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PHOTOS: Scaffolding Around Space 220 Restaurant Removed at EPCOT

Today on our trip around EPCOT, we popped by the site of the future Space 220 restaurant to check on its progress. The restaurant was set to open in the winter of 2019. The opening date was pushed back to February 2020 after the Executive Chef stepped down in November.

Space 220 1/8/20 1

Visible construction work began in early November and has moved along quickly. Most of the building has been painted a nice shade of “Go Away Green.” Other parts of the building have been left as concrete with a space design added.

Space 220 1/8/20 5

On this trip to check on its progress, we saw that the exterior scaffolding has been removed. This bodes well for the restaurant’s opening timeline. We can only imagine the work going on inside!

Space 220 1/8/20 2 Space 220 1/8/20 3

Space 220 concept art 1/8/20

When the restaurant opens, guests will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner while viewing the stars and the Earth at a bird’s eye view from their tables as if they were 220 miles above the Earth. The experience is perfect for a space fanatic. We can’t wait until this restaurant finally opens so we can snack on the stellar food ourselves!

Will your next visit to EPCOT include a reservation at Space 220? Be sure to keep checking back with WDW News Today for even more updates on the progress of Space 220 and all the other projects in EPCOT.

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Jeremy Hale
Jeremy Hale
1 year ago

Thanks for the update! Do you have any idea when reservations might become available for Space 220?

Jonathan Carlson
Jonathan Carlson
1 year ago

I’m bummed that I’ll be visiting Disney just a tad earlier than the expected opening. It would’ve been nice to go! I’m looking forward to the updates when it does finally open.