PHOTOS: Circus Themed Carpet Replaced With Generic Grey After Flood at Big Top Souvenirs in the Magic Kingdom

Earlier this week, Big Top Souvenirs in the Magic Kingdom closed due to carpet repairs that needed to be done after the shop suffered a flood. While we were park for the first night of the Villains After Hours 2020 event, we thought we would swing by to see how the shop was, and we were surprised to see it reopened.

The surprises continued as we walked in, and found our beloved themed carpet had been taken away.

Instead of the cool carpet that was previously found in here (which we included a picture of below) Disney seems to have gone for a… standard grey pattern. We’re unsure of why this decision was made, perhaps they were out of the carpet and needed the store to reopen? Regardless, we’re sad.

Big Top Souvenirs Carpet – New
Big Top Souvenirs Carpet – Old

As you can see, the carpet actually added a lot of character to this store and brought the whole shop together. Hopefully, they get around to fixing this in the future and restore this shop to how it once looked.