PHOTOS: Special Food Menus Revealed for First-Ever “Very Very Minnie” Event at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

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PHOTOS: Special Food Menus Revealed for First-Ever “Very Very Minnie” Event at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

Updated on:

PHOTOS: Special Food Menus Revealed for First-Ever “Very Very Minnie” Event at Tokyo Disneyland

It’s shaping up to be a very Minnie winter at Tokyo Disneyland, with the special Very Very Minnie event coming January 10th! We’ve already shown you peeks at the special entertainment. But now, all of the food coming to the event has been revealed! And gosh, there’s a lot of it! I bet by the time you’re through this article, you’ll be as hungry as I am! So without further ado, let’s check out the menus together!

Table Service Sets

Eastside Cafe – ¥2800 ($25.74)

 TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 2

This set features spaghettini with pancetta and a pumpkin-tomato sauce (as well as that cute bow topper), burrata cheese and strawberries, bread, and lemon pie! The dessert is even polka-dotted with icing to look like Minnie’s bow!

Blue Bayou – ¥4300 ($39.53)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 3

This deluxe set features multiple courses! On hors d’oeuvres plate, you’ll find tuna tartare and avocado dip, beef mousse and a baguette, broccoli salad with ham, and cajun shrimp. The entree features roast beef with balsamic sauce. Strawberry sauce and cassis mustard can be added for an extra ¥900 ($8.27). There’s also a special dessert!

Center Street Coffeehouse – ¥1980 ($18.20)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 1

Over at Center Street Coffeehouse, you can pick up a sirloin steak with fries, garlic shrimp, and a macaroni and cheese doria.

Counter Service Sets

Plaza Pavilion Set – ¥1980 ($18.20)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 4

The buffeteria sets are always the hefty ones! For this one, we’ll see a double bacon meat patty plate with minestrone & sour cream soup and a white chocolate mousse dessert. You’ll also have your choice of soft drink.

Huey, Dewey, & Louie’s Good Time Cafe – ¥990 ($9.10)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 5

Here at Huey, Dewey, & Louie’s, we’ll get a bacon, mozzarella, and tomato pizza. This set also comes with fries and a drink.

Refreshment Corner – ¥990

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 6

Apparently, this set will feature a hot dog with purple cabbage, fries, and a drink.

Sweetheart Cafe – ¥1070 ($9.84)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 7

Thank goodness there’s a new sandwich coming to Sweetheart. The Halloween and Christmas sandwiches were among my least favorites. The sandwich will feature tuna and potato salad (yum!) alongside grape jelly and a soft drink.


Center Street Coffeehouse – ¥1500 ($13.79)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 8

These guys are trying really hard to skyrocket my blood sugar this season! This special dessert plate features a donut, waffles with strawberry syrup and whip, and what looks like ice cream. This special item will only be available from 1:00pm-6:00pm daily.

Cafe Orleans – ¥700

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 9

The new king of crepes is here at Cafe Orleans! It appears this “Strawberry Cheese Brownie Crepe” will have two pieces of crepe bread along with a hefty block of a strawberry cheese brownie in the middle! I’m wondering if this will be too sweet even for me…

Central Plaza Food Booths – ¥550 ($5.06)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 10

At both Food Booths within the Plaza, this adorable souffle/pudding combination with strawberries and a cute bow is being served!

Boiler Room Bites/Captain Hook’s Galley – ¥450

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 11

Yum yum yum! Over at Boiler Room Bites and Captain Hook’s Galley, the special drink of the season will be a strawberry yogurt sparkling tapioca drink. I’m not sure “sparkling” and “yogurt” should be in the same sentence, in all honesty.

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For an extra ¥500, you can also pick up this souvenir drink coaster with your beverage!

Souvenir Snacks & Items

Yogurt & Raspberry Mousse with Souvenir Cup – ¥800 ($7.35)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 15

Cranberry Vanilla Mousse Cake with Souvenir Plate – ¥800 ($7.35)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 18

At select dining outlets across Tokyo Disneyland, you can pick up these adorable desserts featuring a Minnie Mouse motif, and they both feature adorable souvenir dishes!

Souvenir Candy Case – ¥850 ($7.81)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 13

At most snack outlets around Tokyo Disneyland, you can also pick up this adorable candy case with either gummy jelly beans or M&M-like chocolates.

Souvenir Pouch – ¥700 ($6.43)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 14

This pencil case-sized pouch can be added to several snack options at select Tokyo Disneyland snack bars.

Souvenir Lunch Case – ¥1100 ($10.11)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 16

If you choose to dine at Refreshment Corner, Sweetheart Cafe, or Huey, Dewey, & Louie’s Good Time Cafe, you can add this special lunch case to your meal for around $10! I love the polka dot motif!

Food Vouchers + Souvenir Spoon – ¥3000 ($27.58)

vvm voucher

As part of a contest to win preview tickets for the new Tokyo Disneyland Expansion, you can purchase this set of four ¥500 vouchers and a souvenir spoon featuring either Mickey, Minnie, or Chip ‘n’ Dale. These vouchers are valid through March 31st and can be purchased with cash only at Ice Cream Cones, Royal Street Veranda, and the Central Plaza Food Booths.

Souvenir Spoon – ¥1000 ($9.19)

TDL VeryVeryMinnieFood 17

Another souvenir spoon may be procured at Eastside Cafe or Blue Bayou with your table service set. This one looks a little more practical for use, rather than as a true souvenir.

I told you that you’d be hungry at the end! I’m pretty excited for some of these offerings! And of course, every counter service and snack item will be reviewed here on WDWNT, so stay tuned in early January! All items (except the voucher/spoon set) will be available as part of Very Very Minnie from January 9th through March 19th, 2020. I’m so excited!

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