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SHOP: New The Haunted Mansion and “Monsters, Inc.” Disney Park Pals Now Available shopDisney

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Just because you can’t go to the parks, doesn’t mean you can’t have a pal. This morning, shopDisney introduced some new additions to the Park Pals family, so if you’re looking to expand your collection, these figurines may be just what you’re looking for.

Let’s see what new pals you can make…

Sulley Disney Park Pals Figure – $11.99

Park Pal

If you’re a Pixar fan, good news, one of the latest additions features the top scarer himself, James P. Sullivan, but you can call him “Sulley”. This Little Sulley figure will surely evoke some monstrous screams of delight to anyone who possesses him. This little guy features a tension clip arm so you can attach him to any and all accessories and carry him around anywhere.

Park Pal

If you’re more of a collector, all Park Pals come with their own translucent display stand so you can show them off proudly on your Disney shelf.

The Haunted Mansion Disney Park Pals Figure – $11.99

Park Pal

It seems a Grim, Grinning Ghost has come out to socialize in the form of this new Park Pal. Featuring one of the 999 happy haunts of The Haunted Mansion, much like Sulley who’s holding on to Boo’s door, this ghostly figure also comes attached to a themed illustrated card, in this case the famous “13” clock.

Park Pal

On top of these new additions, the original collection of Park Pals has also been added to shopDisney, so if you’re missing a figure or simply want to start collecting, now you can! Some options include Orange Bird, Mickey Mouse, Pascal, Chesire Cat, Winnie the Pooh, Figment, Br’er Rabbit, Simba, Minnie, and Stitch! And like Sulley and the Ghost, they are all $11.99. So what are you waiting for? Get collecting.

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7 months ago

As a merchandise cast member, I am really surprised they are continuing with this product line. I think I have only ever sold one of them, and that family didn’t even know what it was. They just thought it looked cute. XD

Tom Corless
6 months ago
Reply to  Emma

Figment and Orange Bird were both sold out for a period.

6 months ago

The Haunted Mansion one is already sold out on Shop Disney. I hope they replenish their supply soon! I’d love to see some more park characters released like the Expedition Everest Yeti, the lady Pirate auctioneer from POTC, maybe even the Iguanodon from Dinosaur.