PHOTOS: New USB Phone Charging Stations Installed at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. in the Magic Kingdom

If you’re in the Magic Kingdom and all that FaceTime-ing with your family or taking photos of Main Street pumpkins has your phone or camera battery drained, look no further, of course, than Tomorrowland Light & Power.

The store adjacent to Space Mountain now boasts a set of individual docking bays with USB ports so you can charge your phone or other devices while taking an air-conditioned break or while waiting for your D-Tech on Demand printed cases or MagiBands to be ready.

You can find them all the way in the back of the shop, to the right side of the D-Tech on Demand kiosks.

While this area has had these desks for a while now, the little dividers in between each charging port are new, as are the USB charging ports themselves.

While most people would opt for a FuelRod, this new guest amenity offers everyone a chance to recharge at no additional cost.

Each socket features four USB charging ports so you can connect all of your devices at a time.

We even tested one out and can confirm that these are already functioning, so if you’re out in the Magic Kingdom today and need a boost, head to Tomorrowland!

This comes as an increased effort from Disney to offer guests more ways to recharge, especially given the prevalence of the (ever-unreliable) My Disney Experience app. USB charging ports have also recently been installed aboard the new Sensational Six remodeled bus fleet as well as other new character buses. Besides perhaps the Tangled bathrooms, which was one of the first examples of free public charging stations, this is one of the other few that have been added to the Magic Kingdom in recent years.

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