Walt Disney World Warns Guests That They “Voluntarily Assume All Risks Related to Exposure to COVID-19” In New Liability Disclaimer

With the reopening of some retail and dining locations in Disney Springs set for this Wednesday, May 20 (with more to follow on May 27), Disney had added language to both the Walt Disney World travel information website and the Disney Springs reopening information website stating that guests assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 by visiting the resort.

On the Walt Disney World travel information website, you can find the following disclaimer:

Over at Disney Springs, we reported earlier today that new information was available regarding reopening procedures for guests visiting the location. After the initial post was made on the site, a new disclaimer was added later with the exact same language regarding guests’ assumption of risk.


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  1. This should be common sense. It’s sad that they have to put out this disclaimer to protect themselves from certain people and their attorneys.

  2. As they should…cause too many people are litigious and sue happy.
    When I return to Disney I understand there is a risk I may come into contact with someone who has covid-19, the flu, a common cold, etc…
    That’s my decision to do that…in no way should Disney be held liable for that choice.
    If you’re that worried about covid at the parks or resorts—stay home.

  3. It is a very sad world that we live in that Disney even has to make a disclaimer like this!

  4. As with any communicable disease in this case a virus, I have no issues with Disney’s statement. I would go to the theme parks today if they were open.

  5. I would rather sign a agreement that if I contact Corona while at Disney I will not take legal actions and hold responsibility of my health and hygiene to my personal self.

  6. This should be the policy everywhere in the world. Travel at your own risk.

  7. We must move on, get people back to work. People are loosing there jobs, business and soon it will be there homes and so on. This is bad but its being made worse by the lies. States have had to admit this like California and Colorado have had to reduce there numbers. We are in the midst of political correctness and lies. Reopen put people back to work, for the good of our country and way of life.

  8. Amen. I was hoping this whole time they would do this. Somebody is always trying to make a dime off Disney and this needs to get back to normal and our happy placeASAP. Masks are great for those at high risk but not so great for CM in 100 degree heat and full sun all day as they will be breathing in unhealthy carbon dioxide and hot germs and bacteria (which we all process). People need to wash their hands and be more aware of their own behaviors now. When YOU are ready to get back to Disney at your own pace then you should come.

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