Every New Christmas Treat (with Reviews) For the 2019 Holiday Season at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jambo and Merry Christmas (and Kwanzaa and Diwali!) from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park! The holidays have officially arrived at Walt Disney World, and we’ve eaten our way through all of the new offerings. You can check out all of the new treats available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom by clicking through on the links below. Set up a snack list, make sure you’re comfy, and head on over to try all the newest holiday treats––and make sure you give the adorable animal puppets from the Merry Menagerie a good chin scratch while you’re there.

Merry Menagerie Souvenir Mug and Popcorn Bucket

Before we actually get to the snacks themselves, let’s talk snack vessels. These new Merry Menagerie themed travel mugs and popcorn buckets are the gift of the season––and a steal at just $5 and $6.30, respectively. You can find them at numerous snack and popcorn carts throughout the park.

Get them filled for just a few dollars more and enjoy some extra snack fuel while you trek the park… and just look at those baby penguins!

Peppermint Soft-Serve Ice Cream Cone (Anandapur Ice Cream Truck) – $4.99

You’ll have to trek to the far away land of Asia in Disney’s Animal Kingdom to find this tasty treat. If you make the journey, we promise that it will be worth it!

Peppermint Bark Churro (Dino Diner) – $6.19

This Peppermint Bark Churro was a hot mess with the warm churro and chocolate creating a peppermint-studded mudslide. If you get this, make sure you grab a few extra napkins, just saying…

Pumpkin Pretzel (Thirsty River Bar) – $6.79

This snack offering comes and goes from the menu here, but we’d actually recommend it as a good, filling, carb-loaded breakfast with lots of cinnamon and maple-like flavors coming through from the dough and filling.

Peppermint Cookies ‘n Cream Milkshake (Trilo-Bites) – $5.49

Another divisive addition to Trilo-Bites after the unfortunate extinction of the Smokey Bones Shake. On the positive side, this cookies ‘n’ cream based shake is topped with actual crushed peppermint candy.

Will you be trying any of these in the coming weeks?