PHOTOS: New Sea Life Signage Installed Inside The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT

A few days ago, we showed you some sleek new signage across the Seas with Nemo and Friends at EPCOT, continuing the update that was started by the arrival of the large directory sign in the middle of the Seabase. More signage has been added since our last visit, and let me tell you, The Living Seas vibes are strong.

Signage has now been added above sections of the Seabase accessible from the main lobby.

The play area has been renamed Bruce’s Shark World with a new sign. Who is naming stuff at WDI these days?

The module numbers and classic Seas pavilion logo take me back to the days of Seabase Alpha, but also look modern enough for today.

Another area is now labeled Ocean Life – Reef Ecosystems.

Ocean Life is module 1C.

We saved the best for last, MANATEES!!!

Little Joe and Lou call module 1B home.

What do you think of the ongoing changes at The Seas pavilion?

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  1. I would hope they’d put in signage about what’s actually in the tanks. There were very few signs that identified species or talked about them. For being all about education I was pretty disappointed in that.

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