PHOTOS: New Directional Signage Installed Inside The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT

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As EPCOT’s Future World continues its facelift for the ages, we’re slowly seeing major work like new pathways and planters reach completion. But smaller details are being added inside the pavilions to freshen up their looks. Today, we saw new updated directional signage has been installed across the inside of The Seas with Nemo & Friends.


The first new signs we noticed were at the up and down escalators.



The font reflects the new EPCOT logo and most signage around the park will reflect this change.

the-seas-new-signage-01-26-2020-3.jpg the-seas-new-signage-01-26-2020-4.jpg

Closer to the aquariums, the signs are a bit more detailed. The Living Seas pavilion icon is back in full force as well.

the-seas-new-signage-01-26-2020-5.jpg the-seas-new-signage-01-26-2020-6.jpg

The next set of signs doesn’t use the icon, but it does use the burnt orange vertical stripe on the previous one. All the signs have a hexagon-shaped border.


Here’s a more compact sign, which is consistent with the font and style of the larger ones.

the seas old sign 2

This is what the replaced signs looked like. While the new signs aren’t ground-breakingly different, they are a big improvement over the older signs.

Have you noticed any new interior details added to the pavilions in Future World? Let us know in the comments.

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