BREAKING: Florida Governor Announces “Full” Phase 1 Reopening Starting May 18; Theme Parks to Submit Reopening Plans For Approval

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that starting May 18, businesses may enter a “Full” Phase 1 reopening.

Under this “full” Phase 1, restaurants can move up to 50% indoor capacity, with retail also moving up to 50% capacity, up from the initial 25% capacity. Gyms may reopen while respecting social distancing and maintaining high sanitation levels. Florida businesses (with the exception of West Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County) first entered Phase 1 on May 4.

The Governor has also prompted theme parks to submit their reopening plans, but they will require endorsement from the Orange County Mayor. Movie theaters will remain closed.

Disney Springs will begin its phased reopening on May 20, with third-party restaurants and stores now able to abide by the new increased capacity limits. Starting on May 27, Disney-owned shops and eateries will also reopen under the new guidelines.

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    1. Not really. Just personal freedom. And freedom of choice. You are still welcome to stay inside with irrational fears.

      1. This is a real pandemic, bud. It has nothing to do with personal freedom. You are now given “freedom” to further spread the virus and potentially kill people just because your bored and decided the pandemic was over.

      2. Lmao. “Irrational fears”? It’s not irrational. It’s logical. When there’s a pandemic ; stay away from people so you won’t die. Don’t be stupid.

      3. You should go to the mass graves and thousands of families who have lost loved ones and tell them about this new thing called irrational fears.

      4. Your freedom isn’t more important than other’s safety. Safe D begins with me.

        1. you might not want to get behind the wheel of that car then if your so afraid, becasue their is a much higher % youll get killed that way vs the corona.

    2. And for those that downvoted me, it has recently come to light that the Floridian government asked data analysts to LIE about COVID case numbers so they could open up sooner. So yes, they would approve anything!

  1. I’m sure Disney has some plans ready to go as they have had a lot of time to think about this, especially with the Orange County Task Force meetings. I still anticipate an opening sometime in June. Universal may open even sooner (Memorial Day weekend?) since they had CityWalk open up before Disney Springs.

  2. Congratulations, people. We can now force cast members and other employees to be forced back to work in the middle of a global pandemic without a raise or hazard pay just because you are bored and decided that the coronavirus is over.

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