PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 2/7/19 (Pixar Place Additions, Bag Check Construction, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 2/7/19 (Pixar Place Additions, Bag Check Construction, and More!)

Welcome to Hollywood Studios, where it seems like every day, something has either been added or taken away. Let’s see what’s changed today.

An Incredible Celebration – Pixar Place

Here is a list of things that were added to Pixar Place for the An Incredible Celebration. Most of these were intended to be there for opening day, but they had a bit of trouble getting up everything up and running on time… to say the least.

HS 2 6 19 26

The Edna Mode Experience has a wait times board now! It lists how long she’ll be meeting guests, as well as an estimated wait.

HS 2 6 19 27

Inside the queue for Edna Mode, she has added another super suit. This one is Elastigirl’s, naturally.

HS 2 6 19 28

Good gravy, what is that!? It’s just Jack-Jack morphed into Edna, no biggie. This appears to be part of the Jack-Jack scavenger hunt… which has yet to launch due to technical issues.

HS 2 6 19 23

The Neighborhood Bakery got some new signage. This one is on the side of the giant cookie jar.

HS 2 6 19 17

Jack-Jack’s arch nemesis, the raccoon, has finally showed up in his trash can. We were all assuming he would, considering how prominently displayed this (previously empty) trash can is.

HS 2 6 19 24

Also new since opening a few weeks ago is this Incredibles logo mural on the back gate. It was just a wooden gate when we first took a tour of Municiberg.

HS 2 6 19 25
Interestingly, they’ve stopped having the camera people wander the street. Now they’re mounted on an apple crate right next to the dance floor.

HS 2 6 19 30

They were having a hula hoop contest this morning. The hosts of the show were really getting into it.

HS 2 6 19 29
Is that Officer Peabody and Betty Shambles?

You might recognize the hosts from other roles in Hollywood Studios.

Grand Avenue

HS 2 6 19 14

Construction walls have gone up over near Star Tours and Grand Avenue. It looks as though the path is going to be widened to make it easier once Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at the end of the year. Anything would be preferable to the bottleneck this spot already is. You can see our full photo spread of the area right here.

HS 2 6 19 10

The final phase of the new DVC booth odyssey is finally over. They paved over the old DVC’s spot across from the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant.

HS 2 6 19 12

Chip and Dale have moved here from further down Grand Avenue.

HS 2 6 19 13

Muppet*Vision doesn’t open until about an hour after the rest of the park these days. This is what I like to see, though: people willing to wait 20 minutes to be the first in. True fans!

RIP Planet Hollywood

HS 2 6 19 3

The Planet Hollywood Super Store is now closed. They wasted no time in taking down the old signage.

HS 2 6 19 2

HS 2 6 19 47
It looked like this just last week.

HS 2 6 19 4

This Legends of Hollywood shop next door is expanding into the space. You can expect this wall in the corner to be knocked down in the near future.

Chinese Theatre

HS 2 6 19 15

We’re getting ever closer to the re-opening of the Chinese Theatere. Hopefully they give the facade a nice coat of paint before then. She’s looking a little weary.

HS 2 6 19 16

The outdoor queue especially needs a once over. It’s been neglected ever since The Great Movie Ride closed.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction

HS 2 6 19 21

It’s hard to tell if they’ve made progress on Galaxy’s Edge, but they’re moving along slowly. Scaffolding has started coming down around some of the rock spires.

HS 2 6 19 20

And they’ve added a few more trees to the berm. Makes it a little harder to see in from Toy Story Land.

HS 2 6 19 19

The roofs of the round buildings are slowly being finished as well. Looking good!

HS 2 6 19 22

Wish you could take the Pixar ball home with you? Well, no one has room for one this big…

HS 2 6 19 31

… but they do have smaller ones for sale in the shops now!

Skyliner Construction

HS 2 6 19 40

Outside the park, construction is moving along nicely on the new transportation additions.

HS 2 6 19 37

The Skyliner station is in testing mode. It just needs a few more details on the outside and it’ll be ready to go. Also, another coat of paint I think. The sun and construction have not been kind to the first one.

HS 2 6 19 36

Where this wall is will probably be the entrance and exit.

Bus Shelter, Security Checkpoint Construction

HS 2 6 19 38

HS 2 6 19 39

Workers are finishing up the concrete on the last of the four new bus shelters. You can see where lighting fixtures and signs will be installed.

HS 2 6 19 41

The shelters closest to the parking lot are further along. They installed signs a couple weeks ago. They now have them covered in black tarps to protect them from dust and debris.

HS 2 6 19 33
New security bag check area.

The new tram loop and security checkpoint have made big strides forward recently.

HS 2 6 19 34

This will be just inside the security envelope. You can assume the metal detectors will be just to the left of that cherry picker in the center.

HS 2 6 19 35

You can see where this is in relation to the current security checkpoint.

HS 2 6 19 42

The blue building is the only thing left from the old tram loop/bus area. They’ve been doing a lot of concrete work here. You can see what appears to be a new planter in the center of the photo.

HS 2 6 19 43

HS 2 6 19 44

They’re hard at work putting in the new walkway. It will be nice not to have to walk in the parking lot anymore.

HS 2 6 19 46

They seem to have finished this wall as well. I think there will be landscaping in the center of it, but that’s just my hunch.

HS 2 6 19 1

Closer to the parking lot is the least finished area. This will connect the current tram path to the new loop.

HS 2 6 19 8

That’s it from me! There’s always something changing at Hollywood Studios. See you next time!