Main Street Traffic Jam

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 1/30/20 (Fantasyland Station Train Exhibit, “it’s a small world” Queue Walls, Pink Peony Ear Headbands, and More)

Welcome to another exciting day at the Magic Kingdom! There are some new developments and continuing updates to share from the park, so let’s dive right in.

Magic Kingdom Entrance With No Train At StationEmpty Main Street Railroad Station

The first thing we noticed when walking into the park is that there’s no longer a train parked at Main Street Station! We filled our readers in on the details of when and where the train would be moving to a few days ago, and you can read the full story here. We’ll also cover the new location of the train later in this post, so keep reading!

City Hall With Scrim

City Hall, one of the first buildings you encounter after passing under the train station, is still fully covered in scrim during its exterior refurbishment.

Main Street Traffic Jam

Even the drivers commuting on Main Street occasionally have to deal with traffic jams!

Magic Kingdom Opening Ceremonies Fireworks

As you may have noticed, it’s an overcast day here in Orlando. On the bright side, fireworks are able to have even more of a visual impact as their glow illuminates Cinderella Castle.

Pink Peony Ears at Magic Kingdom

These Pink Peony Ears, which were first spotted at Walt Disney World only a couple days ago, can now also be found at Curtain Call Collectibles next door to the Town Square Theater. They certainly bring some color to a cloudy day!

Kid's Tie Dye Backpack

This kids fuzzy tie-dye backpack, available at Disney Clothiers on Main Street, also adds a pop of color when the sun refuses to come out. If you enjoy this style as much as we do, check out our photos of the full collection.

Tron ConstructionTron Construction

Over in Tomorrowland, TRON Lightcycle Run continues with steady construction progress being made.

Tron Construction

From Storybook Circus, we see additional exterior panels going up on the main show building.

Fantasyland Station Fantasyland Station Train Exhibit Locomotive

Speaking of Storybook Circus, Fantasyland Station (which can be found inside the Storybook Circus area) is the new location of the Walt Disney World Railroad Train Exhibit!

Fantasyland Station Train Exhibit Conductor Lilly Belle Fantasyland Station Train Exhibit Coal Car

The Walt Disney World Railroad has been out of operation for about 14 months as TRON Lightcycle Run construction blocks the track in Tomorrowland. Other repairs to the railroad track are being done throughout the park during this downtime.

Fantasyland Station Train Exhibit Seating Car Fantasyland Station Train ExhibitWalt Disney World Railroad Train Emblem

The trains themselves are being refreshed as well, and each one is making a trip to the train’s manufacturer in Philadelphia for refurbishments. Currently, two of the four trains are there in Pennsylvania, and another will soon be on its way north. The fourth train is currently on display for guests.

Fantasyland Station Train Exhibit Conductor

Despite the train not making its usual loop around the Magic Kingdom, a conductor is on hand for photos and to answer guest questions. You can read our full story on the newly relocated train exhibit by clicking here.

Magic Kingdom Railroad Maintenance Train

The relocation of the train to Fantasyland Station gave us the unique opportunity to spot this bright yellow train which was carrying cargo of its own. The “Disney Bus Transportation” sticker on it makes it even more interesting!

Marching Band PerformingMarching Band Trumpeters

We were able to catch the marching band performing some of our favorite Disney tunes in front of Big Top Souvenirs in Storybook Circus.

Marching Band Trumpeter

This trumpeter, marching at the tail end of the band as it was on its way to Big Top, turned around to surprise some guests who were following along. He jokingly reminded them that he “has eyes in the front of his head!”

"it's a small world" Queue Walls "it's a small world" Queue Walls

Further along in Fantasyland, part of the “it’s a small world” queue has been walled off for refurbishment.

"it's a small world" Queue Walls

While the walls do not yet completely enclose this portion of the queue, that could change at any time. Check out our full story for more details and additional photos, including changes to the attraction’s entrance.

Peter Pan Next to Kid

Meanwhile, just outside of Fantasyland, Peter Pan was roaming around with a young guest in tow. They stopped on the recently-expanded pathway between Fantasyland and Liberty Square, alongside Cinderella Castle, to discuss the ducks in the water below.

Liberty Square Pavement Work Liberty Square Pavement Work Liberty Square Pavement Work

Inside Liberty Square, some new pavement was roped off to prevent foot traffic. Sections of pavement are being replaced one-by-one since the Liberty Square Market seating area was completely overhauled.

Splash Mountain RefurbishmentSplash Mountain Refurbishment

In Frontierland, the Splash Mountain refurbishment continues at a fast pace around various parts of the attraction.

Splash Mountain Refurbishment

Since our last full photo report only two days ago, the remainder of the barn’s roof tiles have been removed.

Splash Mountain Refurbishment Splash Mountain Refurbishment

At the lower level, workers are tending to both mechanical and fixed elements of the attraction. The sound of one worker’s jackhammer can be clearly heard, and doesn’t fit in well with the land’s atmosphere.

Contemporary Resort Walkway Construction Contemporary Resort Walkway Construction

Outside of the park, construction work continues on the pathway between the Contemporary Resort and the Magic Kingdom. A small structure has been erected which may become a security checkpoint for guests opting to walk to the park.

Thanks for joining us on our walk around the Magic Kingdom! If you enjoy our pictures and updates from the parks, follow us on Instagram to get great photos and stories throughout the day.

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