PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 2/13/20 (Eats at the EPCOT Experience, New Signage Around the Park, Merchandise in the United Kingom, and More)

Good morning from EPCOT. The park is covered with construction projects, so we’ve been spending a lot of extra time here lately. We don’t even get out of the parking lot before noticing new changes today.

New East tram loop signs have been installed.

Inside the park, the old MouseGear location is gutted and ready for big changes.

Painting is happening along the side of Space 220. The blend in blue and go away green are pretty effective.

The moon outside of Mission: SPACE is looking particularly purple today.

The scrims are down around the entrance to Test Track.

Taste Track is still not ready for guests. We can see that the pavement is being filled in around the kiosk.

The EPCOT experience finally has new food offerings.

Inside The Seas with Nemo and Friends we found a few new signs added around the area.

The UK has received a plethora of new merchandise and it’s simply brilliant.

The new ears might be our favorite of all the new merchandise. From the roses to the crown, these Minnie ears are fit for royalty. They’re only $27.99, which is relatively inexpensive for Minnie ear headbands.

Regal Eagle is looking even closer to the grand opening. Red, white, and blue banners have been added around the entrance.

The frozen Mezzo Mix machine has returned to Germany, but it’s not working yet (nor is it on the menu). We hope it returns soon!

Lighting fixtures are installed along the buildings in France, but they’re still wrapped in plastic.

Thanks for joining us around EPCOT today. Stay tuned for more updates from here and the rest of the changes coming to Walt Disney World.