PHOTOS: Yoda Display Arrives at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Due to High Demand for Baby Yoda Merchandise

If you’ve been out exploring deep space and have returned to earth baffled by the creature that is Baby Yoda, we’ll catch you up.  Baby Yoda, also known by his proper name as The Child, is a character from the Disney+ show, The Mandalorian. The creature has become some what of a pop culture phenomenon, taking the internet by storm.

baby yoda

Baby Yoda now stars in memes and has inspired a whole line of merchandise at multiple big name retailers and shopDisney. Since Baby Yoda first graced us with his presence, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the creature’s arrival at Hollywood Studios. We gained a small glimpse of The Child in Batuu at Toydarian Toymaker, but unfortunately Baby Yoda has left, probably to sip soup somewhere else in the galaxy.

IMG 2946

Until Baby Yoda merchandise arrives at Hollywood Studios, it seems Disney is trying to meet the guest demand for The Mandalorian‘s most celebrated character by dedicating a display to Yoda in Keystone Clothiers. The recently remodeled Keystone Clothiers is home to the largest collection of Star Wars merchandise outside of Galaxy’s Edge and Tatooine Traders. Let’s take a look at the display.

IMG 2939

The display is placed in the center of the store where you can’t miss it.

IMG 2942

IMG 2863 scaled

The mannequin clutches a Yoda plush, which is proportionally about the size of Baby Yoda. This is the same plush that’s been available at Galaxy’s Edge since its opening. You just need to sew him a brown robe and you can pretend he’s the real thing. He retails for $22.99.

IMG 2943

IMG 2941

Baskets are full of more Yoda plushes.

IMG 2940

IMG 2855

Youth Yoda ear headbands are available as well. They’re made of a realistic rubbery foam material and even feature wisps of white hair. They retail for $29.99.

IMG 2856

We guess these old Yoda items will have to suffice until the inevitable line of Baby Yoda merchandise arrives. We will be waiting with open arms to purchase all of it. Keep checking WDWNT for the latest Baby Yoda and Disney news.

5 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Yoda Display Arrives at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Due to High Demand for Baby Yoda Merchandise”

  1. Sorry but that plushie is not Baby Yoda. Come on Disney. You can do way better than that. It’s all in the eyes, ears and sheer cuteness.

    • yeah, i think it’s inaccurate cause it’s just supposed to be old yoda in a cute style. he was probably made before the advent of baby yoda’s cuteness, lol! here’s hoping the real baby will get his own merch in galaxy’s edge soon :)

  2. I was there today, and the Toydarian castmember told me they got blasted for having a baby yoda in their nest as it “was not canonically of that age […] and done without permission by a castmember [we] will never have baby yoda here […] if merch ever arises, it’d have to be ‘off world’”

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