PHOTOS: New Build-A-Band MagicBand Upgrades for September Include Figment, Genie, and Chef Mickey for Epcot Food & Wine 2019

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS: New Build-A-Band MagicBand Upgrades for September Include Figment, Genie, and Chef Mickey for Epcot Food & Wine 2019

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS: New Build-A-Band MagicBand Upgrades for September Include Figment, Genie, and Chef Mickey for Epcot Food & Wine 2019

You know, for years I’ve been able to resist buying MagicBands, and since my old first-edition Stitch MagicBand 1.0 is still going strong, I’ve never seen a real point to buying even more bands that essentially serve the same purpose… that is, until Build-A-Band MagicBand Upgrades came along and made it almost irresistible to upgrade my band each and every time.

magicband upgrades september 2019 2
Let’s get this party started. Take my money.

It’s led to a mad frenzy of me checking in on My Disney Experience each day to see what’s available whenever I have an upcoming trip, and getting excited over any new additions, which is why we’ve decided to bring you this month’s roundup of available MagicBand designs. If you’re new to the Build-A-Band MagicBand upgrade process, check out our first post from back when it was rolled out here for a step-by-step guide.

magicband upgrades september 2019 3

Current bands include an adorable new Chef Mickey MagicBand for Epcot Food & Wine 2019, a Genie MagicBand, and even the latest Figment band to hit the shelves. Do note that all of these in this row are currently priced at a discounted $10.00, except for the Food & Wine band.

magicband upgrades september 2019 1

It’s interesting to note that the price for the Chef Mickey band isn’t truly discounted at $29.99. This same pricing discrepancy happened during pre-orders of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge band that was recently released via upgrades. Guests who upgraded to that band later received a $14.98 credit to their accounts. Whether the same will happen with this Food & Wine band, we’ll just have to wait and see.

magicband upgrades september 2019 7

Other bands include Pluto, Jack Skellington, Rafiki and Simba, and Captain America for $10.00, and a Mickey Americana Limited Release band for $15.00.

magicband upgrades september 2019 5

You can still celebrate Pride with this rainbow Mickey band, as well as rep any of your favorite characters with Moana, Mickey, and Tinker Bell bands. The Castle band is surprisingly chic for $10.00 and looks like a good dupe for Dooney & Bourke designs.

magicband upgrades september 2019 8

These last few are the least remarkable of the bunch, with Donald and Pirates being a perennial standby on the upgrades menu, but Olaf is a new addition just in time for the upcoming holidays.

As a bit of a warning, these MagicBands, especially the special pre-orders tend to go fast. Like, if you don’t order the day they’re available, they might not be available the next day. In the case of the Galaxy’s Edge band, it was sold out within minutes, so don’t delay if you see any you’d like, and keep checking back!

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8 thoughts on “PHOTOS: New Build-A-Band MagicBand Upgrades for September Include Figment, Genie, and Chef Mickey for Epcot Food & Wine 2019”

  1. I check several times a day. So far I have not been able to complete the purchase of a single upgraded magic band that members of my party wanted. It is as though somewhere off shore there is a building full of people whose sole purpose is to deny me my choice of magic band.

  2. I did this when they first let us in May, got my Genie, Of course there are other options I want now too. I’m guessing for us AP’s, the $10 offer was a 1 and done thing?

  3. My trip to Disney World is over a year away but we’ve been told we could theoretically choose our magic bands now. I’m worried that if we choose them now, they’ll be sold out by the time our trip comes around (we’re in the U.K. so they don’t post them to us). Would anyone be able to help me? Could we book them now and be sure to get them next year? Or should we hold on?

  4. Do you know if you can buy an individual band per day for your group or do you need to order all the bands at once? The problem becomes the selection when ordering if your group is say 4 and as you said if you need to order the day the one you want is available but your other 3 party members don’t like any of the selection. Do you know how to handle this as we have gone through the process of ordering just one specialty band and the message for processing the order seems like this was a final commitment and no change could be made in the future.

    • If your group is linked together, must order bands all at one time. This happened to me and when I called Disney, they confirmed all linked ones must be ordered together. I had a few weeks of dread and then suddenly this evening I got what we would both be happy with. In fact, mine exceeded expectations!

  5. Unfortunately, we ordered the Chef Mickey Food and Wine Band through My Disney Experience only to receive the Figment MagicBand instead a few days later. I called various Disney help numbers until I got someone from Shop Disney. They replied back in a week to let me know that the Mickey band was not an option after all and the Figment Band was “correct”. Very disappointed as my daughter was thrilled when we ordered the pink Mickey band. Curious – Has anyone else been able to get the Chef Mickey version when they ordered it?

  6. Is anyone actually been able to complete an order for one of these bands through the site?

    Been trying daily for a while and continue to get out of stock or errors when submitting the order. Any tips on completing the order, or is it possible to directly call to get the order completed? We had a trip in August and could not get any bands other then the free ones for that trip due to bands being ‘out of stock’, however when you went into any store on property that sold bands they were stocked full of the bands you were not able to get on the site. Now we have a trip coming in January and still are having the same problems ordering.

    Maybe if they just provided a $15 voucher for in store purchase it would salvage what has been an pretty awful experience.

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