Woman Sprinkled with Urine When A Man Peed Inside Avatar Flight of Passage Queue at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jessica Figueroa


Woman Sprinkled with Urine When A Man Peed Inside Avatar Flight of Passage Queue at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jessica Figueroa


Woman Sprinkled with Urine When A Man Peed Inside Avatar Flight of Passage Queue at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There’s a reason restrooms had to be installed halfway through the queue inside Flight of Passage at Pandora – The World of AVATAR in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For months, guests had to make do with a queue re-entry pass to exit out to the nearby restrooms, but what if you weren’t even aware that existed? Or rather… what if you didn’t care?

Flight of Passage restroom 12/17/19 16

In a wild new piece by the Orlando Sentinel rounding up various of outlandish theme park incidents this year, one in particular stood out to us, and with the recent addition of mid-queue restrooms at Flight of Passage, you could even call this story somewhat timely.


According to an Orange County Sheriff incident report, a woman was urinated on earlier this year while in line for the attraction, which is notorious for its long wait times. The 22-year-old woman was in line when she suddenly felt something wet on the back of her leg. Upon turning around, she realized it was a man urinating in the queue right behind her. He had turned his back in an attempt to hide the scene, but the act was still in plain sight. The woman then kept her place in line for 20 minutes until she could alert a Cast Member of the incident.

In the incident report, the 46-year-old man stated “He would not have urinated if he thought he could have held it or made it to the bathroom without causing further issues.”

The woman received a change of clothes, and as for the queue-urinal man, he was banned from the park for the remainder of the day. The mid-queue restrooms that were likely installed as a direct result of this and many more un-reported incidents, are history.

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  1. Ewww! That’s Sick & Disgusting! 😡😝 That guy should be ashamed of himself! What a dumbass! He should have went to the bathroom before! Idiot! 😡

  2. Once again an innocent guest at Disney is subjected to vile and disgusting behavior by no doubt a day guest. How many annual pass holders are going to become victims of the brutish day guest visitors until Disney takes certain steps to isolate the annual pass holders from the undesirable day guests? The day guests should no longer be welcomed in the parks and unfortunately, and once they are in, should only be allowed in certain areas of the park and allowed access to only the lower tiered rides and shows. Also, under no circumstances should they be permitted the use of the fast pass system. My partner and I were absolutely appalled by the shear number of these cretins that were permitted inside the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day! They were there for no other reason than to run rampant throughout the park, choking up the lines, demolishing the eating establishments such as Pecos Bill’s, and to essentially make the true fans of WDW miserable on what usually is a wonderful holiday.

    • This has to be the most moronic, self righteous, and disgusting responses I’ve ever read. You’re a stain to humanity, and should remove yourself from it.

      • Excuse me, but were you there on Christmas Day? The extent to which these day guests made the park experience at the Magic Kingdom undesirable was enormous. These cretins laid waste of Pecos Bill’s by creating long uncomfortable lines, added by there indecisiveness when actually ordering even though they had been in line several minutes. The day guests all but completely demolished the toppings bar by greedily depleting the condiments, leaving my partner and I with basically scraps, and I’m not getting going to get into how filthy they left the dining area.

    • Seriously, your a dummy! If you don’t like then stop going. There are decent day guest. There are people that ruin it. I ran to annual pass holders that are despicable what about them. Before spouting your mouth think.

    • Completely agreed! We need to get them there lower class demons out. Also need to get them to the back of the bus so they stop offending the pass holders that use the included transportation. Actually, maybe Disney should just make fun little camps around the park for them to do manual labor and work off their debts to society for even being alive. We all know if one is bad, they’re all bad. Thank goodness for amazing and insightful people like yourself to point out that not being part of a certain group calls for strict and harsh recourse.

    • To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past…and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America…with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.

      -Walt Disney

      I am a former cast member and very big Disney fan. You do not understand the ideals or purpose of the park if you think it should be an elitist service focused on the needs of the few and not the heart of a child with a hope to live a dream for a single day. Your vision would ruin Disney.

    • Maybe they should ban kids to. What a mess those ones make. Better yet ban annual assholders to there annual visit. Versus every day.

      • I love it! I totally agree. Do these people just expect this guy to urinate down his leg? Sorry the girl got pee on her but if this were a sick kid that vomit on someone we wouldn’t have this conversation.

    • Well apparently you are not at true WDW fan. Walt Disney wanted his parks opened for everyone, even a self righteous ass like yourself who thinks they are better than others. Shame on you. Maybe they should ban people like you from WDW so others can have more fun.

    • Are you serious? You assume that it’s a day pass person because of his behavior and that makes you an idiot! I live in Florida and am “graced” by self righteous pass holders like you all day every day. It is people like you that ruin WDW for EVERYONE!

    • You are 100% correct. The out of control rude behavior by a certian class of guest has been a problem for some time now.

    • Ah you certainly are the vision of what I’m sure, Walt Disney, had in mind when constructing a family-centered amusement park.

    • Houston, we have someone who thinks they are special. I repeat, someone thinks the are special.

    • Progressive Music Lover, I would love to stand in front of you at a pretzel cart, then buy every single pretzel just to piss you off. My childless millennial self would be over-filled with joy!

    • You truly make me sick. I would without a doubt regergitate in your presence. Your arrogance would give you away. I imagine you have a problem with the disabled, elderly & the Make A Wish Children also. Get off your high horse moron.

    • I’m with you. I need more for my Platinum Plus status. The other parks are giving their top tier passholders and passholders period so much more than we get.

    • Pulling your business out in line? That is indecent exposure and would warrant a visit to the slammer. There are children in line and that was the best adult decision he could’ve made? Plenty of people leave the line and return. That is disgusting peeing on others. Ugh! There is no room for that in Disney World! Go to the restroom before you get in the line! Good grief! All rides post how long the wait is. Of course there is a lot sarcasm and exaggeration in this post, but I’m with you. I need more for my Platinum Plus status. The other parks are giving their top tier passholders and passholders period so much more than we get.

    • My experience is that the pass holders ruin the experience for everyone else. They fill up the parks, show no respect because it’s not a special experience for them, and they are subsidized by the visitors who pay more for a 3 day than they do for a locals annual pass.

      The best days are when the weather is terrible enough that the pass holders stay home.

    • Yikes! How many of you are immune to sarcasm? Do you even understand the word? Do you also still accuse women of being witches? Day’m!

    • The people that don’t understand this is a joke are the same people who don’t understand Trump. It’s called humor. Lord save us from people who have zero personality. Amen.

    • One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch. Placing yourself above others is arrogant. Do you really think a season pass holder wouldn’t do something stupid?

    • Wow…! Here this lowly “Day guest” does not have the privilege you do by going when I want. I can only dream of doing that! Historically, more people in one place, will unfortunately cause more trash & messes. I personally think that Disney should have had more cast members to help keep places cleaned up. Like Walt would have wanted… BUT it was CHRISTmas Day… And again, historically, CHRISTmas Day is known to be crowded in the parks.. You should have lowered your standards that day. Or next time, don’t even go. Enjoy CHRISTmas in the comfort of your home or with family not in a Disney park. At least, that’s what my lowly & evidently (according to you) UNdeserving & UNeducated mind tells me with plain ol’ common sense… Remember the reason for the season on CHRISTmas – love & acceptance. That’s what Jesus would want… and I am sure Walt would too… I will pray for you. Hopefully that’s not offensive… but then again, I don’t care about your feelings on that so I will still pray for you! ;) :)

  3. That is true but there is no excuse for doing that. But disney should have always had midway bathrooms and signs .

  4. My 11 year old peed herself in the chamber prior to entering the ride while trying to hold it because we had been in line so long and no bathroom was available

    • If you are that uneducated or that much of an elitist (thinking when the titanic sunk) maybe attitudes like the one above should stay behind closed lips. A definite situation where your mouth would be best used for chewing rather than for spouting elitist trash.

    • Oh Bill…. Disney was and is for families. No child would or should ever have to endure this. They can get out of line and go. Any cast member would of been happy to assist. Please try to use some common sense, for your child’s sake.
      As for the idiot 46 yr old man he should be banned for life, and have to clean up his mess. I do hope that poor women also was compensated some how too.

  5. We waited 4 hours for the flight of passage in November. It was no joke 4 hours. My 5 yr old had to pee. My fiancé an him made it back down to use the bathroom. He’s a grown man who I’m sure has heard the phrase, don’t wait to go!!!

  6. He should be banned for life. That’s totally unacceptable behavior in public, especially at a place like Disney. If I had been there, it probably would’ve led to the also unacceptable behavior of me beating him severely, especially if he splashed piss on me or my kids!

  7. There are diabetics that can’t hold it too long or pee at will. I was on that line yesterday and there’s a sign at the 220min wait spot that reads “No restrooms after this point” so this Story is BS. Disney doesn’t have “operating” restrooms half way.

    • No matter, if you have a condition that makes it impossible to hold your urine for, say 60 minutes or 120 minutes, you don’t get on a line that very plainly informs you of a 220 minute wait and also warns you of no restroom facilities moving forward.

    • Wait a minute. You’re telling me that you have to stand in line over three hours for a three minutes ride W hy T he F ace??

  8. Biggest mistake Disney made was serving alcohol in the parks. I know the story doesn’t say he was drinking, but when a 46 yo man can’t hold it for a couple hours, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened. Especially since he got banned. Disney wouldn’t have banned him if it was a medical condition. Sadly, I fear we’ll be seeing more of these stories.

    • No mention of alcohol. And, it doesn’t matter what he drank, consumption of any liquids will eventually make you urinate.
      He was only banned for the remainder of the day. He could have come back the next day to relieve himself .

  9. For years now I have noticed a drop in the manners and class that Disney patrons exhibit. This doesn’t surprise me. The drunkenness, the rude behavior and overall disregard for others is rising steadily in Disney parks and even more surprising, is that it seems to go hand in hand with the obscene rise in ticket prices. One would think that with the outrageous cost to get into the parks, it would weed out the lower class slobs but unfortunately in America it seems that slovenly rude behavior no longer correlates with social class and income. It is time to take a hard look at our social values and our upbringing. Liberal permissivness will be our society’s undoing.

  10. I was recently told about the issues with this by a CM and now it confirms it with this incident. Wow! Virtual queue time for this attraction(?)

  11. Hey when you got to go you got to go. This happened to me at a concert once. Felt something on the back of my leg and I turned around and a dude was peeing. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head high and drunk as hell. I pushed him back into the crowd they grab him, but I still got pee on my leg. :(

  12. This is so stupid. There are so many drinking fountains around the park in that rare instance you absolutely cannot make it to a restroom. My twelve year old son ran into this issue last spring when we were waiting for quite a long time at the same ride. Fortunately we used common sense and found a drinking fountain for him to use to empty his bladder without peeing on the ground or other park goers.

    • So he pee’d where people are going to be drinking from? How can you think that allowing your kid to pee in a “drinking” fountain is a good idea?

  13. When it comes to these super popular rides we try to get fast passes. To me, if the line is longer than 55 I’ll skip it. For me, no ride is worth a long wait. So much more to do in WDW than wait in line and play with my phone to kill time. On our last trip we had FPs for FOP and my dad had never been. Coming out, we heard people saying they made it through the 4 hour wait! We went on the last early day at Hollywood and went straight to Smuggler’s run and by 630 the wait was 45 mins but in reality was more like 30 mins. If it was longer we’d have said “no thanks.”

  14. If this guy wasn’t by himself. He could have gone to the restroom and come back to his place in line. If he was by himself. Should have left the line and came back at a later time.

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