Guests with Walt Disney World Reservations Through July 11 Asked to Confirm, Modify, or Cancel by June 25

Walt Disney World recently released a full series of new policies regarding resort housekeeping procedures, transportation, and activities for the upcoming reopening of the resorts, starting with Disney Vacation Club properties and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground on June 22.

With all of these changes, Disney is now asking guests with reservations through July 11 to confirm, modify, or cancel their reservations by June 25.

Guests with reservations receive an email from Disney similar to the one below, albeit with an updated “response requested” deadline reflecting the new June 25 deadline. The screenshot below is from the initial wave of emails:

The deadline for guests with reservations through July 4 is still June 12, or tomorrow, so if you have that email sitting in your inbox, now would be a good time to click “Review and Confirm” if you are set on staying at the Most Magical Place on Earth in the coming weeks.

Do keep in mind that you may be moved from a closed to an open resort as needed if you decide to go through with your reservation. No additional fees will be charged for any resort changes, however you do not have the option of choosing what resort you will be moved to, as Disney will be doing this automatically. As a reminder, Disney Dining Plans are discontinued at this time. If you originally had a ticket package and travel while the theme parks are still closed, your vacation package price will be reduced.

If you find yourself wanting to modify or and cancel, Walt Disney World has decided to waive cancellation and change fees on hotel reservations through “the end of the closures.”

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29 days ago

I have a reservation checking in 6/25. I never got this email. What is frustrating is that there are still so many questions that havent been answered. Its hard to make a decision! No confirmation from disney on resort restaurants or when those can be reserved. No conformation on whether you can visit other resorts to shop or go to quick serve. The communication has been poor at best in my opinion, just mostly vague updates.

Bethany Gold
Bethany Gold
26 days ago
Reply to  April

we had reservations for the beginning of June and haven’t gotten the email yet either

Dawn Loren Vasquez
Dawn Loren Vasquez
29 days ago

PLEASE. Disney is now the worst they have ever been. I NEVER got this email but i did get a bill for $2600+ today for a reservation i cannot see nor cancel nor modify on the MYDISNEY EXPERIENCE site which is barely working. They don’t answer the phones for so long i hang up. The chat is down. Disney is loosing me and my over 100,000 a year in trips and parties and functions. This re-opening is a total mess.

29 days ago

Jessica, Just thought you would like to know that I just got off the phone with guest services…my reservation is for July 11 thru the 19th. Our resort is a moderate which will not be opening for our trip. The only choices that they gave us was to either upgrade to one of the deluxe villas and pay more for the same time frame, reschedule for a later date, or cancel altogether. The usual excited cast member that used to help you with your plans is gone, only to be replaced by cold, robot like individuals that only seem to… Read more »

18 days ago
Reply to  Junior

How did you get a hold of guest services? We are supposed to be checking in on July 15, and I haven’t heard anything from Disney, guest services, reservations or our resort (which we know isn’t going to be open)…

Carole Smith
Carole Smith
28 days ago

We are due to be coming to Florida on 18th sept from UK staying our first week at Caribbean Resort. We have no idea what to do. As long as we can ore book our entrance to the parks before we come we can get over all the other changes but we have no idea if we can do this yet. Also if the 2 week isolation is still in place it’s obviously not worth us continuing with the holiday at all. We have already had the email asking us to confirm by 25th june and we have no idea… Read more »

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