mouse keeps getting hungrier and hungrier . Not very fair to the Disney Fans that love the parks . I lost my love of the Disney Parks , I hope many visitors think
      twice before spending their hard earned money .The CEO is not thinking about the visitors just themselves .

      • They should limit the amount of people that can come into each park everyday so everybody can have a great time at the happiest place on earth! Mickys family needs to get off the GREED TRAIN, and get back to what Walt Disney intended.

  • Since you can pay $199 for one day hopper PEAK, I’ll have to buy the SoCal 3 day pass, one park per day, for $179. This may be the only chance for the cheapest prices for locals. After Star Wars Land opens, I don’t expect the SoCal Residents deal to return for up to 3 years like they did when Carsland opened (the deal didn’t return for 2 years).

  • The price increases are disappointing but not expected. Every time they announce a new ride, land or salary increase for the cast members, expect to pay more to get in to the parks, to eat, drink and for merchandise. We have a budget and we will still go, just not as often. Coming from New York, these prices are normal for us. And that’s abnormal for most.

  • They should be ashamed to raise prices that high. Only the rich can aford WDW now. I would love to go there but theres no way I can aford it. Very unhappy about this.

    • Sadly this is the result of overcrowding at the parks. People complain about long lines and the overall amount of people in the parks. The only real option Disney had is to raise prices (supply and demand). I’m not happy about them but understand. These prices are a lot for me and I live in metro New York…I can’t imagine what other parts of the country feel at these prices. I used to buy the annual pass for WDW and try to catch an extra trip between our annual excursions. Now I may have to go every other year. Sad!

    • Yes, yes, yes! Please increase ticket prices to the point where there are very short waits for rides. It is interesting that people will pay for a 3 day pass only to ride as many rides as you’d ride in 6 hours at the park on a slow day, or about 600% more per ride-time than usual… plus hotels if they’re from out of town. People will also pay $200-$800 for a concert ticket, or basketball/football game, or tickets to Wicked or Hamilton, and those things last only a few hours. I personally would like to see tickets be purchased by specific date, and have a wristband that gives you admission the entire day, but access to rides in 1/2 day increments. Start low, control the population able to ride rides, and work on queuing theory models to optimize guest satisfaction and enjoyment. This way you have a ‘base price’, but now that I no longer live down the street from the parks (for decades now), I would easily pay $350 per ticket to have a more controlled population… I’d pay $500 for a ticket/wristband that gives me front of the line passes for each ride… I’d easily pay $750-$1000 for a ticket/wristband that gives me unlimited front of the line passes for rides. Disney would optimize revenue, I’d go less often, but when I go I’d not be aggravated and frustrated and disappointed so much as I have been for the past 30 or so years of visiting the park on a busy day and seeing a 3 hour wait for main attractions. Anything beyond 30 minutes is a struggle, but I’ve done it… and if I am in a line I’m not spending money. Please, please increase prices more… limit populations, guarantee low wait times, give options for higher priced front-of-the-line passes… get guests to get 2-3 days of visits into 1 day. Stop the crowd madness… thanks!

      • I understand the basis of your frustrations, I lived in SoCal and have been to the parks many, many times and have seen it at it’s worst and it’s new norm of just packed. Disney got away from the “pay more get more” park experience years ago to allow everyone, of all means, to enjoy the park equally. I understand your comment, but I think it would set a precidence again that those that have more money get to have more fun in Disney Parks. My advice is to go Monday-Thursday during the traditional low seasons periods and be in line when it opens. Slow times are becoming a thing of the past though.

      • Well, if people don’t go about a year or 2 and their ticket sales drop, watch them lower the prices. Everyone should boycott Disney. And then see how they react. Those prices are totally ridiculous and I would not go anymore!

      • Yall are crazy some people have kids but not a ton of money. The park is for kids to hell with rich spoiled adults that think the world revolves around yall.What about veterans why cant our family have a discount no one thinks about that. I can go to war and get shot but not afford to take my kids to wdw but hey that’s fine let’s please the rich ass holes that only think of themselves. I’ve taken my kids and I don’t see anything there to want to make me pay that much if it’s a long line bring a damn chair precious to hell with your wait time no one cares. Let’s worry less about our wait time and what’s convenient for you and think of less fortunate and veterans.

        • Tim I agree with you 1,000 percent no 1 thinks about Veterans these days. You guys deserve discounts for everything. You fought for our country some servived some had their lives taken. I have a soft spot for Veterans and I think you guys should be treated with honor respect and discounts. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE TIM AND ALL THE MEN AND WOMAN WHO SERVED.

    • So very true Steve! Its an ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY!! Knowing The Millions of Children who would LOVE TO SEE DISNEY WORLD And Wont Be ABLE TOO!! GREEDY SELFISH CORPORATES..SMDH!!

    • Guess Disney is only for the rich! I hate to see such greed from places like this! Its nonsense for prices to be this high when they make so much money to begin with.

  • EVERYTHING is increasing. Rents, aprs on credit cards. Food, clothing, even paper towels. So, this increase doesn’t surprise me. A lot of money, time, and labor goes into WDW. All the employees, rather cast members need to be paid. The Tower of Terror alone requires a lot of money to maintain. I will be planning a 10 day visit. So, I’m making sacrifices to ensure that I will have whatever I want without worrying about spending money while I am there. May is my favorite time. Nothing beats the festival of flowers! I do not have any children to worry about. I guess the parents are going to really feel that increase. I figure it this way. You never know when your last day is. Plus, I cannot take it with me. Have a Disney Day!


  • Makes no difference to me. The price of everything is going up. This will not deter me. You never know when your last day is. Plus, I do not have children. There are SO many ways to save so money while you are there. Have A Disney Day!!!!

    • Well. Buy a Cadillac if you can afford one n many do if not buy Ford tauras just BUISSINESS. Go if you can. Place is packed either way. From around the world. People come.

    • Can you do another post with that includes the “you never know when your last day might be” comment? A third post would make us feel even more excited about being alive

    • Hey Trish you don’t have kids or anything to worry about dont even say nothing you sound like your part of the corporation trying to sell a ticket. This world does not allow anybody to have some piece Disney was that difference to allow people to go back to there childhood and share it with there kids. the government has taken to much without us even knowing this is not about what side your on black or white it’s about life and what little time God gave us.

    • Good for you and your life choices Trish. Not everyone wants to live a life without children. You never do know when it’s your last day, but some people like knowing when their time comes, their loving children will be there with them when they pass on. For them, it’s more selfless in that they would like their children to experience something magical. It’s a family place, but everyone knows it’s totally geared up for children. I really don’t think Micky Mouse will care all that much or be there for you when it’s your time. But I do hope someone will be there at least. But you keep doing you, what ever that it.

  • When Disney build Disneyland and Disneyworld he said it will be for everyone from babys to grandparents. Now is only for the super rich.

    • That’s what happens when they cave to the over burdensome political pressure and unnecessarily and artificially raise the minimum wage, instead of standing up to the liberals and for themseves.

      Unfortunately, you will see more prices being raised across the board from food to clothes.

      • Actually its more about serving the shareholders and making sure your stock prices are up for the quarter, they could easily pay executives a little less and afford more for the minimum wage workers although that almost never happens

      • What do you want cast members to do . With everything going up anyway a pay raise was needed. This isn’t about liberals or conservatives it is about having a roof over the head, and food on the table. Greediness, and capitalism is driving the market. At this rate regular people are not going to be able to afford going anywhere.

      • I haven’t been to either park for 40+ yrs & don’t plan on ever going back. BTW: this has NOTHING to do with liberals. Use UR brain prior to blaming more than half the population. It’s about PROFIT, Disney is a Major Corporation. Parks aren’t the ONLY business their entrinched in.

        • I agree with several of the more intelligent comments about increasing prices. The price should dictate the flow in the parks with no more than 30 mins wait on the most popular attractions. The parks should not be filled with yearly pass holders that are obsessed. Let those who want to experience it do so.

    • Nah just the middle class cause I am for sure not super rich or any kind of rich but my family and I can afford that. Keep in mind I said middle class, $2000/12 months is $167/4 weeks a month is $42/5 days a week is 8.33 a day. Some spend more at Starbucks in a day than that. Guess it depends on how you utilize your spending money.

      • Thank you for actually thinking clearly!! I am the sole income in my family and I bring 5 people — 4 adults and a child — once a year. These are just people who don’t want to put any thought or effort into it, and don’t make enjoying this type of trip with their family a priority. There are SO many ways to save money to go on a trip like this, but people don’t want to hear things like stop eating out four times a week, drive a car you can afford rather than one that you think makes you look good, don’t go to movies/concerts/sporting events constantly, stop buying clothes/jewelry/useless gadgets all the time. It’s inconvenient for them and they would much rather complain and whine and be victims than realize there is a difference between cost and value, and affordability isn’t necessarily just about price tags.

    • Remember, Walt Disney is long deceased. The value of a visit has decreased as the price has risen. When I was @ UCI, I kept an annual pass (then around $400) and could go have lunch and people-watch several times a week. About the time I graduated the price started climbing and Disney priced itself out of my market.

  • This is what happens when you cave into unnecessarily over burdensome political pressure and unnecessarily and artificially raise minimum wage. This has absolutely nothing to do with opening a new park.

    • It’s not something that is just for minimum wage increases. They do this to meet up with cost of living and inflation. In fact, I, as a liberal, will never go until it pops and the price to enter was close to what one would pay when it first opened and what the wage was then
      In essence, I one that wants everything in line. If the wage on 1938 was $0.25/hr., The wage needs to reflect that proportioned to prices now. Business is only hurting itself
      One way to solve it? Cut the corporate salaries to make up difference.

    • The article states that this is the SECOND price increase within a year. I can guarantee you that minimum wage did not go up twice in a year. You can pick whatever political hobbyhorse you want to blame but you’re delusional to think that Disney won’t take every opportunity to increase prices whenever they think they can get away with it.

    • They can’t afford to pay their cast members $2 an hour more, but somehow can afford spend BILLIONS on park expansion, buying Fox, and buying Citizen Watch (not yet public knowledge that I just leaked, oops)?
      Riiiight, blame it on the poor folks working for poverty wages.
      GTFO out of here. Appreciate that those cast members work long, hard hours in the weather with obnoxious entitled tourists on vacation who forgot to pack their brains and pay them what they are worth. They are the true magic makers, not just pushing buttons to make a ride go.

  • When Mr. Disney build Disneyland and Disneyworld he said it will be for everyone from babys to grandparents .Now it only for the super rich

    • I’m for sure not Super Rich like you state, and will continue to go 3 times a year at minimum. I’d suggest you look for a better Career and do something about it…..

    • Its the CEO they have now when he took over he said he was going to do this and he sure has kept his word. He’s a jerk. He dont care weather you can afford it or not he only cares about lining his pockets

    • You’re right about that and Walt Disney is probably turning in his grave right now. People should boycott for a day or even longer, but it probably wouldn’t make a difference!

  • To the average family this is really not going to go over well with 5 or 6 kids. if anything lowering would be better off. with the government shutdown WIC and snap benefits being reduced I say iger is way out of touch with actual logistics. Also the new slinky dog roller coaster is already a safety hazard and it hasn’t been 2 years in operation. yet it’s already breaking down.

    • Well for one, having 5 or 6 kids is above the national average. Way above. And if someone is on WIC or other government hand outs, a family vacation to Disneyland or anywhere for that matter really shouldn’t be up for consideration. People need to take responsibility and get their priorities in order. Nobody is entitled to a Disney vacation.

  • Walt Disney is probably rolling over in his grave. I went 2 years ago and it was terrible experience from rude Disney workers to the over crowded of rude people. Had to stand in ride lines forever …prices for food was ridiculous for cold nasty hamburgers and fries. It definitely lost it’s magic of long ago .

    • Agreed, i have some photos of me and family from 1971 at disneyland.. it was a pleasant uncrowded experience. It all changed when they got rid of tickets for rides.( I remember my father having to go to the kiosk within the park to buy extra e tickets) i think it was between 76-80 it began it’s crowded degradation.

  • I’m glad my wife and I took all the kids and grandkids this year before the price increase. We will definately be changing plans for Christmas next year. Sorry Mickey but it’s not worth what they charged us before and DEFINATELY not worth what they want to charge for it now. Greed is such an ugly quality and a sin on top of that!!

      • So, given that you associate the newly-hiked entrance increases to the raise in minimum wages for hourly cast members, how do you explain four decades of price increases at Disney Theme Parks (entrance fees, hotel fees, merchandise, food, etc) while hourly wages at the Theme Parks have remained steady????

        • He can’t. He has posted the same type of post countless times now all over the place trying to rouse people. You are more right then he will ever be in that prices all over e place have always gonna up year after year for decades and cast member income has not even kept pace 20% of the time. This guy clearly has a bee in his bonnet over the pay increase. Probably a greedy corporate type miffed about the pay increase because he can’t get that extra $2 himself. I do like however that for the most part, people are ignoring his posts.

  • Mr. Disney did NOT build Disneyland with these intents. I grew up going to Disneyland at least once a year. Now at 60 years young I have been taking my grandson, (who loves Disneyland), for the past 3 years, this being our fourth. We’ve been going for 5 days at a time as we drive in from Las Vegas. At almost $2,200.00 for the 1 week for Disney tickets, hotel stay, food and parking at the hotel.

  • You know the money you are asking I can take 2 8 day cruises on Carnival Cruise Lines, see different countries and all food along with all shows not to mention rooming . I live in Florida but I guess I will be going to Miami more

  • Does corporate really think this is what Walt wanted for families? Cost is out of hand. Families can’t afford this.

  • So very unfortunate for the children whose parents can not afford these prices. I know a family with 4 children who dream of going to see Disney and it will always just be a dream. You have boxed out many families and seniors. You have become a playground for the elite.

    • I’m one of those parents! My daughter would Love to go here like all of her friends have. But being a single Mom with a few medical problems, it’s so very hard to work and put food on the table as it is! My heart breaks that I can’t give her something extra special like a trip to DL. Especially during the long winter’s of Michigan. 😕

    • I was thinking the same thing! Disney was such a magical place for my kiddos when they were little. It took us 2 years to save 9 years ago. I believe all children should have this opportunity. This is so not fair. This opportunity gap feeds right into the achievement gap.

  • Trish is going to sell everything to keep going to Disney on the basis of “you never know when it’s going to be your last day”.

    I went to Disney for free all 4 years with my HS. Haven’t gone back since.

  • It’s just to damn high!!! It’s bad enough the prices are already high,, I’m never be able to go there its just so damn sad!! They just might well say that It’s only for the people who have money or the rich!! That’s what it’s coming too. 😢

  • If they would lower their prices more of the less fortunate people would be able go so they would even make more money cause a family of 5 or 6 living on a budget of 50,000 dollars for example a military family can’t effort to go but wants to

    • Economy is booming for Wall Street lackeys, bankers and the usual suspects of shareholder class and market manipulators.

      Working class America hasn’t gained any significant increase in wages or spending power whatsoever. Typical GOP fallacies…trickle down economics is a pipe dream.

  • No surprise. Nationwide there’s a push to make wages increase higher than the market can bear. It’s only natural that prices for theme parks, retailers, and other commodities rise with it in order to remain viable. Trickle-up economics works just as poorly as trickle-down economics…. Both sides push for artificially bumping market equilibrium (one on the supply side, the other on the demand side).

  • What a disappointment?? My son is a Single parent of five children and his plans where to take them to Disney now with these prices woww !! Disney no longer have dreams will come true …

  • I never comment on this kind of stuff. Because people are too dumb for words. Do you people understand Federal Minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Florida Minimum wage is $8.25 per hour. Disney as of last month is $11.00 per hour. Going up a $1.00 a year for the next 4 years to get to $15.00 per hour. 38,000 employees in Orlando. Who did you think was going to pay that increase????????
    Let’s keeps raising Minimum wage for the simplest of jobs.
    Amen for the Unions. Hahahah

    • Let’s work from your calculations. Pay increase is $1 per hour or $8 per employee per day. There are ~40,000 workers. If 30,000 visitors arrive daily then it works to ~$11 per person. Let’s say an annual pass holder goes each month; this would be over $130 for annual.

      Ticket price increases are greater than these calculations. The ticket price increase is not due to salary increases alone.

    • It’s called a livable wage for a reason. Do you do anything for a living that doesn’t involve making money off of the labor of those who actually produce goods?

  • Is that $2,000.00 per person. Maybe somebody forgot to tell the Disneyland management staff that the cartoon character figures at Disneyland, are NOT the real stars of the Disney cartoons. They are considered as “cast members” but, they aren’t going to see a huge salary increase based on these new ticket prices. Wow. Outrageous!

  • 15 years ago my son and I were in Florida for two weeks on vacation. I drove. We stayed out of the park. During that two weeks we did lots. 4 days at Disney,2 days at Universal, the astronaut hall of fame and cape Canaveral and other things. The entire cost was less than$2,000 dollars. We had lunch and dinner at Disney and Universal. We got plenty of souvenirs. I wonder what it would cost today.

  • As my kids grew up and watched tv they were bombarded with ads for Disney World. All their friends seemed to be going, but I would not cave to the pressure and was considered a bad guy for not taking them. Now that they are in their later 20’s they actually thank me for never taking them. I don’t win many, but I won that one!

  • The power of the headline, in reality the highest ticket price increase is only $25 for a 5 day hopper, really Steve, this isn’tworth reporting, $5 a day really

  • It’s supply and demand people. Until they reach a point where they aren’t hitting capacities and selling out special events, prices are going to continue to go up. Lowering the price obviously will make this exponentially worse; now you have overcrowding, which inversely will start pushing the higher income earners out (whales so to speak), which Disney will earn even less. Everything costs money, including paying for wage increases of thousands of employees as well…

    It is unfortunate that this is quite expensive for many of you, but this is a capitalist country, and Disney is no exception. They aren’t a charitable organization. I go every year, and parks getting more full than they already are, is a much bigger detergent for me than a 7 dollar ticker price hike.

  • Disney can do as they please. Disney’s not on my Bucket list.

    For the top price I’ll take a trip to Europe or the Caribbean. There is a whole entire World to explore!!! No need to spend money on overpriced garbage!!!

  • Another Disney price increase. So what? Things get more expensive, it’s inflation. I’m not surprised in the least.

    But what is a bit surprising is the vast number of people on here crying as if they’ll never get to go to Disneyland now. A $20 price increase on FIVE DAYS’ worth of tickets isn’t going to kill you. You probably spend more than $20 on Starbucks coffee every week.

  • Yes, yes, yes! Please increase ticket prices to the point where there are very short waits for rides. It is interesting that people will pay for a 3 day pass only to ride as many rides as you’d ride in 6 hours at the park on a slow day, or about 600% more per ride-time than usual… plus hotels if they’re from out of town. People will also pay $200-$800 for a concert ticket, or basketball/football game, or tickets to Wicked or Hamilton, and those things last only a few hours. I personally would like to see tickets be purchased by specific date, and have a wristband that gives you admission the entire day, but access to rides in 1/2 day increments. Start low, control the population able to ride rides, and work on queuing theory models to optimize guest satisfaction and enjoyment. This way you have a ‘base price’, but now that I no longer live down the street from the parks (for decades now), I would easily pay $350 per ticket to have a more controlled population… I’d pay $500 for a ticket/wristband that gives me front of the line passes for each ride… I’d easily pay $750-$1000 for a ticket/wristband that gives me unlimited front of the line passes for rides. Disney would optimize revenue, I’d go less often, but when I go I’d not be aggravated and frustrated and disappointed so much as I have been for the past 30 or so years of visiting the park on a busy day and seeing a 3 hour wait for main attractions. Anything beyond 30 minutes is a struggle, but I’ve done it… and if I am in a line I’m not spending money. Please, please increase prices more… limit populations, guarantee low wait times, give options for higher priced front-of-the-line passes… get guests to get 2-3 days of visits into 1 day. Stop the crowd madness… thanks!

  • Still NO Breaks for Veterans or active duty! And you pay $10.00 for one hot dog! You would figure as much money that Disney pulls in they would cut prices rather than crank up the price! It’s called GREEDY!

  • Still a great deal!
    I take my wife to a cheap dinner and a movie and easily pay over $50, but we can go to Disney for less than $150 a day?! That is a deal! I remember when I paid $240 for an annual pass. LOL!

  • Never been to DW and never thought I was missing anything. Just like smart phones or cigarettes, if people think they can’t do without it, they will find a way to pay for it.

  • The decision I am facing is
    whether to renew my Signature Plus AP or upgrade to the Premiere. I travel to Disneyland two or three times a year for short vacations. It has been over 20 years since my last visit to WDW and I was hoping to go in 2019.

  • I paid about $60 around 30 years ago and thought that was outrageous. After going through it I thought that was a real waste of money

  • Way to go, Disney Corp! Your unbridled greediness for tge Almighty dollar will price out tjiysands of people! I love to go to Disneyland, but thus orice increase is ridiculously out of line! I am going to get our season passes expire and we WON’T be back! Shame. On. All. The.Greedy.Executives!!!!

  • Well, the price increase is no surprise! What angers me is how much the price was raised, not even 1 year after the last increase!!!! Mr Disney must be APPALLED at how the greedy corporate executives are pricing people right out of his dream park, the one he created for or EVERYONE. You can be assured that my husband and I will let our annual passes expire this year– we will no longer feed into supporting the executives’ lavish lifestyle on our backs. No More! It’s a crying shame for the exhibition of corporate greed!! We sincerely hope that a big portion of annual passholders let their passes lapse.

  • Ridiculous and to think I thought $35 per person, per day in ’06 at DisneyWorld, was a lot lol! So so glad the boys are mid 20s now and that overhyped crap is far behind us! They went in ’95 & ’99 as well. Just feel bad for parents with little ones that want to see it. Not worth it at even 50% off the hiked prices. Better yet, get crafty and BUILD a small Disney castle in the back yard to play in, day in day out. ALot cheaper.

  • I really love Disneyland and Disney World, and I’m an average Star Wars fan. However, I think this Glaxay’s edge hype is way out of hand. Disney is setting the bar too high, and a lot of people are going to pay a lot of money and find a land with only two attractions with multi hour waits. Yes, this is the same with Pandora at AK, but that land Disney didn’t hike their prices like they are for Star Wars Galaxy Edge.

  • Okay I guess that savings fund is not going to go to visit any Disney park. Next years Christmas theme for our family will not have anything to do with Minnie mouse. . there will come a day I explain to my granddaughter that we can make better memories in a different venue for a whole lot better price. . . happiness sometimes is in a small world after all.

  • The Happiest Place on Earth has become the Saddest Place on Earth…….Most of us can’t afford even 1 day for 1 person. So sad that the “Disney gods” have destroyed the Magic Kingdom that Walt built. Mr. Disney would be so upset. 😭😭😭

  • Going to make it so high in price people or going to going, not fun anymore. Walt is stirring in his grave. Family place, but you have now made it all about the money. I know numerous people including my family who used to go at least 2-3 times a year, not anymore. We don’t go at all. It’s a shame to; as some of have such great memories and now we cant afford to give our kids or grand kids the same. Shame on you shame shame shame.

  • Quit crying. All you have to do is cut out fastfood, alcohol consumption, perhaps your visits to the local dispensary, junk food, and other foolish spending, and save some money. Then go to Disneyland, and afterwards return to your usaul spending habits.

  • This is a child’s dream to go to Disneyland and for a family of 4 or more, the costs are too much. Your increasing the tickets higher and higher. What if families stop coming because they CAN’T AFFORD IT. Disney would be losing lots of money. Would Disney consider lowering the prices so that family can afford it?

  • Disney World is like any other entertainment venue, it costs to get in.plan well, save, & spend your money for an adventure that may or may not live up to your expectations. I got a Disney charge card, used it to pay my bills& purchase groceries, the points I earns I used for food & merchandise at Disney world. I planned that trip for 3 years, saved, planned & finally got it all together for my familyof 12. We did all our eating home cooked in a leased condo, took advantage of any free sights we could find to enjoy. All around it was a very memorable time for the family. We couldn’t afford to do it up rich but we did choice to save and set a goal to visit Disney world. That’s life, having dreams, setting goals,& working towards that goal.

  • My grandma has always said that it’s every child’s God give in right to go to Disneyland at least once in their life time. But with the price increases I don’t see how that will be possible. I’m sure Walt Disney himself is turning in his grave. Disneyland is suppose to be for all kids not just the wealthy.

  • Just like when Disney World was being built in the 1960’s ? They would always ask me on the way to our Florida Vacation “Disney or the Beach?”
    My reply was the same now at 58 yrs old as it was then “The Beach ! “
    The Ocean is Real and full of Life , the Everglades is full of Gators!
    Give me the Real Old Florida!

  • Absolutely disgusting. They own our television, movies, ect. They’re not exactly hurting for money as they take over the world. The only thing magical about Disney is how fast they make your money disappear. #BoycottDisney

  • I think this is deplorable. Every child wants to go to Disneyworld. How many families can afford travel, meals, and exorbitant ticket prices? We are fortunate that we DO have the means to pay these prices. However, I won’t. It’s the same situation with many athletic events. Most every little boy would love to attend a pro football game. The average family can not afford to take them. Come on, folks, offer a few weeks of reduced ticket prices.

  • I really feel sorry for people that cannot afford to go to W.D.World. Greed breaks people’s hearts. Disabled people, poor people etc are left out because of these rediculus prices. Walt would not let this happen if he were still alive.

  • Meanwhile the condition of their parks continues to deteriorate. I was just at the parks in Florida today. The trash piled up in restrooms, Club cool out of cups, Slinky Dog broke down, RnR broken down (happens frequently). Mermaid over at smells like urine and mold had a love child,
    Spaceship earth not functioning properly, Innoventions has crumbling, moldy ceilings, dirty windows, leaks in the ceiling in The Land building (dirty ribbons as well in Sunshine Seasons), broken escalators, roof leaks in the old Wonders of Life. Not to mention that EPCOT has gone from a park of discover, wonder, imagination, and creativity to drunken debauchery where you may even be lucky enough to find underwear in the bushes or a raucous tour group disputing the show.
    The Magic Kingdom isn’t much better. Bathrooms closed due to water mains breaking is common place, dirty bathrooms with no paper towel, toilet paper, dirty floors, and overflowing trash is the norm. The Main St, Railroad station is literally crumbling away. The attractions are dirty. Dead skin, sunscreen, and black grime line the queue walls park wide. Paint has flaked off, trash abounds, and attractions feature aspects which have not been fixed in months or years: Haunted mansion has a screen with a whisp projection on the wall that doesn’t work most of the time. COP has audio programs, animatronics that do not work. Small world it is easier to group entire country’s where the dolls do not work rather than count individual broken animatronics. Also note the cancer at the base of the attraction due to the constant moisture. Moldy or missing ceiling tiles, rotting away are also fun to count. Peter Pan is filthy, even in the black light. Maybe someday it will be cleaned, or plussed like they did in Disneyland. The carousel just got a paint job outside, but the horses are dirty.
    Over in Adventure Land and Frontierland the Jungle Cruise has so many problems the hippos are locked into place because of constant malfunction, as are many other features of the attraction. Big Thunder also has broken animatronic features that don’t work, and have not for years. Maybe you don’t notice because you’re zipping by on the roller coaster.
    This is the story with nearly every attraction in the park, and what would you expect with a park that is nearly 50 years old and has been abused by guests and maintenance deferred by Disney. If you want to know the end result of deferred maintenance, look at what is happening to the Queen Mary. (Once owned by Disney).
    And then there are the sweaty dirty diaper left hiding smelling broke down today huge accident and lawsuit is waiting to happen mono-rails where stuff falls off regularly and doors open auto-magically because they are a full decade beyond their life expectancy and still being used daily. The close calls should be a wake up call to Chapek. REPLACE THEM!
    Have you seen the trams to the parking lots recently? Also filthy and need of a paint job. All of them!
    Disney says they do not have the money to do the repairs needed, but spends billions of dollars on park expansion to divert your eye from the dirty dilapidated state of existing infrastructure. Maybe instead of spending money on new stuff, someone should teach Disney to care for what they have before they get anything new. Disney has figured out that they can let the show quality, the story, and the high quality they used to be known for slide because the guests do not care. More people are increasingly willing to pay more for less. When will the public wake up and see Disney for the Coney Island that it is?
    And if you doubt my rant, I have photos to document everything I have said here, and emailed them to [email protected].
    The thing is, those cast members are not empowered to do anything to correct the problem, and the executives don’t care. All they care about is +$. As long as guests are willing to pay more for less, why do they care if the parks are falling apart?

  • Guess I and my family will never enter a Disney theme park again. Those prices are beyond what the average worker can afford without saving for years. (The kids would be grown up by then.) One has to pay to get there, then the hotel room to stay, the food to eat, and maybe a t-shirt or some ears, and of course the travel costs home. The only people who can begin to afford to go anymore have to live close by. Glad it was more reasonable when I was a kid.

  • It’s too bad they are making it so expensive that the average family can’t afford to go. We make a decent income and have just one child, but I don’t know how we can save up that much with travel, food, and hotel. Sad that it costs nearly as much to go to Disneyland for 4 days from Oregon as it does to take my son to Ireland for 10 days with a tour package! What are they thinking? Don’t they make enough money already? I hope people go elsewhere and maybe they will take a financial hit for their greed. That’s the only way they will stop raising prices.

  • Never have been to Disney. Now that they have made terrible so-called Star Wars movies and have cast the creator of Star Wars aside, not even using his story ideas for the new movies, I’m not giving Disney any of my money.

  • DW was a pretty scary place when we visited. There definitely folks who were looking to pick up “deals” like literally on the verge of (or actually) stealing from other patrons. I found it hilarious how many wannabe foreign teenagers wearing Harvard knockoff T-shirts were wandering around.

    My teenaged children know why they’ve only gone to DW twice and how it was a joke that it is a “family” vacation. The cost of our DW vacation was the same as my son’s freshman year of college at a small liberal arts school.

    Not that I don’t approve of the alcohol spread around AK and Epcot. That’s what I see the future in – older folks paying for the festivals that are run during the schoolyear.

  • Hoping this scares off folks so the park is less crowded. Price is only worth it if it isn’t so crowded. Also, ever price a ski lift ticket this year? About the same and all THAT buys is a one way ride to the top of a mountain in an open chair after waiting 10-15 minutes in line….

  • Disney is ridiculous with it’s prices. What astronomical cost for a small family of four! While they make their Billions in profit for thir shareholder and company executives. Walt is rolling in his gravd! For us we will no longerattend any Disney parks, movies,or stores. i do not blame the Disney name but the company runners who are money grubbing pigs. Bye Disney. I plan on passing this on. People again who are less than middle class are shut out. I hope that people that can afford this travesty will boycott. Everything in the park are also so expensive that food and drink cannot be affordable. Please you are just making the richricher! No body needs Billions of dollars in profit!

    • Do you honestly think they care about you at all!!! You are one person so you’re only hurting yourself and your kids! They do not care you’re passing on anyhing at all you’re a blip on their radar. Multi billion dollar company/joe schmo.

  • Want to control prices .. don’t go. As long as people keep paying what they are charging, they will keep charging and raising the price.

  • Smart move on Disney’s part. Everyone is predicting record crowds for the next 2 years because of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opening.

  • It’s a business year but if the majority of the people stop going , it will fall like Sears, Kmart. People wAnt to have a fun day out not have to cringe at all the expense, I was disappointed when I went to Florida some of those rides are ancient,and the trinkets Chinese plastic,garbage, I’ll take a hike in the forest sea this real mice..

  • Oh my word!! Only the well off can afford to go now :( It’s nit worth the crowds, waits in line for rides and expensive mediocre food. Outrageous! The magic is gone, not the happiest place on Earth any more.

  • All of the trouble happened when Disney opened up monthly payments on passes. They just keep raising prices and claim it’s for crowd control. Now only wealthy and welfare people get to go

  • I bought a 7 day never expires ticket when they were still around in 2004 and have 4 days left, i thought it was way overrated, I don’t want to go even though I can for free lol, I just don’t get it

  • My family visited a dew times in the 1970’s, and I use to hold an Annual pass from 1985 til 1992 when I moved out of California. I have been back for many of the “milestone” celebrations, especially the 50 year golden jubilee. I’m happy to have these memories, and several photographs to show how A – E ticket books existed, season and annual passes were the best thing to recieve for a teen in the O.C.! When favorite rides changed for the new age of young children, the dance studio by Big Thunder (and Toon Town) came and closed. The parking lot was divided to build California Adventure, and the TRAMS stopped working on New Year’s Eve – causing thousands of families, many with young children, to walk several miles to the $8.00 p/c parking garage via the Tram road. I even witnessed Bear Country Jamboree and the America the Beautiful ride change to another ride and inovstions – electronics. I collected Disney pins with several others who have enjoyed the Disney Park /resorts through the years, And of course visiting the Florida Animal Kingdom in the last couple of years. Then there was the many announcements of admission hikes, and before this last hike, was the announcement of sidewalk seating to make room for the huge crowds and require patrons to purchase items in their shops to sit down.
    Good job Disneyland / World Resorts! I can only imagine what Walt would think.
    Oh, snd yes, I grewup watching the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings – on a television with only 5 channels, and color had just been introduced..let me not forget our Disneyland records and record player, and books.

  • Well it looks like Disney will be out of reach for my family 5. It would cost me almost $1800 for a 3 day park hopper….way to much. We will spend the week on the beach and pass on Disney.

  • Only idiots would pay these prices. Who in their right mind would spend a ton of money to stand in over 1 hour lines. Just for a ride that last 30 seconds LOL! Good for Disney if there’s fools and morons out there who are willing to put themselves in debit then keep raising those prices.

  • It’s not greed. It’s the only way they can control park attendance. It has the negative result of hurting the lower class but at least they didn’t scale their prices. The rich can afford single day and the rest are priced for longer vacation stays, which are not unreasonable for a planned family vacation. They’re trying to make it accessible without having to close down the parks.

  • You know why they raise the ticket prices don’t you? It’s to cut down on park attendance. They get too crowded and everyone complains about it being too crowded. So raise admission and not as many people come. It’s just like the fast track toll road in CA on the 91 fwy. It’s gets too crowded so they raise the toll charged to cut down on cars using it.

  • Disney is about as respectable as private colleges. Same education year after year price hikes, less concerned with the kids, more concerned with the dollar.

  • Still don’t understand Disney’s pricing reasoning: why is DLR AP Signature Plus(2 parks no blackout dates) cost $1399 vs WDW AP platinum pass(4 parks no blackout dates) cost $894?? Disney needs to restructure their pricing or something because those price differences are ridiculous.

  • I don’t plan on going there, again, anyway. It has changed so much since I last went. It was way overpriced, then; especially for food and drinks. Plus, the crowds are too large (so, obviously people will still pay) and rude. I feel bad for working families and children who will never be able to enjoy those family outings and experiences my generation or, even, my own cjildren had. I get increased costs, inflation, staff, etc. Now, if only my wages had gone up the twenty plus times the cost of admission has risrn since I first went there.

  • They need to just build another disney land and stop robbing people. People need to wake up and stop giving away their hard earned money to this multi-million dollar company.People live at home with their parents but have a disney land pass that’s the epitome of broke and dumb.#boycottdisneyland

  • I think it is absolutely disgusting that a normal middle-class family cannot even intend to go there because it is extremely expensive. They are hypocrites because they say that it is a magical place to be when most people couldn’t afford to be part of the magic. I think people should boycott them for very long time. They are money hungry Wolves!!!!!Shame on you Disney!!

  • And that is the reason why my family won’t be going way over priced plus I Kno too many loved ones who died at the resort or on their way to the resort Disney is pure evil rather take my kids to Knott’s or Lego Land or universal studios….

  • Wth…why are these prices so damn high… It doesn’t make any since… Why haven’t y’all gave the southern California’s residence a discount like back in the days. Well I guess I won’t be taking my family because the prices are extremely high and it doesn’t make no sense whatsoever!!!!

  • Each park brings in roughly $6.2 million a day. A DAY!!!!!! AND THAT ISNT ENOUGH??? I’m a single full time dad and I’m disgusted at the prices. I bet its $10 for a bottled water

  • You’re talking $20 or $30 extra dollars, big deal ! Sorry but $30 extra isnt putting it in the 1%er category for me… besides wtf did you all think would happen when it was decided to increase the minimum wage ? Did you think all the prices for everything would remain stagnant ?
    Only the ones that know better are pointing and laughing at the rest of you fools now…..THIS is what we were talking about. We’ll all be in the same boat we always have been, we’ll just be playing with bigger numbers!!!

  • I’m sure Mr. Walt Disney must be spinning I’m his grave. His intentions when he he built the park was to have something that was affordable for every family. This is not affordable for tje average American family. So sad 😞

  • My friend works security at Disneyland. All the employees just got pay raises and Disney has to offset the raises by hiking prices again

  • Sounds over priced, however, I am sure new attractions and entertainment cost the park more to run and so the cost is trickling down for park guests.

    I have wanted to visit either Disney Land or World since I was a child. Parents couldn’t afford to take my family. So never got a chance to visit it yet. Now I am in my late 30’s. So with the price going even higher, it could be even harder to save thousands of dollars for a trip there any time soon. It is what it is, can’t change the cost of things in this world. At least, I can’t change them.

  • I can remember getting into Disneyland for free and having a coupon book for the rides. This is where the old expression “e ticket ” ride comes from. Those were the “expensive and thrilling ” rides that everyone wanted to go on. That was back in 1978. Went back to Disneyland in 2006. Just to walk around the park cost me $95!! Because of back issues for me and my husband really doesn’t like rollercoasters, I would not go to a theme park today. We don’t have kids, so why subject ourselves to this insanity? Disney use to be the go to place for families. Not any more! Walt must be spinning in his grave!

    • Really, getting into Disneyland for free? You are mistaken. Even the year it opened, 1955, Disneyland had an admission fee of $1 and you had to pay for each attraction. When Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 the admission charge was 3.50 and you had to pay for each attraction.

  • Those prices are ridiculous and I’m sure that Walt is rolling in his grave. Walt’s goal was to make children happy first and foremost, yes of course make money but NOT by making it where only the rich can go or practically starving to save enough money to go. The CEO and the board should be ashamed of themselves they are making MORE than enough money off the movie franchises they own plus merchandising they don’t need to gauge people to go to the parks. It’s just a sad day for kids everywhere.
    I used to be a big Disney fan but not anymore

  • What I find delicious is that Disney made 95% of people lose their interest in Star Wars just as they’re getting ready to open an expensive Star Wars Park no one will care about now lol.

  • When Disneyland first opened it only cost 50 cents to get in. My family would go a couple times a week for dinner – the only Mexican restaurant in the area. Sure glad I went to WDW in 2001 – only cost $125 for a 4 day pass with hopper. I won’t be going to either park now ever. Too expensive!

  • Good it keeps out the trash. Make them higher still. Keep out the disgusting foreigners and ignorant (you know what) who don’t know how to wait in lines and whose parents think they are entitled and so are their children. Take your 5 kids to Clementon lake park or six flags! Where you belong. And do you people who keep saying well I’m not going anymore, like a tantruming child,think for one second this multi billion dollar company cares at all about a few measly families?! NOPE!

  • Well, if people don’t go about a year or 2 and their ticket sales drop, watch them lower the prices. Everyone should boycott Disney. And then see how they react. Those prices are totally ridiculous and I would not go anymore!

  • I read everyone’s comments. Quit your bellyaching! I just finished a wonderful trip to Japan to visit both the parks in Tokyo. They were fantastic! Then after that week I went to Thailand for a week in the jungle and diving. Then a week in Cambodia at the Ankor Wat area in Siem Reap. Then off to Hong Kong for the last week and the Great Disneyland there. Finally ended up in Shanghai for the final Disneyland. My wife and I saved up for 2 years for this trip. All well worth it! Disney sells memories. If you didn’t have them as a kid, then you had them as a parent or grandparent. At each park the folks visiting spent a large amount of their annual income to attend, for them and their kids. Unlike the parks in the U.S., the kids were very happy, and everyone was well mannered. I didn’t hear one argument and only one or two tired kids in all 4 parks. We have the Paris Disneyland lined up for this fall. You get from these parks what you put into the visit. If you had a bad time it’s your fault. If you had a great time it’s your fault. Food costing too much? There is so much food on one serving that two can eat that one meal and it is high quality. Hotels too expensive? Look harder, you won’t find better deals off property when you really look around. Transportation issues? Not at Disneyworld. You just aren’t looking. My daughter worked at Disneyland in California for 3 years and they helped her get a Masters Degree. California has 7 different unions the folks there have to deal with, each union with a different agenda and none of them really working for the union member. The cast members were fantastic at all these parks! I don’t care what your excuse is for not going, you are only cheating yourself. We had a phrase we often used in the military. It was “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Most of the whining in these other comments reflect that. You think you know what the forest looks like based on the 1 tree you have seen. All Indians walk in single file based on the 1 single one you’ve seen. It’s your loss and I truly feel sorry for you. I’m going to keep on making memories and enjoying all that Disney has to offer. I hope you can as well.

  • Disney WAS MAGICAL AND FUN. First time after CA one opened. Last time 1991. The last few times we got in 4 and 5 ridesIN A day. So you spend most of your stay waiting. At these prices we could not go if we wanted to. How does a family of 5 manage such insanity? Oh well. It’s not just the prices for entrance but buying food and drinks, getting there, hotel costs. After we got in 4 rides all day in 1991 we stopped going. Too bad that greed wins.

  • They have already out priced them selves….there are alot of children that will never get to see Disney…..keep upping the price and it will not prosper… should make it so everyone can afford it ………

  • Wdw is for the kids, somewhere down the line someone forgot that, it’s a popular place and like all others prices have to increase, it’s the way of the world……lol.

  • If a one day pass works out to be better value than a two day pass, why would anyone buy the two day pass and not two one day passes?

  • This is pathetic. As a little kid, our parents saved hard earned money and we got to go to Disneyland. A lifetime experience. But I’m sure there are millions of wide eyed little kids that look at Disneyland as an imaginary place. A place where dreams come true! But because of Disneylands Execs selfish, unorthodox prices, probably 80% of little children and their families can only dream of this place. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m sure you all weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, so think back when your family struggled and Disneyland was only a dream. I don’t know why the entire world population does not boycott Disneyland, Disney World and all over rated outrageously priced theme parks. If I’ve ever seen discrimination , this is it!

  • Planning a Disney trip is impossible for me as a single mother. I’ve wanted to take my daughter for years but she’s 12 now and Disney is starting to lose it’s magic. I MAY be more inclined to make more of an effort to visit if the hike in ticket prices was to pay their employees more but no, it’s to make up for their massive spending on new attractions so I think I’ll just go elsewhere, where greed isn’t the center of their business model.

  • We just did Christmas Eve and day at WDW.
    Magic Kingdom is wore out.
    Rides are tired and homey pokey.
    Limes too long. Thank ful we had fast pass.
    They let to many people in.
    Shoulder to shoulder all day.
    Kids can’t enjoy.
    Food price out of sight for mediocre mystery meat.
    Bathrooms weren’t being attended.
    How bout a white English speaking family week at the parks.
    My family was in the minority.
    Animal Kingdom no better.
    Safari ride the driver rushed time to photograph animals.
    Universal has it all over the worn out mouse

  • This is sad people can’t even enjoy a park like this because it cost so much I would not pay this much for any park it’s very sad most people can’t afford to take there kids to a place like this it makes me sick money hungry people .

  • When I was a child Disney World seemed like an interesting attraction to visit. My parents probably couldn’t afford to take our family there in the 80’s and 90’s or early 2000’s. Now that I am in my late 30’s, I still think it is way over priced to visit. It doesn’t seem like it is very affordable even today. It might not be a place I can afford. Who knows if I will get a chance to see it, but with high prices like this. It is not worth my money.

  • I stopped going there when the price was 18bux to get in and you had a coupon book to use. This place is trash now days

  • These prices are ridiculous, insulting and outrageous. With the constant crowding how can any family enjoy themselves after paying these ludicrous prices.
    It’s shameful. Not worth it.Our family is done with you Disney Corp.

  • The increase won’t stop us from going, as it’s a planned vacation and we LOVE Disneyland. Yet, it saddens me that the cost already has kept so many children out over the decades. At some point it will become too much for us as well.

  • Disney sucks. Went last year for the first time with my kids. Parks sucked. Rides are for toddlers. Nothing there for adults. No beer in the parks. Lines too long for shitty rides. Food sucked. Ambiance sucked. WDW should come to busch gardens in virginia and take notes. Wont ever go back to wdw.

  • So, you’re telling me it’s going to cost me over $1,000 just to get in. Wait up to two hours to ride the most sought after rides. Be charged a minimum of $15 for any type of meal. No thank you Mickey!

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