PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disney Resort 5/10/20 (Dry AquaSphere, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Construction, and More!)

Spencer Lloyd

Tokyo DisneySea AquaSphere Dry Temporary Closure

PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disney Resort 5/10/20 (Dry AquaSphere, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Construction, and More!)

Spencer Lloyd

Tokyo DisneySea AquaSphere Dry Temporary Closure

PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disney Resort 5/10/20 (Dry AquaSphere, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Construction, and More!)

We’re on day 72 since Tokyo Disney Resort temporarily closed. And I don’t know about you, but I think its been long enough that we should go check in again. There’s actually been a few changes since our last visit, so keep your eyes peeled. Let’s mask up and get going, shall we?

JR Maihama Station & Ikspiari

JR Maihama Station Platform, Empty

JR Maihama Station is a ghost town these days. I think I saw two people get off the train, and there were only another two or three waiting.

TDR PR 051020 2

At least Mickey is still here to greet us!

JR Maihama Station Exterior, Empty

Outside the station was just as deserted. No people, just the station exterior area loop.

NewDays Convenience Store, JR Maihama Station

The NewDays convenience store was open this time, though! It’s always a shot in the dark as to whether they’re open these days, even during the hours they list.

Hotel Dream Gate Maihama Annex

Hotel Dream Gate Maihama has temporarily closed for a while due to the extension of the JR Maihama Station platform. To be exact, the hotel will be closed for two years, until the spring of 2022. A large portion of construction would be done after the last train, late at night. That would impact guest satisfaction quite a bit, so it’s better for them to just close the hotel.

Tokyo Disneyland pathway blocked

TDR PR 051020 7

There’s still steel barricades on the path to Bon Voyage. After the break-in to Ikspiari a few weeks back, signage was installed across the resort informing would-be intruders that security cameras are in use.

Ikspiari Empty

Speaking of Ikspiari, the shopping center is still mostly closed. Only three businesses on the first floor are operating at present. We showcased the current state of Ikspiari in our tour a couple of weeks ago.

Disney Resort Line Tokyo Ikspiari

Disney Resort Line Tokyo Train Monorail

There goes the Disney Resort Line! It’ll be back to pick us up in 14 minutes or so.

Disney Resort Line Day Pass Fantasmic

We chose the Fantasmic! final performance commemorative day pass today. The show was supposed to end on March 25th, but closed instead on February 28th with the rest of the park. We were there for the final performance, too!

Resort Gateway Station

The flow of locals coming to gawk at the closed parks has almost ceased. There’s occasionally a few people here and there, but it was largely deserted this time.

TDR PR 051020 13

One escalator to the platform at Resort Gateway Station was closed off this time.

Tokyo Disneyland

Cinderella Castle Tokyo Disneyland

Ah, the glory and beauty of Cinderella Castle. I might cry when I finally see it up close again.

Tokyo Disneyland Entrance Path

The Maihama Station walkway still looks strange deserted.

TDR PR 051020 16

Work is ongoing around the former Promenade Gifts East shop. Still no idea what they’re doing over here, however.

Tokyo Disneyland Main Entrance Empty

TDR PR 051020 24

The entrance plaza looks beautiful all finished up, doesn’t it? You can check out our full report on the complete entrance plaza if you want to see more.

TDR PR 051020 39

The screens are finally off on the new side of the entrance plaza.

TDR PR 051020 25

Meanwhile, landscapers remain hard at work keeping the park pristine for whenever it’s finally ready to welcome Guests once more.

TDR PR 051020 26

A number of barriers were stacked up outside the park. I presume these will be used to guide Guests into the park through safe social distancing protocols once it’s ready to reopen.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Gazebo

Over at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, exterior refurbishment has been ongoing for a while now, with the hotel around halfway done with repainting. The gazebo was also under scaffolds for a couple of weeks, but once again emerged in the open with a fresh coat of paint this time. Most of the north side has been repainted, and the focus has turned to the park-facing side.

TDR PR 051020 21

TDR PR 051020 20

The difference between the fresh and original paint cannot be understated.

TDR PR 051020 28

Walls are up around certain areas of the hotel plaza as well. There’s even a tunnel extending to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

TDR PR 051020 27

These two pictures demonstrate the stark contrast between the older and newer paint jobs. It’s a fairly significant improvement, and hopefully work continues to progress quickly!

Bayside & Toy Story Hotel

TDR PR 051020 40

TDR PR 051020 41

The Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort (try saying that three times fast) has rebranded to the Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama, and is scheduled to open in June. Nikko is a brand of hotels popular around Asia (particularly Japan), with Grand Nikko being their most luxurious.

TDR PR 051020 36

Progress continues on the Toy Story Hotel as it goes vertical. The hotel is currently set to open in 2022.

Tokyo DisneySea

TDR PR 051020 29

The backstage gate at American Waterfront is still open, providing a fleeting glimpse at Waterfront Park.

TDR PR 051020 38

TDR PR 051020 37

Minor external construction seems to be underway at Hotel MiraCosta.

TDR PR 051020 30

Unlike at Tokyo Disneyland, the main entrance of Tokyo DisneySea has hardly been touched since the parks closed. At least the trees are finally getting leaves once more!

TDR PR 051020 32

Workers left their tools and equipment out outside the gates for a lunch break.

Tokyo DisneySea AquaSphere Dry Temporary Closure

About a week and a half ago, the AquaSphere outside Tokyo DisneySea was drained once more. Presumably it’s cheaper to let the iconic fountain be dry rather than running it constantly like they were for nearly two months.

TDR PR 051020 33

The Duffy & Friends Liner took a break from service today. Its run has already been extended through August 31st, so there’s no need to worry about missing this adorable train!

TDR PR 051020 34

The Pirates Summer Battle: Get Wet! barges disappeared from backstage this week, leaving only the Festival of Mystique barges. I wonder what will become of Tip-Top Easter‘s barges as it looks ever more likely that we’ll never see it again. Perhaps for the best, since it’s a truly terrible show.

And that’s the latest from Tokyo Disney Resort this week! It’s the little changes and quality of life improvements like these that really matter when we can’t visit any other way. What caught your eye most this week? Let us know below or on social media!

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