Disney Springs Releases Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) on Masks, Parking, Dining Reservations, and More Ahead of May 20 Reopening

Jessica Figueroa

Disney Springs Releases Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) on Masks, Parking, Dining Reservations, and More Ahead of May 20 Reopening

Jessica Figueroa

Disney Springs Releases Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) on Masks, Parking, Dining Reservations, and More Ahead of May 20 Reopening

With Disney Springs reopening in just two days, guests may have skimmed through the recently-released guidelines, but still have questions regarding face masks (“Do I really have to wear one?”), parking, and dining reservations. The answers may be more complex than you think. What if you forget to bring a face mask? How will social distancing be “policed” throughout the vast shopping and dining complex? If you have a reservation––are you guaranteed entry? This is the first time many of us will be fumbling out of our homes in months, and if there’s anything we took away from the CityWalk reopening at Universal Orlando Resort, there’s a lot to get used to in this new normal. Let’s delve into the Disney Springs Reopening FAQ and see what answers are in store for us.

disney springs know before you go covid 19 reopening may 20


disney springs reopening FAQ 9

Standalone bars will not be open, however restaurants that typically serve alcoholic drinks can still serve them.

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Salon

disney springs reopening FAQ 10

Despite the reopening of salons and barber shops across Orange County with the “full” Phase 1, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique remains closed.

cirqu du soleil drawn to life disney springs progress march 9 2020 5

“Drawn to Life” Cirque du Soleil

disney springs reopening FAQ 11

Despite its scheduled debut in April, “Drawn to Life” recently had its performance calendar cleared through June 2 and remains closed at this time.

Rideshare Services

disney springs reopening FAQ 12

If you’re taking a Lyft or Uber, or just getting dropped off, you can get dropped off at the Marketplace lot.

Parking Garages

disney springs reopening FAQ 13

Parking presents an interesting setup: Only the Orange and Lime parking garages will be available. No surface parking lots or valet will be available. Another important thing to note is that parking is first come, first serve. Once these two parking garages are full, no overflow parking will be permitted… and as you’ll come to read below, guests with dining reservations will not be secured parking.

Screen Shot 2020 05 07 at 9.20.55 PM

Temperature Screenings

disney springs reopening FAQ 6

Similar to the screening set-up at the recently-reopened Shanghai Disneyland, guests will pass through tents with temperature scanners at every entrance point to Disney Springs:

  • Second-floor exits of Orange and Lime Parking Garages
  • Marketplace Entrance/Hotel Plaza Boulevard Pedestrian Bridge
  • Rideshare Drop-Off lot
  • Resort Bus Loop near Town Center

Bag check has never been required at Disney Springs, and will not be required at this time.

Face Masks

disney springs reopening FAQ 5

Mask naysayers are in for a rough time––absolutely no exceptions will be made to the required face covering policy, unless you’re 3 years old or younger. The FAQ does state that “disposable masks may be available”, meaning that they may have some spares at the checkpoint, but I wouldn’t count on it––you may also be directed to purchase your own, like at CityWalk.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek emphasized the need for guests to “do their part” for a safe and orderly reopening––if you simply “don’t want to” wear a mask, you will not be allowed entry to Disney Springs.

Physical Distancing – Cast Member Enforcement and Capacity

Screen Shot 2020 05 18 at 2.21.48 PM

As far as social distancing goes, it’s something we’re all slowly getting accustomed to. Disney alludes to a new “team” being assembled for the purpose of “engaging with guests and promoting physical distancing guidelines in common areas and queues.” So if you see a Cast Member come up to you to request that you maintain social distancing, please understand that they are just doing their job to keep you safe.

Dining Reservations

disney springs reopening FAQ 1

Many of you have already booked up reservations at third-party Disney Springs restaurants for the reopening. An exception to the usual no-show fee will be implemented at this time, and if you’re unable to make your reservation due to capacity issues, the charge will be waived…

disney springs reopening FAQ 14

Which brings us to our last key point: Even if you have a reservation, if you cannot secure a parking spot upon arrival due to capacity, you will be turned away.  So whether you have dinner reservations, or are just dropping in for a late lunch, do keep in mind that you may want to show up far earlier in the day to secure your chances of getting a parking spot, and therefore not missing your coveted Wine Bar George reservation.

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4 thoughts on “Disney Springs Releases Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) on Masks, Parking, Dining Reservations, and More Ahead of May 20 Reopening”

  1. I appreciate their clarity and transparency, yet this will disenfranchise some people. You just KNOW there will be people that go early stay long and hog the entire day making guests with reservations compromised.
    This could turn ugly really fast, let’s hope capacity increases swiftly…measures of safety are important but at some point we all need to go on with life and deal with risks in life as we always have done so.

  2. I’m guessing there won’t be too much of an issue for parking since the masks are a required item lot of families will not attend. One thing I can see is maybe the restaurants will be like the old smoking and no-smoking sections instead with masks. Or maybe they can alternate weeks, so everyone would have a chance to go. I for one am someone who can’t wear a mask for longer than 10 mins at a time due to a huge fear of mine. Not to mention the numerous other reasons people are unable to wear them. Just my thoughts, thanks for sharing this article and I look forward to getting back to the Happiest Place on Earth for me.

  3. This is a bit much. The visual of walking around DS or any park with everyone in face masks makes me sad. Hopefully as Florida opens up and our numbers keep decreasing and our ER’s remain slow we can all take these HOT, germ filled carbon dioxide breathers off. I know people have been scared but folks they truly don’t do much. People are touching them all day with their hands. Anyway lets be kind, wash our hands often and cover when we sneeze with the crook of your elbow and move on. It need to be back to SMiles AND MAGIC.

  4. It’s too bad they can’t do a parking time frame like they do in downtown Disney (CA). You have 3 hrs and then you pay. That way more people can enjoy the springs. Or a parking lot FOR reservations with a time frame, so that people can still keep their reservations.

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