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Walt Disney World Now Projected to Remain Closed Through Mid-April Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns

We’re currently on day three of life in the post-Walt Disney World closure era, and we’re already turning to obscure Disney Channel movies to keep us entertained in the meantime. Whether you’re stuck working from home or among the brave service workers that are bringing us medical care, food, and other necessities during these trying times, you’re probably already daydreaming about your next Disney trip. When Disney Parks announced it was closing both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, the projected reopening date was April 1, leaving parks closed through the remainder of March. However, new CDC guidelines and significant financial losses for the company may further delay reopenings on both coasts.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, analysts are warning that Walt Disney World theme parks could be closed well into mid-April. With losses of $25 million during the 18-day closure period over in Disneyland Resort alone, an extended closure could cost the overall company over $1.4 billion dollars in revenue over the next two financial quarters:

Research firm MoffettNathanson published an analyst note Tuesday that gives a grim overview of how the coronavirus pandemic will hurt the Walt Disney Company. Disney did not immediately respond to comment Wednesday.

“We expect the closure to extend for another two weeks into April as the country scrambles to get this virus contained,” the analyst note said of Disney.

Meanwhile, Disney stock, which traded last year at more than $150 per share at one point, has fallen steeply. It’s currently trading at about $85 per share, down 8%.

“Putting it all together, despite the fall in Disney’s stock price to date, we think the combination of COVID-19 impacts and an ensuing recession will cause unprecedented pain here,” the note said. “Making matters worse, Disney has taken on a more than average amount of debt to acquire Fox and has entered a period of lower cash flow generation due to their pivot into” streaming services.

As a reminder, the latest CDC guidelines recommend against public gatherings of over 50 people for the next 8 weeks, which could very well extend the closure past April. Between that, financial constraints, and the recently-initiated mass exodus of all current Disney College Program participants, it’s likely that Walt Disney World is in for a far long closure than previously expected. Just keep calm and keep streaming Disney+, everyone…

We’ll be keeping our eyes on developments here in Florida and in California, as well as in Paris, and Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong regarding the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on Disney Parks operations and beyond. For all of the latest Coronavirus-related Disney Parks news throughout the ongoing pandemic, continue to check here.

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  1. Oh God! I have tickets for April! I´ve been planed this vacations when I was a kid. This news is so sad… Damn coronavirus!!!

    1. Me too, starting on the 11th. I have heard that they have found some drug combos that get rid of the virus, maybe that will help them open the beginning of April.

      1. No That is Not going to happen. There is no drug combos curing the corona Virus at all to date–Sat., March 28th. Disney World says Mid April and to most of us that means: April 15 and beyond. The Numbers of Corona Virus are still mounting in numbers all over…Every Day…this is far from Over. Florida currently ranks #6 in the Nation for a Hot Spot…thanks to all the fleeing New Yorkers who never know any better than to keep infecting other people and other states. New York Currently ranks # 1 with 55,000+ cases and 800+ deaths. You can THANK THEM for bringing a large mass of this Virus To Florida and making this State # 6 currently.

        1. Put the blame where it belongs, not New York. You cannot tell me that no one arriving at Orlando International from Europe/Asia was not infected. As to the number of people who have contracted the virus would you compare the number of people residing in NY with the number of people residing in Florida (do not count tourists). We have millions of people living here so of course our numbers would be higher. As for the students having beach parties you cannot say they all came from NY and the ones from NY were the ones infected. Maybe some Florida residents infected NY visitors. So, should we blame Florida?

    1. A nightmare that they are closed and you can not go? Or this virus situation is a nightmare? People are losing jobs, and lives.

  2. Do we know when the parks will make the official announcement? We have a trip April 8th-13th, and they haven’t changed anything on the MyDisney experience, especially with our 4Park Magic Tickets.

    1. they said if it does stay closed thru april our tickets would be good thru dec 15th 2020

    2. No One Can Answer Anyone At Any Given Time. This is far…from over. Many many new cases showing up over night.

  3. Is this official yet , because I am a travel agent , & was on the phone with our Disney rep yesterday , & the projected dates were still April 1st? Disney’s official website still says closed until March 31st?

    1. Yeah it was April 1st but the CDC said no keep closed till April and reopen in May.

      1. On March 15th, The CDC recommended no mass gatherings for 8 weeks . The CDC did NOT say Disney World must stay closed for 8 weeks. It’s March 19th, four days later, and Disney World still officially lists April 1st as their reopen date . The CDC recommendation is not law and does not prohibit Disney from reopening. I’m guessing Disney is taking a wait and see approach. Things are happening very fast with the corona virus . We are mass distributing tests and getting a better sense of where our infection level stands . We have basically shut the economy down for 15 days to try and flatten the curve . By April 1st we should have good data on whether the curve flattening is working or not , and Disney will probably be looking at the latest data when deciding how long to stay closed for.

    1. I mean, this is essentially what the CDC has said, right? No crowds of 50+ until May 10th (8 weeks from the announcement). That HAS to be the “opening bid”, right?

  4. Other breaking news I’m sure will happen: Disney to increase costs of everything by 50% when it reopens. Because the Bobs are all about the Benjamins and they need to recover their billion dollar loss somehow.

    1. They’ll have to rely more on locals to fill the parks for a while so I’m predicting the exact opposite. I think we’ll see discounts.

    2. Wait… you think they’ll increase prices with lower demand? They won’t increase prices. They’ll probably have to lower them to encourage people to come to the parks. People aren’t going to want to travel for a good year after this clears up.

      1. They would never lower prices. No matter the cost people go. No lie. They’ll create ways to charge more. Attendance was down approximately 2 years ago and they raised pass holder prices, etc. They’re creative with their reasoning.

      2. There is talk about A Corona Virus outbreak again this Fall-Winter. We must be prepared for it the next time.

    3. There is NO doubt about it and then the other parks will too because Disney did. It ‘always’ happens, 95% of the time.

  5. I have a vacation coming in august. Hopefully they are open at that point

  6. well with all this going on ppl may not go to theam parks in a while because financially ppl will not pay 140 for a ticket so i hope you guys drop the price

  7. Are they still doing construction, or will this push back all the openings for next year. If they are still doing construction maybe things will be done quicker

    1. Like idiots they have stopped construction. There was no reason for that as they would be uninterrupted all day and night. Could have completed early

    2. Disney fan you are forgetting that the construction workers have to abide by the limitations of the number of people that can gather together at one time…

  8. Vacation club members lose points if they were not banked that is what I was told

    1. DVC has communicated what will and won’t happen. Log in and see for yourself. Very few
      will lose points.

    2. Yes when i called that’s what the cast member told me …which is crazy ..they need to make accommodations

  9. Maybe Disney can use this time to rethink that horrid, monstrosity of a color scheme that they choose for their MK castle. It just doesn’t fit the Magic Kingdom but, rather, like more like a Lot Vegas casino.

  10. Sad times 😭. It is more important that we get the coronavirus figured out so we don’t keep spreading it. Stay safe everyone!

    1. And just when I was about to start training again to be a new Cast Member in Disneyland Resort, this happens. I was so ready to do my part to make a Guest’s stay magicial, but now….

      Well, we’ll get through this somehow, and when I do finally get to put my NameTag back on, I’ll want to do my part to make the clouds of this Cronavirus Crisis a thing of the past in the minds of our guests

    1. No one is threatening go book your flight and have the risk of catching Covid 19

  11. Nothing is official yet until it is announced. Let’s hope they can reopen on April 1st but if not they will make the necessary arrangements and accommodations for all involved

    1. You all are in denial … this pandemic is barely ramping up in North America & it will get way worse for a long time before it gets better! It could be months. Until there is a vaccine (a year to 18 months away) health professionals are also predicting that even if the virus dies down by summer, it could come back again in the fall! There is just no predicting … there are too many unknowns. All schools will likely continue to be closed for the rest of the school year … there is no way Disney properties will be opening again in a few weeks!

  12. We have a trip planned beginning May 6. I think I’m going to reschedule it to November.

  13. Imagine the headlines if they reopen the parks while the pandemic is still official. I have WDW plans for mid-April. Already canceled my flight since they are now offering full refund. Prices for flights going down anyway. I’ll book later if it’s a go.

  14. Won’t open till next year it’s now a 10 person minimum and Disney has furlough all there cast members there’s no one left.

  15. Guys please mindfu, people are suffering from this virus… With that being said you might want to cancel your trips until further notice. No need to panic whether your trip will happen when this virus is killing thousands of people

  16. With the concerns of the virus you all should cancel and stay home this isn’t a matter whether well I had my trip planned people are losing lives and losing their family members Disney will be closed and who knows if they actually extend it if they do don’t be surprised this cornonavirus is really taking a toll on people’s lives so I think the parks can wait

    1. Your self-righteousness is not helpful. People are terrified and they are also frustrated. Keep in mind that while, yes, thousands of people are dying, there are many, many more whose lives have been upended.Everyone is doing their part to stop the spread, but that doesn’t mean everybody has to be joyful about it or sit around mourning and being somber all the time. It is normal to want to push negative, morbid thoughts out of your mind and think about something happy and reassuring in times like this. No one wants to think about the devastation lasting for months and months. What does sitting around being miserable do? Is people dreaming of happiness and being in their favorite place again hurting anyone? This is how people cope. You scolding them about not behaving properly in a time of crisis is not only inappropriate, it’s disgusting. You can take your arrogance somewhere else.

      1. Well there was just man who recently died from the virus and was visiting Disney parks and universal parks
        Everything he touched equals contamination
        But hey to each is own people will find out quickly what’s ahead

      2. But you all don’t have to sound like you were born with silver spoons in your selfish mouths. If you want to take your mind off stuff go play a board game or hell go volunteer out there. I am a nurse who is high risk of dying from this shit, currently quarantined away from my family, and I doubt I will make it to our Disney trip we had scheduled for May due to Coronavirus.
        So take your complaining about high prices and no free bread or having to cancel your trip and be freaking grateful for what you have because it could be you in my place.

        1. Wow Jessie, I feel your pain and frustration but not your anger. We too are quarantined, in the hospital. I’ve not seen my family for 13 days but this is the profession I chose and will do everything I can to help beat this virus. You won’t change the minds of those people who choose to be less than sympathetic to others and what is happening outside their small sphere of influence, but I hope the post made you feel better. Stay strong and smile, even though we can’t see it behind the mask, we’ll see it in your eyes!

    2. The parks can wait – if Disney promises to return vacation club points that you cannot use back to your account – to make you whole. I was told mine would expire on July 31, 2020. And there is no availability in May and June and July.

      People have the right to be annoyed about upcoming vacations that cost thousands. If you do not like hearing that, stay off social media. Pretty sure everyone knows the severity of the virus, your comments aren’t needed.

  17. GOOD! They NEED to stay closed until this virus is GONE. Every day the park was open for the last month could have exposed thousands of people. STOP TRAVELING. STAY HOME. That’s the best way to get RID OF IT.

    1. The virus is not going to be GONE. It will become just like H1N1 and be a part of our ongoing viral threat. No one is eradicating it. The goal right now is just to figure out how to slow it down so medications can be developed.

      Don’t try to put the blame on Disney or imply they did something wrong by staying open. First of all, far more people were exposed through daily activities like riding the subway or going to the grocery store. Second, Disney did not require people to go to the park. The people who went there knowing about the risk are the ones who could have spread it. Everyone gets a choice of how they are going to behave during this time. If you want to throw a fit about someone, throw one about the idiotic teenagers who are still swarming the beaches.

      1. I’m mad at everyone who decided their vacation was more important than trying to keep this virus contained. And yes, by staying open, DW is at fault as well.
        If you think more people are exposed going to the grocery store than standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of strangers to watch fireworks, you’re crazy, lol.
        Throw a fit about teenagers but not anyone else? Okaaaay. They’re all irresponsible.


  19. We saw a plan sent out had many ways to open the park with less people few lines etc…I would think it would be best to have people living in Florida first..leading to hotel guests ..and later general opening..masks temperature taking maybe on the cards..

  20. We’ve actually had our trip planned for May 11 for quite a while. I guess we shouls hold out as that’s the magic 8 week date mentioned above.

  21. Reading these comments is insane. I have stage 4 Cancer, and had a bucket list trip planned end of May to Arkansas. The least of my concern is my trip, and I am on borrowed time. My concern is the World economy, and my families future. My worries are having a job in a month. My worries are friends, family, and even strangers trying to make it through these times.

    And people are worried about Disney world not opening. This just shows the state of our world today.

  22. They’ve already offered to refund anyone booked through June 30th, 2020 yes? So it’s likely they’re going to stay closed for that amount of time.

  23. Mid-April? I don’t think so. Didn’t the CDC say that the coronavirus will run for a year and a half? Oh boy, this is too sad for me to talk about.

  24. I think Disney parks should just stay open. Locking the country down isn’t helping Italy, it just ruins the economy, which in itself can cause many deaths.

  25. Thanks for posting updates. Do we have a confirmation that the parks will in fact open April 1st or has changed?


  27. Yesterday Los Angeles ordered all non-essential businesses closed through April 19th. Iger tweeted other agencies should take similar steps. And Rundisney just canceled their event scheduled through April 19 weekend.

  28. RunDisney sent out notices today that Star Wars marathon weekend races are cancelled

  29. I think the CDC is causing this mass hysteria by telling people to close businesses. I didn’t hear them close down the US during the swine flu in 2009 when over 80,000 died. The media isn’t helping either. I manage vacation homes and for March, one of the busiest times, it has destroyed us. Then if Disney World stays closed past Easter that is another disaster. Just let everyone get back to normal. I am ignoring all of this.

  30. I was planning on going with my son for his first Disney World trip 3/29-4/4. I’ve been telling him about this for months and showing him videos. Everything was paid for and now the coronavirus shuts EVERYTHING down. It will cost quite a bit more because my son is not 3 and so he’s free. He turns 3 may 8th and I doubt we will be able to reschedule before that. I’m so disappointed.

    1. Wow, People last time I looked this was a chat Forum for WDW, and DL…. so the thoughts of people mentioning trips, dates etc doesn’t mean there isn’t a care on what’s going on with this PANDEMIC. It’s expression of the words of people’s thoughts etc. doesn’t mean they don’t have a care on what’s going on in the world today. We have the rights of expression of thoughts. How you interpret what’s said is on you. It’s nothing personal, just thoughts on what and how you want to mention what u want to say here. I have a trip planed for DL on May 3rd and if I need to reschedule I will with the thought of WE WILL be going some time. With that thought in mind I’m happy atleast. To all that are doing there part with Shelter In Place and Social distancing thank u for your part. We WILL SURVIVE and strive forward with our trips to WDW and DL at the end of this Pandemic! God Bless everyone and Mickey Mouse… lol

      1. With this in mind aswell DL and WDW are very good at what they do . I’m pretty sure they will do the right thing as to opening dates that are right and approved to not jeopardize the public. When they open and they will while this Pandemic comes to a down curve it will be safe for all and prediction soon.

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