PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 12/21/19 (New Fab 5 Mosaic Tile Loungefly Bag, Enclosure Begins on TRON’s Show Building, Pluto’s Model Moment, and More)

Greetings from the most magical place on earth! It’s a gray day at Magic Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dreary. Let’s see what’s happening around the park!


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The first thing we noticed this morning was that crowd flow changed at the Transportation and Ticket Center. The normal exit to the parking lot was blocked off, so guests are now being redirected in front of the new security screening area, which isn’t yet open.

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At the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, the new security screening structure has now opened for guests arriving by bus.

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Our first stop in the park this morning was Main Street Confectionery. The Mickey and Minnie snowmen gummies (originally $8.99) are now on sale for $5 each when you buy two.

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A Loungefly handbag has been added to the collection of Fab 5 mosaic tile merchandise. It’s $70 and available in Main Street Cinema.

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Remember that new Kate Spade collection released last week? This is all that’s left of it at Uptown Jewelers. The rest of the collection is sold out.

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Only the wallets are available.

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We spotted some fun 2020 magnets in the Emporium. The red one is $9.99 and the blue one is $7.99.

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IMG 5074

In Star Traders, we found a late arrival to the latest retro-inspired merchandise collection.

IMG 5078

IMG 5076

It has a red, black and white block design.

IMG 5075

This long-sleeved crop top is $39.99 and features a very 90s Mickey logo.

IMG 5077

The bottom of the shirt has a raw edge.

IMG 5080

IMG 5071

Exciting TRON news! Yesterday, a display of the ride vehicles popped up outside of Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.

IMG 5102

Today, we saw the first section of TRON’s show building being enclosed. Work has started at the structure’s base. New building materials also appeared on-site.

IMG 5056

IMG 5084

Big Top Souvenirs has reopened after last week’s fire. The store’s interior looks the same. Some of the center shelving units were missing, but that was unrelated to the fire. The leather engraving machine has broken, so they pulled the shelves with all the leather keychains and bracelets. 

IMG 5087 scaled

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Inside Big Top Souvenirs, we found more 2020 merchandise. There’s a new 2020 striped women’s tank that features Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. It’s $34.99.

IMG 5093

IMG 5094

IMG 5095

The original Walt Disney World logo is embroidered on the back of the shirt, right underneath the neckline.

IMG 5096


Right outside of Big Top Souvenirs, Pluto was all by his lonesome, just wandering around. So of course, we decided to have a photo shoot.





You better work!



IMG 5115

Fantasyland was pretty quiet today. The park as a whole wasn’t that busy.

IMG 5117

IMG 5137

Over in Adventureland, a new ice cream float arrived at Sunshine Tree Terrace. Meet the yummy I Lava You Float! It replaced Redd’s Revenge Float.

On that delicious note, we’re going to say goodbye to Magic Kingdom for today! Thanks for following our day. Keep checking WDWNT for all of the latest Disney Parks updates!

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