PHOTOS: Traditional Japanese Hina Matsuri (Girl’s Day) Merchandise Now Available at Tokyo Disney Resort

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Not too long after the traditional Japanese New Year’s (and the merchandise that accompanied it), we’re already on to the next traditional Japanese holiday! The next special holiday is Hina Matsuri, also known as Doll’s Day or Girl’s Day.

Every year on March 3, red carpet platforms are displayed with ornamental dolls known as “雛人形”, or hina ningyō. These dolls represent the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and court musicians in Heian Period traditional dress.

Not one to miss out on a Disney twist to traditional Japanese culture, Tokyo Disney Resort released a special Hina Matsuri line, including traditional dolls! Let’s take a look!

Stuffed Badges – ¥2900 ($26.88)

Stuffed Mickey and Minnie – ¥4900 ($45.42)

Acrylic Stand – ¥2600 ($24.10)

Pin Set – ¥1300 ($12.05)

Two-Doll Set – ¥2300 ($21.32)

Two-Tier Doll Set with Background and Stand – ¥8200 ($76.01)

Two-Doll Set with Background – ¥4100 ($38.01)

Four-Tier Doll Set with Stand and Background – ¥28600 ($265.12)

Two-Doll Set with Stand & Background – ¥12300 ($114.02)


Whew! Some of those got pretty pricey! It’s worth noting that a lot of hina ningyō are traditionally expensive, as they are made from high quality material and meant to be used over several years, until a girl turns 10. The most expensive one above, at the equivalent of $265.12, is fairly low-cost compared to most traditional sets.

But honestly, I’d consider buying these just for their beauty alone! I love seeing the Disney characters in traditional Japanese outfits. It really shows that cultures can be bridged and appreciated properly, even as different as Mickey Mouse and the Heian period of Japan are.

If you’re looking to pick these items up, you can find them at the main stores in both parks! I spotted these sets at the Grand Emporium in Tokyo Disneyland, but they’re also available at Tokyo DisneySea’s Emporio. What do you think about these Hina Matsuri items? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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