PHOTOS: New Construction Walls Up at Mission: SPACE Ahead of Space 220 Restaurant Opening in EPCOT

As we near the delayed, yet upcoming opening of Space 220 Restaurant at EPCOT, preparations are underway to welcome guests at the restaurant’s covert entrance, as the eatery is accessed through the Mission: SPACE attraction.

Guests enter through the right side of Mission: SPACE, where walls recently went up around the entrance doors. Just outside, new construction walls now line the edge of the attraction facade’s planter for modifications.

This area could potentially become the space for a new check-in podium or a host stand, as well as signage and a menu board for Space 220. Also, in order to accommodate for the higher influx of guests to the area (especially once other portions of World Discovery open), they may be cutting into this corner planter to make the overall facade wider and more inviting.

The inner pathway, which has been roped off for some time now, leads directly to the restaurant’s entrance doors (seen below.)

Space 220 entrance (2)

Once guests are checked in and led through those doors, they enter the departure lobby, where they then board one of two transportation chambers that will take them into “space”.

On the perimeter of the restaurant, all portions of the exterior have or are currently being painted green as a means of camouflage. However, space orb theming has been spotted on one of the adjacent buildings, themed to match the exterior of Mission: SPACE.

While Space 220 Restaurant is confirmed for an “Early 2020” opening, with the latest job listings putting the restaurant’s official opening month at February 2020. (Yes, 2/20.) The restaurant is also confirmed to offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, broadening dining options across Future World.

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1 year ago

Can’t wait- we’ll be there at the end of March – hoping to get a table 😏